(?200 B.C.)

     Here are some facts about 1Enoch the book and Enoch the man.

Enoch Facts

          1. Ethiopic Enoch = 1Enoch
          2. 1Enoch is the oldest. 2 and 3 Enoch are later works.
          3. Enoch was the seventh descendent of Adam and Eve in the Bible.
          4. Enoch "walked with God. Then he vanished and God took him." (Genesis 5:24)
          5. Enoch was the son of Cain and Ramona, and he led the Nodites. (UB 849)
          6. Enoch was the first mortal fused with his thought adjuster. (UB 514)
          7. Enoch is one of 24 members ‘Urantia advisory council.’ (UB 513)
          8. The Book of Enoch was an inspiration to Jesus. (UB 1390) The title "Son of   
              Man" was taken from the Book of Enoch. (UB 1390) Of all scripture the Book
              of Enoch "was nearest to the truth" regarding Jesus’ identity and mission as
              assessed by Jesus himself. (UB 1390).
          9. Enoch is said to have been taken away by God, saw the secrets and mysteries of
              the universe, the future of the world, and the predetermined course of human
              history (Biblical literature).
       10. There are three parts to 1Enoch.
       11. 1Enoch was found among the Dead Sea Scrolls pushing its date of origin back to
             at least 100-200 BC (except for part 2, see below).
       12. Part 2, the Similitudes, is the part containing all the references to the Son of Man
             and is the only part not yet found among the Dead Sea Scrolls.  Therefore, its
             dating is unsure (? pre-Christian or not).
       13. The New Testament was significantly influenced by 1Enoch.
       14. Many early Church fathers were inspired by 1Enoch.
       15. Many copies of 1Enoch were found among the Dead Sea Scrolls. 1Enoch was
             probably one of the most authoritative and popular scriptures of the Qumran
       16. After the fourth century A.D. 1Enoch was apparently suppressed as heretical by
             the Church due to its references to the physicality of the fallen angels who were
             said to have had sexual relations with the ‘daughters of men.’.
       17. The entire Book of Enoch not discovered again until 1773. It was brought to
             Europe from Ethiopia.
       18. The book survived as a whole only in Ethiopia. Why? Was it destroyed by the
       19. 1Enoch is directly quoted in Jude and 2Peter of the New Testament in reference
             to danger of a perverted form of Christian belief which claimed that it was only
necessary to have faith. The overriding concern of these two New Testament
             books is that the believer feels that he or she is otherwise above the biblical laws
             and commandments. This belief mainly took the form of sensual and sexual
             indulgence. Jude and 2Peter reject such licentiousness and state that the fate of
             such believers will be like the angels or "Sons of God" who sinned by descending
             from heaven and having intercourse with daughters of men.   (See Genesis 6:1-4).
             The story of these "fallen angels" is discussed in 1Enoch. The Nephilim of the
             Bible are the Nodites of the Urantia Book (UB 856) and are the descendants of
             the original disloyal ‘Dalamatia staff of one hundred’(UB 758), and who
             became the ‘eighth race to appear on Urantia’(UB 857). 

    Since many readers probably have not read 1Enoch, I would like to present at some length the parts that are revelant to our present discussion, along with some commentary as we proceed.  The 1Enoch text quotes, unless otherwise indicated will be taken from The Book of Enoch, from the Ethiopic, literally translated by Richard Laurence, LL.D., Archbishop of Cashel, Late Professor of Hebrew in the University of Oxford, 1882. The biblical references in parentheses are part of the translation and are not my comments. These references are Biblical verses that are felt to be related to 1Enoch by the Archbishop. 

1Enoch 1:1      The word of the blessing of Enoch, how he blessed the elect and
                        the righteous, who were to exist in the time of trouble; to the
                        rejection of all the wicked and ungodly (Psalms 1). Enoch, a righteous
                        man, was with God, answered and spoke, while his eyes were
                         open, and while he saw a holy vision which was in the heavens
Genesis. 5:24). This the angel showed me. 

1Enoch 1:2      From them I heard all things, and understood what I saw; that
                        which will not take place in this generation, but in a generation
                        which is to succeed at a distant period, on account of the elect.

                        (Daniel. 12:4). 

     Parts of 1Enoch are written specifically for the sake of those who elect God’s will during the time of trouble, in the "distant" messianic period, now about to begin. 

1Enoch 1:3      Upon their account I spoke and conversed with him, who will go
                        forth from this habitation, the Holy and Mighty One, the God of
                        the world. 

     Enoch conversed with Melchizedek "on account of" the elect. The Mighty One, God of the World, is Melchizedek who goes forth from his heavenly "habitation" with strength and power, riding the white horse of Revelation to put an end to war, persecution, and terror. This God of the world: 

1Enoch 1:4      ...will hereafter tread upon Mount Sinai; appear with his hosts; and
                        be manifested in the strength of his power from heaven. 

1Enoch 1:5      All shall be afraid, and the Watchers be terrified. 

1Enoch 1:6      Great fear and trembling shall seize them, even to the ends of the
                        earth. The lofty mountains shall be troubled, and the exalted hills
                        depressed, melting like a honeycomb in the flame. The earth shall
                        be immerged, and all things which are in it perish; while judgment
                        shall come upon all, even upon all the righteous (Revelation. 20:11-15). 

     Melchizedek will visibly "appear with his hosts." How so? The Watchers are probably the descendants of those who had been "cast out of heaven," (the Dalamatia 100) who are from the Nodite (Nephilim) racial line. Are these some of the "princes" of the world, the powerful and heartless that run our world system from behind the scenes. Many of these behind the scene leaders apparently come from "royal" lineages. They are terrified, as they should be, when Melchizedek comes. As many other times stated in scripture, the hills are made low during cataclysmic tectonic activity. Notice that all those in (but not above or on) the earth perish, i.e. those hiding in mountains and subterranean locations. All people are then subject to individual judgment according to prophecy. Further information on those who elect God’s will follows next. 

The Elect

1Enoch 1:7       But to them shall he give peace: he shall preserve the elect, and
                         towards them exercise clemency.

1Enoch 1:8      Then shall all belong to God; be happy and blessed; and the splendor
                        of the Godhead shall illuminate them (Isaiah. 40:5; 65:21-25). 

The elect are physically "preserved" probably to help build a new world from the old. 

1Enoch 2         Behold he comes with ten thousands of his saints, to execute judgment
                        upon them, and destroy the wicked, and reprove all of flesh for every thing
                        which the sinful and ungodly have done, and committed against him. 
                        (Jude 14,15). 

     Are these "ten thousands of his saints" the "hosts" of 1Enoch 1:4?

     The "wicked ones" behind the scene will be exposed and dealt with. Mankind will be rid of Caligastia (the devil) and like-minded men forever. 

The Elect 

1Enoch 6:1      They (the elect and righteous) consider how the trees, when they
                        put forth their green leaves, become covered, and produce fruit;
                        understanding that He who lives forever does all these things
                        for you: 

1Enoch 6:2      That the works at the beginning of every existing year, that all
                        his works, are subservient to him, and invariable; yet as God has
                        appointed, so are all things brought to pass.

1Enoch 6:3      They see, too, how the seas and the rivers together complete their
                        respective operations: 

1Enoch 6:9       The elect shall possess light, joy, and peace; and they shall inherit
                         the earth.
thew. 5:5; Psalms. 1:1-6).

1Enoch 6:11    Then shall wisdom be given to the elect, all of whom shall live, and
                        not again transgress by impiety or pride; but shall humble
                        themselves, possessing prudence, and shall not repeat

1Enoch 6:12    They shall not be condemned the whole period of their lives,
                        nor die in torment and indignation; but the sum of the days of their
                        life shall be completed, and they shall grow old in peace; while
                        the years of their happiness shall be multiplied with joy, and with
                        peace for ever, the whole duration of their existence. 

     Note 9, 11, and 12 for further information regarding "the elect." Next, Enoch is taken to heaven in a vision. 

1Enoch 14:10  They elevated me aloft to heaven. I proceeded, until I arrived at
                        a wall built with stones of crystal. A tongue of fire surrounded it,
                        which began to strike me with terror. 

1Enoch 14:11  Into this vibrating flame I entered (11Kings 2:11). 

     Next, Enoch encounters one who is described much like the Ancient of Days described in Revelation: 

1Enoch 14:17  Attentively I surveyed it, and saw that it contained an exalted throne; 

1Enoch 14:18  The appearance of which was like that of frost; while its
                        circumference resembled the orb of the brilliant sun; and there
                        was the voice of the cherubim. 

1Enoch 14:19  From underneath this mighty throne rivers of flaming fire issued. 

1Enoch 14:20  To look upon it was impossible. 

1Enoch 14:21  One great in glory sat upon it (Revelation 4:2-11). 

1Enoch 14:22  Whose robe was brighter than the sun, and whiter than snow.  
(Ancient of Days) 

1Enoch 14:23  No angel was capable of penetrating to view the face of Him,
                        the Glorious and the Effulgent; nor could any mortal behold him
                        (John. 1:18). A fire of flaming fire was around Him. 

Enoch’s vision in heaven continues: 

1Enoch 24:1   I went from thence to another place, and saw a mountain of fire
                        flashing both by day and night. I proceeded toward it; and
                        perceived seven splendid mountains, which were all different from
                        each other. 

1Enoch 24:2   Their stones were brilliant and beautiful; all were brilliant and
                        splendid to behold; and beautiful was their surface. Three
                        mountains were toward the east, and strengthened by being placed
                        one upon another; and three were towards the south, strengthened
                        in a similar manner. There were likewise deep valleys, which did
                        not approach each other. And the seventh mountain was in the
                        midst of them. In length they all resembled the seat of a throne,
                        and odoriferous trees surrounded them (Zechariah. 6:1). 

1Enoch 24:3   Among these there was a tree of an unceasing smell; nor of those
                        which were in Eden was there one of all the fragrant trees which
                        smelt like this. Its leaf, its flower, and its bark never withered, and 
       its fruit was beautiful. 

1Enoch 24:4   Its fruit resembled the cluster of the palm. I exclaimed: Behold!
                        this tree is goodly in aspect, pleasing in its leaf and the sight of its
                        fruit is delightful to the eye. Then Michael, one of the holy and
                        glorious angels who were with me, and one who presided over
                        them, answered, 

1Enoch 24:5   And said: Enoch, why dost thou inquire respecting the odor
                        of this tree? 

1Enoch 24:6   Why are thou inquisitive to know it. 

1Enoch 24:7   Then I, Enoch, replied to him, and said: Concerning everything
                        I am desirous of instruction, but particularly concerning this tree. 

1Enoch 24:8   He answered me, saying: That mountain which thou beholdest,
                        the extent of whose head resembles the seat of the Lord, will be
                        the seat on which shall sit the holy and great Lord of glory, the
                        everlasting Kin
g, when He shall come and descend to visit the
                        earth with goodness.
(Daniel 7:13-14; Luke 1:32-33). 

1Enoch 24:9   And that tree of an agreeable smell, not one of flesh, there shall
                        be no power to touch, until the period of the great judgment.
                        When all shall be punished and consumed for ever, this shall be
                        bestowed on the righteous and humble. The fruit of this tree shall
                        be given to the elec
t. For towards the north life shall be planted in
                        the holy place, towards the habitation of the everlasting King. 

1Enoch 24:10  Then shall they greatly rejoice and exult in the Holy One. The
                        sweet odour shall enter into their bones; and they shall live a long
                        life on the earth, as thy forefathers have lived; neither in their days
                        shall sorrow, distress, trouble, and punishment afflict them. 

1Enoch 24:11  And I blessed the Lord of glory, the everlasting King, because
                        He has prepared this tree for the saints, formed it, and declared
                        that He would give it to them (Revelation. 22:2). 

     Michael is a "glorious and holy angel" who helps protect those who follow God’s will in the trial period. The "great Lord of glory the everlasting King" is probably a reference to Melchizedek who will literally "descend" to and "visit the earth with goodness." Following judgment, the tree of life will be bestowed on the "righteous and humble" and will be possessed by the elect, those who both understand God’s plans and do his will. The righteous and humble know, love, and respect God but have not achieved the understanding that the elect have achieved through special books discussed soon.
     The next set of chapters 37 through 71 constitute the second part of 1Enoch and are called the Similitudes or Parables. This is the only section where references to the Son of Man appear. It is also the only section not found among the Dead Sea Scrolls, therefore casting some doubt on its pre-Christian dating. Since Jesus reads from this section in the Urantia Book, the Urantia Book is definitely on record as to its pre-Christian origin. We shouldn’t forget that the Scrolls were out of circulation and held in secrecy for forty years before being published when considering these matters. 

1Enoch 38:1    PARABLE THE FIRST. When the congregation of the righteous
                        shall be manifested; and sinners be judged for their crimes, and be
                        troubled in the sight of the world.

     The congregation of the righteous are those whose hearts are centered on God’s ways and will. The elect are the same, except in addition there is a greater understanding, as a result of special books discussed later, about God’s kingdom of heaven within and his developing kingdom of the outer world as well. 

1Enoch 38:2    When righteousness shall be manifested in the presence of the
                        righteous themselves, who will be elected for their good works
                        duly weighed by the Lord of spirits (God); and when the light of the
                        righteous and the elect, who dwell on earth, shall be manifeste
                        where will the habitation of sinners be, and where the place of rest
                        for those who have rejected the Lord of spirits? It would have been
                        better for them, had they been never born (Ecclesiastics 7:1). 

1Enoch 38:4    From that period those who possess the earth shall not be
                        powerful and exalted. Neither shall they be capable of beholding
                        the countenances of the holy, for the light of the countenances of
                        the holy, the righteous, and the elect, has been seen by the Lord of
                        Spirits (Daniel 12:10). 

     "Those who possess the earth" are the political, financial, economic, and religious leaders who lead the world into chaos and ruin. They are removed from their power and a new leadership, with Melchizedek at its head, is founded. 

1Enoch 38:5   Yet shall not the mighty kings of that period be destroyed; but shall
                        be delivered into the hands of the righteous and the holy (Psalms 149:9). 

     These world's misleaders will be delivered into the hands of those whom they persecuted and tried to destroy. 

1Enoch 38:6    Nor thence forwards shall any obtain commiseration from the
                        Lord of spirits, because their lives in this world will have been

1Enoch 39:1    In those days shall the elect and holy race descend from the
                        upper heavens, and their seed shall then be with the sons of men.

     The "Elect and holy race" are probably the children of Adam and Eve who left the planet after the Adamic default (UB 839, 844) and who now return to finish their original mission to biologically/genetically uplift the mortal races (UB 827). These are physical beings who physically "descend from the upper heavens." How do they descend? What is the means of their transportation? 

UB 1025         "Is there a possibility that an unexpected and unprecedented
                        event is to take place, the sometime return to the planet of Adam
                        and Eve or certain of their progeny as representatives of Michael
                        (Christ) with the titles of vicegerents of the second Adam of Urantia?" 

     Scripture and The Urantia Book mutually interpret one another over and over again, thus revealing their deep interconnections. Returning to Enoch: 

1Enoch 39:3    A cloud then snatched me (Enoch) up, and the wind raised me above
                        the surface of the earth, placing me at the extremity of the heavens.

1Enoch 39:4    There I saw another vision; I saw the habitations and couches of
                        the saints. There my eyes beheld their habitations with the angels,
                        and their couches with the holy ones. They were entreating,
                        supplicating, and praying for the sons of men; while righteousness
                        like water flowed before them, and mercy like dew was scattered
                        over the earth. And thus shall it be with them for ever and for ever. 

1Enoch 39:8    There was I (Enoch) desirous of remaining, and my soul longed
                        for that habitation. There was my antecedent inheritance; for thus
                        had it been revealed respecting me before the Lord of spirits. 

     Note the mention of a "cloud" in 39:3, Enoch specifically states he is snatched up in a cloud and then is above the surface of the earth as if looking back at it from space, again raising questions about the identity of these "clouds" so frequently mentioned in scripture.

     The next chapter of interest is 45. 

1Enoch 45:3    In that day shall the Elect one sit upon a throne of glory; and
                        shall choose their conditions and countless habitations (while their
                        spirits within them shall be strengthened, when they behold my
                        Elect one), shall choose them for those who have fled for protection
                        to my holy and glorious name. 

     The Elect one is Melchizedek, "King of Righteousness," who sits on the throne of Planetary Sovereignty. The spirits of those who have "fled to the protection" of God are the spirits of those who elect God’s will. They are uplifted at the sight of Melchizedek. 

1Enoch 45:4    In that day I(God) will cause my Elect one(Melchizedek) to dwell in
                        the midst of them; will change the face of heaven; will bless it, and
                        illuminate it for ever (Revelations 2l:1, 20:15). The Elect One
                        (Melchizedek) dwells among the righteous and elect. He changes the
                        face of heaven.

     How, I do not know. He "illuminates" the area or the world probably with the light of his own radiance. 

1Enoch 45:5    I will also change the face of the earth; will bless it; and cause
                        those whom I have elected to dwell upon it. But those who have
                        committed sin and iniquity shall not tread upon it; for I have seen
                        them. My righteous ones will I satisfy with peace, placing them
                        before me; but the condemnation of sinners shall draw near, that
                        I may destroy them from the face of the earth. 

     He "changes the face of the earth," possibly through tectonic activity, which begins, upon his arrival. Next, we turn to the Son of Man passages which are also located in the Similitudes. 

Son of Man 

1Enoch 46:1    There I beheld the Ancient of days, whose head was like white
                        wool, and with him another, whose countenance resembled that of
n. His countenance was full of grace, like that of one of the
                        holy angels. Then I inquired of one of the angels, who went with
                        me, and who showed me every secret thing, concerning this Son of
who He was; whence He was; and why He accompanied the
                        Ancient of days (John 17:3; Daniel. 7:9). 

1Enoch 46:2    He answered and said to me: This is the Son of man, to whom
                        righteousness belongs; with whom righteousness has dwelt; and
                        who will reveal all the treasures of that which is concealed; for the
                        Lord of spirits has chosen him; and his portion has surpassed all
                        before the Lord of spirits in everlasting uprightness. 

1Enoch 46:3    The Son of man, whom thou beholdest, shall raise up kings and
                        the mighty from their couches, and kings from their thrones;
                        shall loosen the bridles of the powerful, and break in pieces the
                        teeth of sinners (Luke 18:31). 

1Enoch 46:4    He shall hurl kings from their thrones and their dominions;
                        because they will not exalt and praise Him, nor humble themselves
                        before Him, by whom their kingdoms were granted to them (Psalms.72:11).
                        The countenance likewise of the mighty shall He cast down,
                        filling them
with confusion. Darkness shall be their habitation, and
                        worms shall be their bed; nor from that their beds shall they hope
                        to be again raised, because they exalted not the name of the Lord 
of spirits. 

1Enoch 46:5    They (sinners) shall condemn the stars of heaven, shall lift up their
                        hands against the Most high, shall tread upon and inhabit the earth,
                        exhibiting all their works of iniquity, even their works of iniquity.
                        Their strength shall be in their riches, and their faith in the gods
                        whom they have formed with their own hands. They shall deny
                        the name of the Lord of spirits, and shall expel Him from the
                        temples, in which they assemble (Amos 8:11-12; Revelation. 3:17). 

1Enoch 46:6    And with Him the faithful, who suffer in the name of the Lord of
                        spirits (Luke 2l:12). 

     The Son of man who accompanies the Ancient of days "raises up kings" from their thrones and "hurls them from their thrones and dominions." This sounds like the actions many times associated in scripture with Messiah/Lord/Melchizedek, although we associate the name "Son of Man" with Jesus. How can we resolve this conflict? Consider again this passage from The Urantia Book: 

UB 1390         While turning all these problems over in his mind, he (Jesus) found
                        in the synagogue library at Nazareth, among the apocalyptic books
                        which he had been studying, this manuscript called "The Book of Enoch";
                        and though he was certain that it had not been written by Enoch of old, it
                        proved very intriguing to him, and he read and reread it many times.
                        There was one passage, which particularly impressed him, a passage in
                        which this term ‘Son of Man’ appeared. The writer of this so-called Book
                        of Enoch went on to tell about this Son of Man, describing the work he
                        would do on earth and explaining that this Son of Man, before coming
                        down on this earth to bring salvation to mankind, had walked through the
                        courts of heavenly glory with his Father, the Father of all; and that he had
                        turned his back upon all this grandeur and glory to come down on earth to
                        proclaim salvation to needy mortals.
As Jesus would read these passages
                        (well understanding that much of the Eastern mysticism which had      
                        become admixed with these teachings was erroneous), he responded in his 
                        heart and recognized in his mind that of all the Messianic predictions of 
                        the Hebrew scriptures and of all the theories about the Jewish deliverer, 

                        None was so near the truth as this story tucked away in this only partially
                        accredited Book of Enoch; and he then and there decided to adopt as his
                        inaugural title "the Son of Man." And this he did when he subsequently
                        began his public work. Jesus had an unerring ability for the recognition of
                        truth, and truth he never hesitated to embrace, no matter from what source
                        it appeared to emanate.

                        By this time he had quite thoroughly settled many things about his
                        forth-coming work for the world, but he said nothing of these matters to
                        his mother, who still held stoutly to the idea of his being the Jewish

                        The great confusion of Jesus’ younger days now arose. Having settled
                        something about the nature of his mission on earth, "to be about his
                        Father’s business" – to show forth his Father’s loving nature to all
                        mankind – he began to ponder anew the many statements in the Scriptures
                        referring to the coming of a national deliverer, a Jewish teacher or kin
                        To what event did these prophecies refer? Was not he a Jew? or was he?
                        Was he or was he not of the house of David? His mother averred he was;
                        his father had ruled that he was not. He decided he was not. But had the
                        prophets confused the nature and mission of the Messiah?
(UB 1390 – 1391) 

     Please note the Urantia Book does not say that the reference in the Book of Enoch was a reference to Jesus, rather it says that no other scripture "was so near the truth" as these Enoch passages were in relationship to Jesus.  Perhaps Jesus is not the Son of Man portrayed in the Enoch that comes down to us today, and that these passages are "so near the truth" about Jesus because Jesus is also a pre-existent divine being, who walked with the "Father of all" before leaving the glory of the divine world to proclaim salvation to mankind. Therefore, perhaps Jesus chooses this title "Son of Man" because it’s meaning is as close as he can get to his own self-understanding. Jesus was human just like we are and had doubts and confusion just as we do. He definitely had a limited knowledge of his mission at this point in his spiritual development. Listen to these doubts  and questions in his mind as he ponders these issues in a very human way: 

UB 1391         After all, could it be possible that his mother was right? In most matters,
                        when differences of opinion had arisen in the past, she had been right. If
                        he were a new teacher and not the Messiah, then how should he recognize
                        the Jewish Messiah and, further, what should be his relation to this Jewish
                        Messiah? And what should be his relation, after embarking on his life
                        mission, to his family? to the Jewish commonwealth and religion? to the
                        Roman Empire? to the gentiles and their religions? Each of these
                        momentous problems this young Galilean turned over in his mind and
                        seriously pondered while he continued to work at the carpenter’s bench,
                        laboriously making a living for himself, his mother, and eight other 
                        hungry mouths. (UB 1391). 

     Ultimately, Jesus had to follow his own internal guide and move away from the Messiah role to offer the spiritual salvation that was to become his mission. This mission was not preordained, it was a conscious choice by Jesus made over and above other possibilities. Returning to Enoch we have: 

1Enoch 47:1    In that day the prayer of the holy and righteous, and the blood
                        of the righteous, shall ascend from the earth into the presence of
                        the Lord of spirits. 

1Enoch 47:3    At that time I beheld the Ancient of days, while He sat upon the
                        throne of his glory, while the book of the living was opened in his
                        presence, and while all the powers which were above the heavens
                        stood around and before him (Revelation. 20:12). 

1Enoch 47:4    Then were the hearts of the saints full of joy, because the number
                        of righteousness was arrived, the supplication of the saints heard,
                        and the blood of the righteous appreciated by the Lord of spirits.
                        (Revelation. 14:1; 11 Ezra 2:40). 

The Lord of Spirits is God in 1Enoch. 

1Enoch 48:2    In that hour was this Son of man invoked before the Lord of spirits,
                        and his name in the presence of the Ancient of days. 

1Enoch 48:3    Before the sun and the signs were created, before the stars of
                        heaven were formed, his name was invoked in the presence of the
                        Lord of spirits. A support shall He be for the righteous and the holy
                        to lean upon, without falling; and he shall be the light of nations 
(Hebrews. 1:2; John. 1:1-19). 

1Enoch 48:4    He shall be the hope of those whose hearts are troubled. All, who
                        dwell on earth, shall fall down and worship before him; shall bless
                        and glorify Him, and sing praises to the name of the Lord of spirits
                        (Psalms. 22:27). 

1Enoch 48:5    Therefore the Elect and the Concealed one existed in His
                        presence, before the world was created, and for ever. 

1Enoch 48:6    In His presence he existed, and has revealed to the saints and to
                        the righteous by the wisdom of the Lord of spirits; for he has preserved
                        the lot of the righteous, because they have hated and rejected this
                        world of iniquity, and have detested all its works and ways, in the
                        name of the Lord of spirits (John. 17:16). 

1Enoch 48:7    For in His name shall they be preserved; and His will shall be
                        their life. In those days shall the kings of the earth and the mighty
who have gained the world by the work of their own hands,
                        become humble in countenance. 

1Enoch 48:10  But in the day of their (kings) trouble, rest shall be on earth. 

     Here the Son of man is associated with an "unfailing fountain of righteousness and wisdom," exists "before the sun and stars were created," is the "light of nations," is the hope of "those whose hearts are trouble," and reveals the wisdom of God, the "Lord of spirits," to the righteous.  This reference fits very well with Jesus’ mission rather than the Messiah’s. Perhaps in 1Enoch this phrase Son of man sometimes refers to Jesus and other times Melchizedek. More often Melchizedek is one like a son of man and Jesus is a son of man as discussed previously in other biblical references. The prophets had great difficulty separating Jesus and Melchizedek from one another. We should also note that Jesus may have read from a somewhat different "Book of Enoch" than that which comes down to us today in 1Enoch. All in all, I'm afraid confusion must still remain regarding this issue. 

1Enoch 48A:1      Wisdom is poured forth like water, and glory fails not before
                             Him for ever and ever; for potent is He in all the secrets of
righteousness (Proverbs 3:13-35). 

1Enoch 48A:2      But iniquity passes away like a shadow, and possesses not a
                             fixed station: for the Elect one stands before the Lord of spirits; and
                             his glory is for ever and ever; and His power from generation to
generation (Psalms 1). 

1Enoch 48A:3      With Him dwells the spirit of intellectual wisdom, the spirit of
                             instruction and of power, and the spirit of those who sleep in
                             righteousness; He shall judge secret things. 

1Enoch 48A:4      Nor shall any be able to utter a single word before him; for the
                             Elect one is in the presence of the Lord of spirits, according to his
                             own pleasure (Ecclesiastics. 12:14). 

Melchizedek has direct access to the Lord of Spirits (God). 

1Enoch 49:1    In those days the saints and the chosen shall undergo a change.
                        The light of day shall rest upon them; and the splendor and glory of
                        the saints shall be changed (1 Corinthians. 15:51). 

1Enoch 49:2    In the day of trouble evil shall be heaped up upon sinners; but
                        the righteous shall triumph in the name of the Lord of spirits. 

1Enoch 49:3    Others shall be made to see, that they must repent, and forsake the
                        works of their hands; and that glory awaits them not in the presence
                        of the Lord of spirits; yet that by his name they may be saved. The
                        Lord of spirits will have compassion on them; for great is his mercy;
                        and righteousness is in his judgment, and in the presence of his glory;
                        nor in his judgment shall iniquity stand. He who repents not before
                        Him shall perish (Revelation. 20:15). 

     Some kind of change, possibly a spiritual transformation is noted in 49:1 with reference to the "chosen," which is another term for the elect; ie: those who choose (elect) God. 

1Enoch 50:1    In those days shall the earth deliver up from her womb, and hell
                        deliver up from hers, that which it has received; and destruction shall
                        restore that which it owes (Revelation. 20:13). 

1Enoch 50:2    He shall select the righteous and holy from among them; for the
                        day of their salvation has approached. 

1Enoch 50:3    And in those days shall the Elect one sit upon his throne, while
                        every secret of intellectual wisdom shall proceed from his mouth; for
                        the Lord of spirits has gifted and glorified him (Luke 1:32-33). 

     This agrees with other scripture and The Urantia Book with regard to Messiah/Melchizedek being a teacher as well as a "King." 

1Enoch 50:4    In those days the mountains shall skip like rams, and the hills
                        shall leap like young sheep satisfied with milk; and all the righteous
                        shall become angels in heaven (Psalms 114:4). 

1Enoch 50:5    Their countenance shall be bright with joy; for in those days shall
                        the Elect one be exalted. The earth shall rejoice; the righteous shall
                        inhabit it, and the elect go and walk upon it (Matthew. 5:5, Revelation. 26-27). 

The Elect One is Melchizedek as noted before. 

1Enoch 51:1    After that period, in the place where I had seen every secret sight,
I(Enoch) was snatched up in a whirlwind, and carried off westwards. 

1Enoch 51:2    There my eyes beheld the secrets of heaven, and all which existed
                        on earth; a mountain of iron, a mountain of copper, a mountain of
                        silver, a mountain of gold, a mountain of fluid metal, and a mountain 
of lead. 

1Enoch 51:3    And I inquired of the angel who went with me, saying: What
                        are these things, which in secret I behold? 

1Enoch 51:4    He said: All these things which thou beholdest shall be for the
                        dominion of the Messiah, that he may command, and be powerful 
upon earth. 

1Enoch 51:5    And that angel of peace answered me, saying: Wait but a short
                        time, and thou shalt see, and every secret thing shall be revealed to
                        thee, which the Lord of spirits has decreed. Those mountains
                        which thou hast seen, the mountain of iron, the mountain of
                        copper, the mountain of silver, the mountain of gold, the mountain
                        of fluid metal, and the mountain of lead, all these in the presence of
                        the Elect one shall be like a honeycomb before the fire, and like
                        water descending from above these mountains; and shall become
                        debilitated before his feet (Daniel. 2:31-45). 

1Enoch 51:6    In those days they (wicked,power elite) shall not be saved by
                        gold and by silver (Ezekiel7:19). 

1Enoch 51:7    Nor shall they have it in their power to secure themselves, or fly. 

1Enoch 51:8    There shall be neither iron for war, nor a coat of mail for the breast. 

1Enoch 51:9    Copper shall be useless; useless also that which neither rusts nor
                        consumes away; and lead shall not be coveted. 

1Enoch 51:10  All these things shall be rejected, and perish from off the earth,
                        when the Elect one shall appear in the presence of the Lord of spirits. 

     Notice again the reference to men flying in 51:7. In some manner they will be prevented from doing so when Melchizedek arrives. How? 

1Enoch 52:1    There my eyes beheld a deep valley; and wide was its entrance. 

1Enoch 52:2    All who dwell on land, on the sea, and in islands, shall bring to it
                        gifts, presents, and offerings; yet that deep valley shall not be full.
                        Their hands shall commit iniquity. Whatsoever they produce by
                        labor the sinners shall devour with crime. But they shall perish
                        from the face of the Lord of spirits, and from the face of his earth.
                        They (the people of God) shall stand up, and shall not fail for ever 

and ever.

1Enoch 52:6    After which the righteous and chosen house of his congregation
                        shall appear, thence forward unchangeable, in the name of the Lord
                        of spirits. (? 3rd Temple) 

1Enoch 52:7    Nor shall those mountains exist in his presence, as the earth and
                        the hills, as the fountains of water exist. And the righteous shall
                        be relieved from the vexation of sinners. 

     The "Kings and powerful ones of the earth" pile up worldly treasure in a "deep valley" (?literal vs. figurative). Here they, the powerful, are said to perish, elsewhere they, or possibly their remnant, are said to be handed over to the elect. Repeatedly in scripture tectonic activity takes place and "the mountains" and hills become flat as in 52:7 Enoch. See also: 

Isaiah 40:4      Every valley shall be lifted and filled up,
and every mountain and hill shall be made low
                        and the crooked and uneven shall be made straight
                        and the rough places a plain.

     This may be a local event rather than global, and it is probably literal as well as figurative.  Elsewhere the mountain on which Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are located actually raises up high – literally and figuratively elevating the glory of God and His Temple.

     Chapters 53 and 54 slip back in time before the flood and are omitted here. 

1Enoch 55:1    After this I beheld another army of chariots, with men riding in
                        them (Zech
ariah. 6:1-3).

1Enoch 55:2    And they came upon the wind from the east, from the west, and
                        from the midst of the day. 

1Enoch 55:3    The sound of the noise of their chariots was heard. 

1Enoch 55:4    And when that agitation took place, the saints out of heaven
                        perceived it; the pillar of the earth shook from its foundation; and
                        the sound was heard from the extremities of the earth unto the
                        extremities of heaven at the same time. 

1Enoch 55:5    Then they all fell down, and worshipped the Lord of spirits (Psalms. 86:9). 

1Enoch 55:6    This is the end of the second parable. 

     As discussed previously, here are described noisy, chariots, with men riding in them, upon the wind. These are modern aircraft very likely. Next, a "great agitation" of some type occurs that "shakes the foundation" of the earth. This is the tectonic event, which occurs on the arrival of Melchizedek. Alternatively, the agitation could be nuclear explosions. 

1Enoch 56:1    I now began to utter THE THIRD PARABLE, concerning the
                        saints and the elect.

1Enoch 56:2    Blessed are ye, O saints and elect, for glorious is your lot. 

1Enoch 56:3    The saints shall exist in the light of the sun, and the elect in the
                        light of everlasting life, the days of whole life shall never terminate;
                        nor shall the days of the saints be numbered who seek for light, and
                        obtain righteousness with the Lord of spirits (Philippians. 3:14; Romans. 9:23; 1 Timothy. 6:16). 

1Enoch 56:4    Peace be to the saints with the Lord of the world. 

1Enoch 56:5    Hence forward shall the saints be told to seek in heaven the secrets
                        of righteousness, the portion of faith; for like the sun has it arisen
                        upon the earth, while darkness has passed away. There shall be
                        light which cannot be numbere
d; nor shall they enter upon the
                        enumeration of time; for darkness shall be previously destroyed,
                        and light shall increase before the Lord of spirits; before the Lord of
                        spirits shall the light of uprightness increase for ever (Rev. 22:4-5).

Skipping chapters 57 through 60 we have: 

1Enoch 61:1    Thus the Lord commanded the kings, the princes, the exalted,
                        and those who dwell on earth, saying: Open your eyes, and lift up
                        your horns, if you are capable of comprehending the Elect one.

1Enoch 61:2    The Lord of spirits sat upon the throne of his glory.

1Enoch 61:3    And the spirit of righteousness was poured out over him. 

1Enoch 61:4    The word of his mouth shall destroy all the sinners and all the
                        ungodly, who shall perish at his presence. 

1Enoch 61:5    In that day shall all the kings, the princes, the exalted, and those
                        who possess the earth, stand up, behold, and perceive, that He is
                        sitting on the throne of his glory; that before Him the saints shall
                        be judged in righteousness;

1Enoch 61:6    And that nothing, which shall be spoken before Him, shall be
                        spoken in vain (Revelations 6:15-17). 

1Enoch 61:7    Trouble shall come upon them (the power elite), as upon a woman
                        in travail, whose labor is severe, when her child comes to the mouth
                        of the womb, and she finds it difficult to bring forth (Jeremiah 13:21). 

1Enoch 61:8    One portion of them shall look upon another. They shall be
                        astonished, and shall humble their countenance:

1Enoch 61:9    And trouble shall seize them, when they shall behold this Son of
                        man sitting upon the throne of his glory (Jeremiah 31:22). 

1Enoch 61:10       Then shall the kings, the princes, and all who possess the earth,
                             glorify Him who has dominion over all things, Him who was
                             concealed; for from eternity the Son of Man was concealed, whom
                             the Most High preserved in the presence of his power and
                             to the elect (Hebrews 1:6-10). 

1Enoch 61:11       He shall sow the congregation of the saints, and of the elect, and all
                              the elect shall stand before Him in that day (Isaiah  65:21-25).

1Enoch 61:12       All the kings, the princes, the exalted, and those who rule over the
                              earth, shall fall down on their faces before Him, and shall
                              worship Him (Psalms 72:11).

1Enoch 61:13       They shall fix their hopes on this Son of man, shall pray to Him,
                             and petition Him for mercy. 

1Enoch 61:14       Then shall the Lord of spirits hasten to expel them from his
                             presence. Their faces shall be full of confusion, and darkness shall
                             be added to their faces. The angels shall take them to punishment,
                             that vengeance may be inflicted on those who have oppressed his
                             children and his elect. And they shall become an example to the
                             saints and to his elect. Through them shall these be made joyful;
                             for the anger of the Lord of spirits shall rest upon
                             them (Revelations 14:18-20). 

1Enoch 61:16       The Lord of spirits shall remain over them; 

1Enoch 61:17       And with this Son of man shall they dwell, eat, lie down, and rise
                             up, for ever and ever (Revelation. 7:16-17). 

1Enoch 61:18       The saints and the elect have arisen from the earth have left off to
                             depress their countenances, and have been clothed with the garment
                             of life. That garment of life is with the Lord of spirits, in whose
                             presence your garment shall not wax old, nor shall your glory
                             diminish (Isaiah 53:12). 

     Clearly, the powers that be are brought to judgment and justice. The Son of man described here seems to fit better with the activities of Messiah/Melchizedek rather than Jesus. The Lord of spirits is God as previously indicated.

     Chapter 62 contains similar information about the judgment of the power elite. Chapters 63 through 70 are mostly about times before the flood but do contain several more references to the Son of man. In all these references to the Son of man there is nothing to indicate a specific knowledge of Jesus’ life and teachings or Christianity. Based on this, it would seem highly probable that this part of 1Enoch, the Similitudes, chapters 37 through 71, was written before the time of Jesus, as is portrayed in the Urantia Book. Perhaps future discoveries will confirm this.  The next chapter of interest is 79. 

1Enoch 79:1    In those days Uriel answered me and said to me; Behold, I
                        have shewed thee all things, O Enoch; 

1Enoch 79:2    And all things have I revealed to thee. Thou seest the sun, the
                        moon, and those which conduct the stars of heaven, which cause
                        all their operations, seasons, and arrivals to return. 

1Enoch 79:3    In the days of sinners the years shall be shortened. 

1Enoch 79:4    Their seed shall be backward in their prolific soil; and every thing
                        done on earth shall be subverted, and disappear in its season. The
                        rain shall be restrained, and heaven shall stand still. 

1Enoch 79:5    In those days the fruit of the earth shall be late, and not flourish in
                        their season; and in their season the fruits of the trees shall be withholden. 

1Enoch 79:6    The moon shall change its laws, and not be seen at its proper
                        period. But in those days shall heaven be seen; and barrenness
                        shall take place in the borders of the great chariots in the wes
                        Heaven shall shine more than when illuminated by the orders of
                        light; while many chiefs among the stars of authority shall err,
                        perverting their ways and works. 

1Enoch 79:8    The thoughts of those who dwell on earth shall transgress
                        within them; and they shall be perverted in all their ways 

(2 Timothy 3rd Chapter). 

1Enoch 79:9    They shall transgress, and think themselves gods; while
                        evil shall be multiplied among them.

     Evil multiplies, coming into full bloom, at the end of the age. Note again "the rain will be restrained" at that time and the "fruits of the earth and of the trees shall be withholden" due to drought very probably, as discussed previously. "The moon is not seen at its proper time and place" is a sign that will indicate the closing of the age. "Barrenness shall take place in the borders of the great chariots of the west" refers, I think, to America. The barrenness may refer to drought conditions developing in America as well as other places. I think that this end of the age drought has probably already begun in the Middle East, and perhaps also in the United States as of 1999. If my timing is correct, I would expect drought conditions in the Middle East and the world to progressively worsen until Melchizedek arrives. Then, tectonic activity will open up generous streams and rivers of water, and rain will fall.

     Beginning with Chapter 84, Enoch relates a dream to his son Methuselah. The dream recapitulates the history of "God’s people" Israel from a time before the flood. The interesting feature of this history is that it continues into the future messianic period, just ahead of us now.
     And so, we read tomorrow’s newspaper today. This part of 1Enoch is an important piece of scripture, which outlines certain events, in the messianic time period just ahead that concern the elect. The sheep are symbolic of God’s traditional peoples, mostly Christians and Jews. These people give birth to a new people (lambs) of God, who "begin to open their eyes" (? as a result of new revelation.) As the lambs awaken to the newly discovered realities of the kingdom of heaven, they call to their predecessors (Christians and Jews: sheep) to open their eyes too. But the traditional peoples of God (the sheep) have been blinded by the false teachings of the past and they are "deaf, blind, and obdurate in the greatest degrees." The lambs, I believe, are the congregation of those who elect God’s will. 

1Enoch 89:10       I saw in the vision that ravens flew down upon those lambs; 

1Enoch 89:11       That they seized one of them; and that tearing the sheep in
                             pieces, they devoured them. 

1Enoch 89:12       I saw also, that horns grew upon those lambs; and that the
                             ravens lighted down upon their horns. 

     The ravens symbolize the evil ones of the world who attack the innocent lambs because the lambs understand the evil that is transpiring in the world and have become a threat to the powers that be. As a result of the open attack on the lambs, the elect become fully cognizant of the evil that exists and therefore they increase in strength, as symbolized by the growing of horns, which always symbolize power (good or bad). 

1Enoch 89:9-11    Then I kept seeing till one great horn sprouted on one of those
                             sheep, and he opened their (the lambs) eyes, and they had vision
                             in them and their eyes were opened. He cried aloud to the sheep,
                             and all the rams saw him and ran unto him. (1Enoch; Pseudoepigrapha,
                             James Charlesworth). 

     The ram with the "great horn" "opens the eyes" of the others probably by revealing God’s plan for the messianic age. I believe He is the final prophet to come. The rams are the strongest ones among the lambs and sheep, and run to join the final prophet (one with the great horn) after the revelation is made to them. 

1Enoch 89:11-12 In spite of this, all those eagles, vultures, ravens, and kites until now
                             continue to rip the sheep (Christians and Jews) swooping down on
                             them and eating them. As for the sheep they remain silent; but the
                             rams are lamenting and crying aloud. Those ravens gather and battle
                             with him (the large horned ram/prophet) and seek to remove his
                             horn (his power), but without success. (James Charlesworth). 
(my parentheses) 

     In the verse above, we witness the persecution and killing of the sheep (predominantly Jews and Christians). The stronger ones among the Christians (the rams) cry out and lament while the rest of the sheep remain silent and blind. 

1Enoch 89:13       I saw thereafter the shepherds coming; and those vultures and
                             kites cried aloud to the ravens so that they would smash the horn
                             of that ram with the great horn (the prophet). But he (the prophet)
                             battled with them, and they (shepherds) fought each other, and he
                             (prophet) cried aloud, while battling them, so that God’s help
                             would come. (James Charlesworth). (my parentheses) 

     The shepherds are the misleaders who are supposed to be tending the flock, but are instead killing and enslaving the sheep. The ram with the great horn (the Dabela), the final prophet, calls to God for help as he battles against the agents of evil (shepherd leaders and henchmen ravens). 

1Enoch 89:21       Then I (Enoch) perceived that the man came who had written down
                             the names of the shepherds, and who ascended up before the Lord of                              the sheep. 

1Enoch 89:22       He (the man) brought assistance, and caused every one to see him
                             descending to the help of the dabela.

     The "Lord of the sheep" is Melchizedek and the "dabela" is the ram with the great horn, the final prophet. The man who writes down the iniquities of the shepherds is an unidentified helper or assistant of Melchizedek’s. This helper "descends" to the aid of the prophet in plain sight for "everyone" to see! How does he descend in plain sight? 

1Enoch 89:23       I perceived likewise that the Lord of the sheep came to them in
                             wrath, while all those who saw him fled away; all fell down in his
before his face; while all the eagles, the avest, ravens,
                             and kites assembled, and brought with them all the sheep of the field. 

     The Lord of the sheep (Melchizedek) comes to his tabernacle (? temple) and all fall down "before his face." The sheep (faithful Christians and Jews) are gathered up by the eagles and other birds. 

1Enoch 89:24       All came together, and strove to break the horn of the dabela. 

     This line makes little sense as the dabela (horned ram) has already been "helped" and is presumably out of danger, but 89:24 still has the prophet under attack. 

1Enoch 89:25       Then I saw, that the man who wrote the book at the word of the
                             Lord, opened the book of destruction, of that destruction which the
                             last twelve shepherds wrought; and pointed out before the Lord of
                             the sheep, that they destroyed more than those who preceded them.

1Enoch 89:26       I saw also that the Lord of the sheep came to them, and taking
                             in his hand the scepter of his wrath seized the earth, which became
                             rent asunder; while all the beasts and birds of heaven fell from the
                             sheep and sunk into the earth, which closed over them. 

     Melchizedek, grasping his scepter (like his sickle in Revelation) of power, causes a tectonic event, which kills the ones who commit evil, but saves the sheep under attack. The Dead Sea Scrolls also symbolizes the Messiah by the scepter. 

1Enoch 89:27       I saw, too, that a large sword was given to the sheep, who went
                             forth against all the beasts of the field to slay them (Psalms 149:9). 

1Enoch 89:28       But all the beasts and birds of heaven fled away from before their face. 

     Here, some type of weapon is given to the sheep (faithful Jews and Christians) to "slay the beasts of the field." 

1Enoch 89:29       And I saw a throne erected in a delectable land (Palestine); 

1Enoch 89:30       Upon this sat the Lord of the sheep, who received all the sealed books  (Revelations 20:12); 

1Enoch 89:31        Which were opened before him. 

1Enoch 89:39       I also saw that the Lord of the sheep produced a new house,
great and loftier than the former, which He bounded by the former
                             circular spot. All its pillars were new, and its ivory new, as well as
                             more abundant than the former ancient ivory, which he had brought out.

    Melchizedek produces a "new house" (Temple) and it is placed on the circular Temple Mount, occupied presently by the Moslem "Dome of the Rock." Whether or not a new Temple is made by Melchizedek or is made for Melchizedek before he arrives is as yet still uncertain to my understanding, although I lean toward a new temple made by Melchizedek as evidenced in the verse above. 

1Enoch 89:44       All the sheep were enclosed in that house, and it did not contain them;
                             and the eyes of all were open, gazing on the good One, nor was
                             there one among them who did not behold Him. 

1Enoch 89:45       I likewise perceived that the house was large, wide, and extremely
                             full. I saw, too, that a white cow was born, whose horns were
                             great; and that all the beasts of the field and all the birds of heaven,
                             were alarmed at him, and entreated him at all times (Psalms 72). 

1Enoch 89:46       Then I saw that the nature of all of them (sheep) was changed, and
                             that they became white cows (1 Corinthians 15:22-28). 

1Enoch 89:48       While the Lord of the sheep rejoiced over them, and over all the cows. 

1Enoch 89:49       I lay down in the midst of them: I awoke; and saw the whole. This
                             is the vision, which I saw, lying down and waking. Then I blessed
                             the Lord of righteousness, and gave glory to Him. 

1Enoch 89:50      Afterwards I wept abundantly, nor did my tears cease, so that I
                             became incapable of enduring it. While I was looking on, they
                             descended on account of what I saw; for all was come and gone by;
                             every individual circumstance respecting the conduct of mankind was                              seen by me. 

1Enoch 89:51       In that night I remembered my former dream; and therefore wept
                             and was troubled, because I had seen that vision. 

    White cows symbolize a spiritual transformation that occurs with the faithful remnant that is left at the end of the messianic time period. 

1Enoch 90:4    Enoch said: Hear, my children, every word of your father,
                        and listen in uprightness to the voice of my mouth; for I would
                        gain your attention, while I address you. My beloved: be attached
                        to integrity, and walk in it. 

1Enoch 90:5    Approach not integrity with a double heart; nor be associated
                        with double-minded men; but walk, my children, in righteousness,
                        which will conduct you in good paths; and truth be your companion 
(James. 1:8). 

1Enoch 90:6    For I know, that oppression will exist and prevail on earth; that
                        on earth great punishment shall in the end take place; and that there
                        shall be a consummation of all iniquity, which shall be cut off from
                        its root, and every fabric raised by it shall pass away (Flood).
                        Iniquity however, shall again be renewed, and consummated on
                        earth. Every act of crime, and every act of oppression and impiety,
                        shall be a second time embraced. (The first time was before the
                        flood, the second time will be at the end of this age) 

1Enoch 90:7    When therefore iniquity, sin, blasphemy, tyranny, and every evil
                        work, shall increase, and when transgression, impiety, and unclean-ness
                        also shall increase, then upon them all shall great punishment be inflicted                            from heaven. 

1Enoch 90:10       In those days oppression shall be put off from its roots, and
                             iniquity with fraud shall be eradicated, perishing from under heaven. 

1Enoch 90:12       Righteousness shall be raised up from slumber; and wisdom shall
                             be raised up, and conferred upon them. 

1Enoch 90:15       And now, my children, I will describe and point out to you the
                             path of righteousness and the path of oppression. 

1Enoch 90:16       I will again point them out to you, that you may know what is to come. 

     Again, men and women will cause their own downfall, their own "punishment," as a result of their foolish disregard of God’s laws and warnings. We truly reap what we sow. Free will implies the freedom for error, the freedom for sin, and the freedom for iniquity. Unfortunately, people with good intentions project their intentions onto others and therefore have difficulty understanding and recognizing the self-serving and controlling intentions of others. The essence of God’s presence is his free willingness; His total lack of force and coercive intent. He respects absolutely the domain of free will of every individual. On the other hand, the essence of evil is characterized by the use of force, coercion, and fear to dominate and control the actions of others. It is these behaviors that can easily identify those who seek to possess power over others. If you are busy asserting your will you are not following God’s. This is why our "leaders" and our "elite" end up on "the top of the heap." They are willing to disregard ethics and religion for power and politics. Many others will not. Unfortunately, the well intended are confused and altogether too passive, thus allowing the controllers to dictate the way unopposed.

     In 90:6, Enoch discusses the pre-flood iniquity that was cleansed by the flood and then states that such iniquity will be again "embraced a second time," which is now. Hardship is coming and it will bring out the best and the worst in human nature. Since "the worst" controls the power of the world the "best" will be at a distinct worldly disadvantage. But it is not man’s world that counts in the end, but rather it is God’s world that counts. Human and sacred history will finally intersect at the point of Melchizedek’s arrival. The kingdom of heaven within intersects with the Kingdom of God on earth. The harvest time comes, and the weeds are bundled up and thrown in the "fire." The good harvest is stored up and the newly plowed earth is reseeded with good seed. 1Enoch 90:11 ends with sin perishing forevermore, which is only possible when "the rebellion" against God is ended and the kingdom of God on earth begins.

1Enoch 91:1    That which was written by Enoch. He wrote all this instruction of
                        wisdom for every man of dignity, and every judge of the earth; for
                        all my children who shall dwell upon earth, and for subsequent
                        generations, conducting themselves uprightly and peaceably.

1Enoch 91:2    Let not your spirit be grieved on account of the times; for the
                        holy, the great One, has given days to all (John 14:1).

1Enoch 91:3    Let the righteous man arise from slumber; let him arise, and
                        proceed in the path of righteousness, in all its paths; and let his
                        goings be in goodness and in eternal clemency. Mercy shall be
                        showed to the righteous man; upon him shall be conferred
                        integrity and power for ever. In goodness, and in righteousness
                        shall he exist, and shall walk in everlasting light; but sin shall
in eternal darkness, nor be seen from this time forward
                        for evermore (Jeremiah 31:33-34).

     The Great One is God, who is the only one who could "prescribe a period to all." "Let the righteous man arise from slumber" is a call to every generation and every age but especially applies to our generation, which will find itself immersed in the harvest of iniquity in the messianic end of the age. The last sentence of 91:3 says that sin will perish for evermore thereby referring specifically to the messianic time period. (Except for bible references the parentheses are my comments.) Next we have some more history that continues into Enoch's distant future, which is our near future.

1Enoch 92:1    After this, Enoch began to speak from a book.

1Enoch 92:2    And Enoch said: Concerning the children of righteousness,
                        concerning the elect of the world, and concerning the plant of
                        righteousness and integrity.

1Enoch 92:3    Concerning these things will I speak, and these things will I explain
                        to you, my children: I who am Enoch. In consequence of that
                        which has been shewn to me, from my heavenly vision and from
                        the voice of the holy angels have I acquired knowledge; and from
                        the tablet of heaven have I acquired understanding.

1Enoch 92:4    Enoch then began to speak from a book, and said: I have been born
                        the seventh in the first week, while judgment and righteousness wait with patience.

1Enoch 92:5    But after me, in the second week, great wickedness shall arise, and
                        fraud shall spring forth.

1Enoch 92:6    In it the end of the first shall take place, in which mankind shall be safe (Flood).

1Enoch 92:7    But after it (flood) has been completed, iniquity shall grow up; and
                        he (God or Melchizedek) shall execute the decree upon sinners.

1Enoch 92:8    Afterwards, in the third week, during its completion, a man
(Abraham) of the plant of righteous judgment shall be selected; and
                        after him the plant of righteousness shall come for ever.

1Enoch 92:9    Subsequently, in the fourth week, during its completion, the
                        visions of the holy and the righteous shall be seen (Old Testament
                        prophets), the order of generation after generation shall take place,
                        and an habitation shall be made for them. Then in the fifth week,
                        during its completion, the house of glory and of dominion shall be
                        erected for ever. (? First Temple) 

1Enoch 92:10       After that, in the sixth week, all those who are in it shall be
                             darkened, the hearts of all of them shall be forgetful of wisdom, and
                             in it shall a man ascend. (? Jesus) 

1Enoch 92:11       And during its completion also he shall burn the house of dominion
                             with fire, and all the race of the elect root shall be dispersed 

(Matthew 23:37-39). (?Roman War AD 70) 

1Enoch 92:12       Afterwards, in the seventh week a perverse generation shall arise;
                             abundant shall be its deeds, and all its deeds perverse. During its
                             completion, the righteous shall be selected from the plant of
                             everlasting righteousness; and to them shall be given the sevenfold
                             doctrine respecting every part of his whole creation. 

(see upcoming discussion) 

1Enoch 92:13       Afterwards there shall be another week, the eighth of righteousness
                             and justice upon all oppressors. 

1Enoch 92:14       Sinners shall be delivered up into the hands of the righteous, who
                             during its completion shall acquire habitations by their
                             righteousness; and the house of the great King shall be established
                             for praises for eve
r. After that, in the ninth week, shall the
                             judgment of righteousness be revealed to the whole world. (House
                             = Third Temple, great King = Melchizedek) 

1Enoch 92:15       Every work of the ungodly shall disappear from the whole earth;
                             the world shall be marked for destruction; and all men shall be on
                             the lookout for the path of integrity. 

1Enoch 92:16       And after this, on the seventh day of the tenth week, there shall be
                             an everlasting judgment, which shall be executed upon the
                             Watchers; and a spacious eternal heaven shall spring forth in the
                             midst of the angels. (watchers, race of Nodites?) 

1Enoch 92:17       The former heaven shall depart and pass away; a new heaven shall
                             appear; and all the celestial powers shine with sevenfold splendor
                             for ever. Afterwards likewise shall there be many weeks, which
                             shall externally exist in goodness and in righteousness. 

1Enoch 92:18       Neither shall sin be named there for ever and for ever 
(Revelations 21:1, 22:3-5). (Rebellion ended) 

1Enoch 92:19       Who is there of all the children of men, capable of hearing the voice of the Holy One without emotion? 

1Enoch 92:20       Who is there capable of thinking his thoughts? Who capable of
                             contemplating all the workmanship of heaven? Who of
                             comprehending the deeds of heaven? 

1Enoch 92:21       He may behold its animation, but not its spirit. He may be capable
                             of conversing respecting it, but not of ascending to it. He may see
                             all the boundaries of these things, and meditate upon them; but he
                             can make nothing like them. 

1Enoch 92:22       Who of all men is able to understand the breadth and length of the 

1Enoch 92:23       By whom have been seen the dimensions of all these things? Is it
                             every man who is capable of comprehending the extent of heaven;
                             what its elevation is, and by what it is supported? 

1Enoch 92:24       How many are the numbers of the stars; and where all the
                             luminaries remain at rest? (Job 38th, 39th chapters). 

     In Chapter 92, Enoch reads our future history, from a heavenly tablet "concerning the righteous" and the "elect" which are two related but distinct groups. As we will see, the elect are distinguished by their knowledge and understanding which they obtain from special books given them. The "decree executed on sinners" in 92:7 is the flood which wipes the slate clean at the end of the first age of transgression, thus clearing the slate for the second round of apostasy (falling away from God's precepts) in our age. In 91:8, Abraham is the "man of the plant of righteous judgment" who is "selected." Notice here, the concept of "the selection of Abraham" as an individual is the same as the understanding in The Urantia Book, while the Bible portrays God’s selection as a whole group of people, the Israelites, who are the "chosen ones." In 92:8, Abraham’s legacy is "for ever", in keeping with the Old Testament prophecy of the reunion and replanting of Israel and Judah, by the Messiah at the end of the messianic age. In 92:9, "the visions of the holy and righteous" are the prophecies of the Old Testament prophets. In 92:9, the "house of glory and dominion" is the First Temple. Jesus is probably "the man who ascends" in the sixth week. Shortly after this, at the end of the sixth week, the "house of dominion" (the 2nd Temple) is "burned with fire" and destroyed in the War of Rome in 70 A.D. Shortly before this, the "elect root" (early Christians) disperses, acting upon the warning signs given them by Jesus before his death (UB) . The "sevenfold doctrine" given to the elect of righteousness is a curious reference. Consider the following in this regard: 

UB 1269     Time-space creatures must have origins, relativities, and destinies in order to 
grasp universe relationships and to understand the meaning values of divinity.
                   Therefore does Paradise Deity attenuate and otherwise qualify the extra-          
Paradise personalizations of divinity, thus bring into existence the Supreme 
Creators and their associates, who ever carry the light of life farther and 
farther from its Paradise source until it finds its most distant and beautiful 
expression in the earth lives of the bestowal Sons on the evolutionary worlds. 
And this is the origin of God the Sevenfold, encountered by mortal man in the 
following order: 

                             1.   The Creator Sons (and Creative Spirits).
                             2.   The Ancients of Days.
                             3.   The Seven Master Spirits.
                             4.   The Supreme Being.
                             5.   The Conjoint Actor.
                             6.   The Eternal Son.
                             7.   The Universal Father. 

     Also, consider the Seven Master Spirits which are "the full representation of the Infinite Spirit to the evolutionary universes," (UB 189) the seven adjuvant mind spirits, the seven absolutes, the seven superuniverses, the seven psychic circles, and the seven triunities among many others.
     Could the "sevenfold doctrine" be a reference to The Urantia Book? If so, this would be consistent with another passage of Enoch to come that states that special books are given to those who elect God’s will near the end of the age.

     Returning to Enoch in 92:14 and 92:15, the messianic end of the age comes and the "house of the great king," Melchizedek (King of Righteousness) will be established while "sin disappears forever." Next we have: 

1Enoch 93:1    And now let me exhort you, my children, to love righteousness, and to 
walk  in it; for the paths of righteousness are worthy of acceptation; but 
the paths of iniquity  shall suddenly fail, and be diminished.

1Enoch 93:2    To men of note in their generation the paths of oppression and death are 
revealed; but they keep far from them, and do not follow them. 

1Enoch 93:3    Now, too, let me exhort you who are righteous, not to walk in the paths of  
                       evil and oppression, nor in the paths of death. Approach them not, that you 
may not perish; but covet. 

1Enoch 93:4    And choose for yourselves righteousness, and a good life. 

1Enoch 93:5    Walk in the paths of peace, that you may live, and be found worthy.  
Retain my words in your inmost thoughts, and obliterate them not from 
your hearts; for I know that sinners counsel men to commit crime craftily. 
                        They are not found in every place, nor does every counsel possess a little of them. 

1Enoch 93:6    Woe to those who build up iniquity and oppression, and who lay the 
foundation of fraud; for suddenly shall they be subverted, and never obtain peace. 

1Enoch 93:7    Woe to those who build up their houses with crime; for from their very  
             foundations shall they be demolished, and by the sword shall they 
themselves fall. Those, too, who acquire gold and silver, shall justly and  
suddenly perish. Woe to you who are rich, for in your riches have you 
trusted; but from your riches you shall be removed; because you have not 
remembered the Most High in the days of your prosperity (James. 5:1-8). 

     Enoch warns his children and us indirectly to choose righteousness and peace. Those who acquire "gold and silver riches" and covet their wealth will suddenly perish because "they have not remembered the Most High." But remember: 

Ezek 18:32      For it is not My desire that anyone shall die – declares the Lord God.  Repent therefore, and live! 

1Enoch 95:1    Wait in hope, ye righteous; for suddenly shall sinners perish from before  
you, and you shall exercise dominion over them, according to your will. 

1Enoch 95:2    In the day of the sufferings of sinners your (the righteous) offspring shall be
                        elevated, and lifted up like eagles. Your nest shall be more exalted than 
that of the avest; you shall ascend, and enter into the cavities of the earth, 
and into the clefts of the rocks forever, like hares, from the sight of the 

1Enoch 95:3    Who shall groan over you, and weep like sirens. 

1Enoch 95:4    You shall not fear those who trouble you; for restoration shall be yours; a 
splendid light shall shine around you, and the voice of tranquility shall be 
heard from heaven. Woe to you, sinners; for your wealth makes you 
resemble saints, but your hearts reproach you, knowing that you are 
sinners. This word shall testify against you, for the remembrance of crime. 

1Enoch 95:5    Woe to you who feed upon the glory of the corn, and drink the strength of 
                        the root of the spring, and in the pride of your power tread down the 


1Enoch 95:6    Woe to you who drink water at all times; for suddenly shall you be  
recompensed, consumed, and withered, because you have forsaken the 
fountain of life (John 4:13-14). 

1Enoch 95:7    Woe to you who act iniquitously, fraudulently, and blasphemously; there 
               shall be a remembrance against you for evil. 

1Enoch 95:8    Woe to you, ye powerful, who with power strike down righteousness; for 
                        the day of your destruction shall come; while at that very time many and 
               good days shall come to the righteous, even at the period of your 

     The righteous gain dominion. The meek inherit the earth. The offspring of the righteous and elect are to be "lifted up like eagles" apparently physically "elevated" to safety and spiritually "exalted" over and above the "ungodly." "A splendid light" probably from the radiance of Melchizedek "will shine around" the "exalted." 95:4 tells us that "the sinners’ wealth" make them "resemble saints" superficially but Enoch’s "words will testify against them" because the book of 1Enoch will help the elect and righteous to recognize the faces of deception and iniquity.
     Apparently there is a great drought because only the rich and iniquitous will "drink water at pleasure" while the rest must suffer severe thirst and deprivation. The "powerful" are put on notice in 95:8 that their "day of destruction will come." 

1Enoch 96:1    The righteous are confident that sinners will be disgraced, and perish in 
the day of iniquity. 

1Enoch 96:5    Your faces shall be covered with shame; while every deed, strengthened 
by crime, shall be rejected. 

1Enoch 96:9    And now I swear to you, ye crafty, as well as simple ones; that you, often
                        contemplating the earth, you who are men, put elegance upon you more

than married women,
and both together more so than unmarried ones, 
every where arraying yourselves in majesty, in magnificence, in authority, 
and in silver: but gold, purple, honor, and wealth, like water, flow away. 

1Enoch 96:10      Erudition therefore and wisdom are not theirs. And in it shall they 
                        perish, together with their riches, with all their glory, and with their 

1Enoch 96:11       While with disgrace, with slaughter, and in extreme penury, shall their
 spirits be thrust into a furnace of fire (Revelation. 17th and 18th Chapters.). 

1Enoch 96:12       I have sworn to you, ye sinners, that neither mountain nor hill has been or shall be a servant to woman. 

1Enoch 96:13       Neither in this way has our crime been sent down upon earth, but men
                             of their own heads have invented it; and greatly shall those who give it  efficiency be execrated. 

1Enoch 96:15       I have sworn to you, ye sinners, by the holy and the great One; that all  
your evil deeds are disclosed in the heaven; and that none of your
                             oppressive acts are concealed and secret. 

1Enoch 96:16       Think not in your minds, neither say in your hearts, that every crime is 
not manifested and seen. In heaven it is daily written down before the 
Most High. Hence forwards shall it be manifested; for every act of
                             oppression which you commit shall be daily recorded, until the period of your condemnation.. 

1Enoch 96:23       Woe to you who frustrate the word of the righteous; for to you there 
                       shall be no hope of life. 

1Enoch 96:24       Woe to you who write down the word of falsehood, and the word of 
the wicked; for their falsehood they record, that they may hear and not 
          forget folly. 

     The "righteous are confident that sinners will be disgraced" because all of this has been revealed to them through 1Enoch and other prophets of scripture as well. Wealth "is suddenly ascended" away from the wealthy who covet in 96:6. The "crafty" men are "adorned more than women" in stylish and expensive clothes (not to mention haircuts). As we read these woes of those who choose sin and iniquity, we remember that the Urantia Book depicts Jesus as saying that although God is understanding of our frailties, he is relentless and even ruthless when it comes to rooting out sin and iniquity. We of the modern age are not accustomed to hearing such "harsh" verbiage as we have been taught that there really is no right and wrong; just differing but equally valid points of view. The words evil, sin, and iniquity are almost never used anymore. We will tolerate anything and everything, except the moral-religious perspective, of course. There is a covert war on God on this world and it is waged by the powerful elite, the "intellectuals," the propagandists, the government, and the media establishment. Our public schools are instruments for the indoctrination of an alternate, unacknowledged, value system of no-values; the official, unannounced, state religion. This secular humanistic state is slowly enslaving its citizens and will lead them into crisis. The war against God has only one possible outcome, and that outcome is, and forever will be, failure! The most difficult task is teaching the well intentioned that such a war actually exists. The well intentioned project their own intentions onto the intentions of others, because the reality of evil intent is so totally foreign and so totally irrational to them. But evil and iniquity does exist and unless we learn to recognize it, we will continue to be its victims. Jesus has spoken well: "Be as wise as serpents and as gentle as doves." To be as wise as serpents we must first recognize and understand those serpents of wrong choosing. 

Evil, Sin, Iniquity 

     Lets take a detour here and review some information regarding "the rebellion" against God’s will on our world. 

UB 1660     Rebellion brought sin to this world. (short paraphrase). 

UB 394       rebellion by a Planetary Prince instantly isolates the planet. 

UB 59l        rebellion changes the world so much, people have no idea what is normal.  
(brief paraphrase) 

UB 617       Divine Minister of Salvington issued…mandate…that nothing be done to        
half cure, cowardly suppress, or otherwise hide the hideous visage of rebels 
and rebellion. The angelic hosts were directed to work for full disclosure and 
unlimited opportunity for sin expression as the quickest.technique of 
achieving the perfect and final cure of the plague of evil and sin. 

UB 617       allow rebellion to pursue a natural course of self obliteration…to the end that 
all sympathy for these evildoers should be sooner uprooted… 

UB 602       (Satan) became a bold and earnest advocate of "self assertion and liberty." 

UB 603       Lucifer charged that the Universal Father did not really exist… 

UB 607       Satania was isolated in both the constellation and the universe circuits…the 
circuits to the fallen worlds were also cut off…these circuits will not be 
restored as long as the arch rebel lives… 

UB 609       The bestowal of Michael (Christ) terminated the Lucifer rebellion in all 
Satania aside from the planets of the apostate Planetary Princes (ours 

UB 610       The Planetary Prince was dethroned and discredited. He was once termed 
"God of Urantia." (Caligastia, the devil) 

UB 610       Caligastia and Daligastia spurned Jesus’ tender offer of mercy.
                   Caligastia…is still free to prosecute his nefarious designs… 

UB 610       The devil has been given a great deal of credit for evil which does not belong 
to him…weak and dissolute mortals are merely being dominated by their own 
inherent and debased tendencies… 

UB 611       Satan was allowed to visit Caligastia…right up until another Son of God  
         should be accepted by such apostate worlds, or until such time that the courts  
of Uversa should begin the adjudication… Melchizedek has since been  
proclaimed Vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia, and the opening of the 
case Gabriel vs. Lucifer was signalized by the inauguration of temporary 
planetary regimes on all isolated worlds…Satan did visit Caligastia right up 
until the time of these revelations…Satan is now detained on the Jerusem 
prison worlds. 

UB 611      The rebellion of Jerusem has ended. It ends on the fallen worlds as fast as        
divine Sons arrive. (Therefore the rebellion is still active.) 

     Note here, that Urantia will be reinstated and restored to the system circuits and to interplanetary communication only after Melchizedek arrives. Final adjudication will not be complete until earth, its citizens, Caligastia, and Daligastia experience "Judgment Day" as described in the Bible. Only then will the current dispensational age end and a new age begin.
     Planetary peace and order cannot come until the harvest of this age is reaped and Melchizedek assumes sovereignty. In this regard consider: 

UB 597       The bestowal son (Jesus) is the Prince of Peace. On normal worlds this is a 
dispensation of world-wide peace…such salutary influences did not attend 
the coming of your bestowal Son…Urantia is not proceeding in the normal 
order. Your Master…warned…his advent would not bring the usual reign of 
peace…He distinctly told them (his disciples) that there would be "wars and 
rumors of wars," and that "nation would rise against nation." 

     At present one-third of all nations (65 out of 185) are at war. At the end of the cold war in 1990 there were only 35. This planet is in the hands of self-serving, unwise, and immature leadership who, as a rule, have little spiritual connection. The world is getting more violent and uncertain. This corrupt world leadership possesses all the political, economic, military, and financial power. It cannot be removed or replaced except by force and defeat. The world cannot evolve smoothly into a peaceful age without a crisis and only divine intervention can conclude that crisis favorably on the behalf of the brotherhood of man, which is otherwise in the process of formation. The Urantia Book quotes the following Bible passage: 

UB 600       ‘For, as the new heavens and the new earth, which I (God) will make, shall 
remain before me, so shall you and your children survive; and it shall come 
to pass that from one new moon to another and from one Sabbath to another 
                   all flesh shall come to worship before me,’ says the Lord. (Isaiah 66:22-23). 

     The authors of the Urantia Book would not have quoted the Bible on something they didn’t agree with. One must conclude that something very sudden will occur such that "all flesh will come to worship" before God over a short time period of only one week or one month.
     Returning now to the Urantia Book quotes regarding the rebellion and the iniquitous ones, we have regarding Satan: 


UB 611       Satan visited Urantia recently…He is now interred on the prison worlds.
UB 1971     approved the plans to kill Jesus.
UB 602       was the first lieutenant of Lucifer.
UB 602       is a Lanonandek son.
UB 754       was a brilliant creature of light. 


UB 604       led greatest rebellion in Nebadon, beginning 200,000 years ago.
UB 710       gave a beautiful message of acceptance of Life Carrier’s work.
UB 529       Soon Urantia will be restored to intersystem communion and interplanetary 

UB 434      Lucifer misled and deluded the orders of seraphic ministers by the sophistries 

of  unbridled personal liberty.

     As we look around today, these same "sophistries of unbridled personal liberty" are all around us. The rebellion is ongoing and coming to full fruit at age’s end. We see this in our youth, on our TV sets, in our government, in our marriages, and in our academies. Power has replaced religion and politics has replaced ethics. The time of trial approaches. Rebellion still has its last gasp to breath. The "world crisis" of the Urantia Book is still ahead of us. We now move on to the next iniquitous one, Caligastia:  

Caligastia (devil) 

UB 742       chose 100 (corporeal staff) from over 785,000 ascendant citizens of  
Jerusem…These Jerusem volunteers were brought by seraphic transport…
UB 610      Caligastia has been comparatively impotent since the cross
UB 753      has contributed to miscarriage of Adamic plan
UB 833       was difficult to combat since invisible.
UB 602       is the "devil"
UB 753       cannot coerce any normal human will
UB 610       still free (along with Daligastia) to prosecute his nefarious schemes. 

   (my parentheses)
UB 745       Caligastia "one hundred" lost immortality through rebellion.
UB 742       Daligastia and Caligastia are secondary Lanondek sons. Lucifer is a primary  
Lanondek son. 

     Caligastia and Daligastia are still here. What "schemes" are they involved in? Can we find and recognize their activities in the world today or are they so impotent that they do not even register on the scales of human activity? What difference does their presence make in the world around us? How would our planet, our nation, our lives be different without their presence? There are two mistakes that can be made with regard to evil. One is to be blind to it and therefore become powerless to effectively overcome it. The second mistake is to overly focus on and stress evil.

     This blinds us to the good around us, robs us of our inner peace and creates undo fear and paranoia. Evil and sin exist, but they remain powerless relevant to the destiny of any soul. Rebellion against God, the very source of being and all reality, is tantamount to cosmic insanity. It is suicidal and bears its own seed of self-destruction. God allows it, because true freedom requires it and true freedom is necessary to any prospect of true love, and true love, the love a Father for His children is the foundation of the world. Emily Dickinson says it the best, as usual, "Evil is the leisure of God’s Will" – it is the transient shadow cast by God’s ever-increasing light of life. Before leaving this topic let’s continue down the line of iniquitous ones and consider the Caligastia 100: 

Caligastia 100 

UB 747       Nod was the leader of the Caligastia’s staff of one hundred.
UB 758       Nodites were the descendants of disloyal Dalamatia staff of one hundred
UB 856       Nodite was both a racial and cultural term. They were the eighth Urantian 

UB 857       The Sumerian descendants of the Nodites produced the inscribed clay tablets 
                   of ancient Sumer. (which are in our possession).
UB 856       Nodites are one half the ancestry of the secondary midwayers. (Adamites the 
UB 856       legend had represented the Nodites as gods who came down and mated with

                    daughters of men (referred to in Genesis and 1Enoch). 

    1Enoch speaks about a race of people who are descended from the offspring of "the sons of God who mated with the daughters of men." This race is referred to as the Nephilim, which corresponds to the Nodite race of the Urantia Book. This inter-racial union between Nodites and the daughters of man is blamed for the evil and sin that resulted in "the flood," by which God purified the earth. Enoch again identifies "an evil race" which is associated with the evil harvest of the messianic period. This raises the question of whether or not there are still present, relatively pure line descendants of this ancient Nodite race? Is this the race that has been associated with royalty throughout the centuries? If so, this would explain the royal links between the ruling class, the Power Elite, and the secret societies. Who are they, where are they, and what role, if any, will they play in the messianic period? Lets consider further the topic of evil, sin, and iniquity: 

Evil, Sin, Iniquity 

UB 2064     We are equipped to overcome evil with good, vanquish hate by love, to 
destroy fear with a courageous and living faith in truth. 

UB 1984     In the half-civilized man there still lurks an evil brutality which seeks to vent 
itself upon those who are superior in wisdom and spiritual attainment. 

UB 1982     (Regarding Jesus’ Crucifixion) God in heaven did not will it, neither did the 
archenemies of Jesus dictate it, though they did much to insure that 
unthinking and evil mortals would thus reject the bestowal Son. 

UB 1940     Jesus looking them (apostles) over said, "I have told you how much I desired 
to have this supper with you, knowing how the evil forces of darkness have 

to bring about the death of the Son of Man. 

     With this statement, Jesus would be branded a religious fanatic and conspiracy theorist in today’s world. 

UB 1766     I (Jesus) am meek and humble in the presence of my Father, but I am equally 
and relentlessly inexorable where there is deliberate evil-doing and sinful 
rebellion against the will of my Father who is in heaven. 

Jesus did not turn his other cheek to rebellion, sin, or iniquity. 

UB 1747     All the forces of evil and hosts of sin shall not prevail against this human 
fraternity of the divine spirit. 

This fraternity is the rock on which the Kingdom of Heaven within is built. 

UB 176      By nature, before the rebirth of the spirit, mortal man is subject to inherent 
evil tendencies, but such natural imperfections of behavior are neither sin nor 

UB 1660    Evil is inherent in the natural order of this world, but sin is an attitude of 
conscious rebellion which was brought to this world by those who fell from 
spiritual light into gross darkness. 

Sin and iniquity don’t even exist on normal worlds, and yet we tolerate it as if it is part of the natural scenery. 

UB 1912     Jesus said: "Yes, I will tell you about the times when this people shall have 
filled up the cup of their iniquity, when justice shall swiftly descend upon this 
city of our fathers." (Jesus referring to the destruction of Jerusalem, 70 AD) 

     If anyone said this today, they would be compared to Hitler. And yet it was the truth. 

UB 1972     Even so do you who knowingly reject the council of God appear outwardly 
to men as holy and righteous, but inwardly your hearts are filled with 
hypocrisy and iniquity. 

     Do we have the wisdom to recognize those around us who may fill such a description? Who are they? What are they doing? Outward appearances can be deceiving.

We are taught to be tolerant of everything and everyone. Do we unwittingly tolerate and encourage evil, sin, and iniquity? The Father doesn’t. Neither did Jesus of Nazareth. 

UB 1661     The penalties of sin are inevitable; the destroying consequences of iniquity 
are inexorable. 

     Who else will be innocently destroyed as unwitting bystanders when the harvest comes. Humankind is a family. The family suffers the sin of the individual and vice-a-versa. 

UB 1638     iniquity destroys the prayer connection…there ensues the loss of personal 
communion (with God) 

UB 1590     And when he (Jesus) said, "Resist not evil," he later explained that he did not 
                  mean to condone sin
or counsel fraternity with iniquity. 

And yet we do. 

UB 610       faith is an effective armor against sin and iniquity. 

     Are there any such suicidal behaviors in the world today? 

UB 1660     Iniquity is the willful, determined, and persistent transgression of the divine 
law, the Father’s Will.

The Father’s Will is the Father’s Way. The Way of truth, beauty, goodness, and love.

UB 1906     Remember this is the sin of these rulers: they say that which is good, but they 
do it not (Then and now).

     This technique of deception has been perfected in the art of "spin," the manipulation of perception in total disregard for the truth.

UB 1661     Man should not blame God for those afflictions which are the natural result 
of the life which he chooses to live.

Now consider a few lines from scripture about this topic:

Micah 7:2    The pious are vanished from the land, none upright are left among men; all 
                  lie in wait to commit crimes, one traps the other in his net. They are eager to 
do evil: The magistrate makes demands, and the Judge (judges) for a fee; the 

rich man makes his crooked plea, and they grant it.

     This was written about ancient Israel. However, ends of ages tend to be the same over and over again. Nations rising and falling, rising and falling. Does Micah apply to today as well as yesterday? Could America be a replay of ancient Israel? Witness the O.J. Simpson trial. Lets now return to finish our study of 1Enoch. 


1Enoch 97:1   Woe to them who act impiously, who laud and honor the word of 
falsehood. You have been lost in perdition; and have never led a 
virtuous life. 

1Enoch 97:2    Woe to you who change the words of integrity. They transgress against the everlasting decree (John 10:35). 

1Enoch 97:3    And cause the heads of those who are not sinners to be trodden down  
upon the earth. 

1Enoch 97:4    In those days you, O ye righteous, shall have been deemed worthy of 
having your prayers rise up in remembrance; and shall have deposited 
            them in testimony before the angels, that they might record the sins of 
sinners in the presence of the Most High. 

1Enoch 97:5    In those days the nations shall be overthrown; but the families of the 
       nations shall rise again in the day of perdition (John 5:28-29). 

1Enoch 97:6    In those days they who become pregnant shall go forth, carry off their 
children, and forsake them. Their offspring shall slip from them, and while 
suckling them shall they forsake them; they shall never return to them, and  never instruct their beloved. 

1Enoch 97:9    But in those days blessed shall they be, to whom the word of wisdom is 
                delivered; who point out and pursue the path of the Most High; who walk
                          in the way of righteousness, and who act not impiously with the impious. 

1Enoch 97:10  They shall be saved.

     In 97:9, again we see those who elect God’s will in receipt of wisdom delivered to them in some manner and means, possibly by the books mentioned ahead. 

1Enoch 99:1    In those days the angels shall descend into places of concealment, and 
gather together in one spot all who have assisted in crime. 

1Enoch 99:2    In that day shall the Most High rise up to execute the great judgment upon
all sinners, and to commit the guardianship of all the righteous and holy to 
  the holy angels, that they may protect them as the apple of an eye, until 
every evil and every crime be annihilated (five prophets in Bible quoted 
Enoch’s "apple of an eye") (Zechariah. 2:7-8). 

1Enoch 99:3    Whether or not the righteous sleep a deep sleep, wise men shall then truly perceive. 

1Enoch 99:4    And the sons of the earth shall understand every word of that book 
(which?), knowing that their riches cannot save them in the ruin of their 

1Enoch 99:6    Woe to you, ye perverted in heart, who are watchful to obtain an accurate
                          knowledge of evil, and to discover terrors. No one shall assist you. 

1Enoch 99:8   And now know ye, that the angels shall inquire into your conduct in 
heaven; of the sun, the moon, and the stars, shall they inquire respecting 
your sins; for upon earth you exercise jurisdiction over the righteous. (but not for much longer) 

1Enoch 99:9    Every cloud shall bear witness against you, the snow, the dew, and the
                        rain; for all of them shall be withholden from you, that they may not   
descend upon you, nor become subservient to your crimes. 

     In 99:2, the Most High is present for the "great judgment." The Ancient of Days will also attend because the annihilation of any being requires his presence and consent. Who else may be present when Melchizedek is given sovereignty of our planet? Also note in 99:2 the repeated scriptural promise of divine protection "of all the righteous and holy" until every "evil and crime is annihilated." Verse 99:9 mentions the withholding of all forms of precipitation from the iniquitous, again implying a drought in the messianic period. Also note that "all the sons of the earth" (those who have not chosen God) shall know " all the words of that book " and will know that their riches will not save them. What is the identity of "that book"? Could it be 1Enoch itself? 

1Enoch 100:1  Attentively consider heaven, all ye progeny of heaven, and all ye works of 
the Most High; fear Him, nor conduct yourselves criminally before Him. 

1Enoch 100:2  If He shut up the windows of heaven, restraining the rain and dew, that it
                        may not descend upon earth on your account, what will you do? 

1Enoch 100:3  And if he send his wrath upon you, and upon all your deeds, you are not 
they who can supplicate Him; for you utter against his righteousness great 
and powerful things. To you there shall be no peace. 

1Enoch 100:4  Do you not see the kings of ship, how their vessels are tossed about by the
                          waves, torn to pieces by the winds, and exposed to the greatest peril? 

1Enoch 100:5  That they therefore fear, because their whole property is embarked with 
them on the ocean; and that they forebode evil in their hearts, because it 
may swallow them up, and they may perish in it? 

1Enoch 100:6  Is not the whole sea, all its waters, and all its commotion, the work of 
Him, the Most High; of Him who has sealed up all its exertions, and 
girded it on every side with sand? 

1Enoch 100:7  Is it not at his rebuke dried up, and alarmed; while all its fish with every 
thing contained in it die? And will not you, ye sinners, who are on earth, 
fear Him? Is not He the maker of heaven and earth, and of all things which 
are in them? (Job 38th and 39th chapters). 

1Enoch 100:8  And who has given erudition and wisdom to all that move progressive 
upon the earth, and over the sea? 

1Enoch 100:9  Are not the commanders of ships terrified at the ocean? And shall not 
sinners be terrified at the Most High? 

There is no chapter 101. 

1Enoch 102:1  In those days, when He shall cast the calamity of fire upon you, whither 
will you fly, and where will you be safe? 

1Enoch 102:2  And when He sends forth his word against you, are you not spared, and 

1Enoch 102:3  All the luminaries are agitated with great fear; and all the earth is spared, 
                        while it trembles, and suffers anxiety. (This is a much more hopeful 
     prospect than the usual destruction.) 

1Enoch 102:4  All the angels fulfill the commands received by them, and are desirous of 
being concealed from the presence of the great Glory; while the children 
of the earth are alarmed and troubled. 

1Enoch102:5  But you, ye sinners, are for ever accursed; to you there shall be no peace. 

1Enoch 102:6  Fear not, ye souls of the righteous; but wait with patient hope for the day 
of your death in righteousness. Grieve not, because your souls descend in 
great trouble, with groaning, lamentation, and sorrow, to the receptacle of 
the dead. In your lifetime your flesh has not found according to your 
goodness, but in the period of your existence have sinners existed; in the 
period of execration and of punishment. 

Many have and many will die in righteousness. 

1Enoch 102:7  And when you die, sinners say concerning you: As we die, the righteous 
die. What profit have they in their works? Behold, like us, they expire in 
sorrow and in darkness. What advantage have they over us? Hence 
  forward are we equal. What will they obtain, and what behold for ever? 
For behold they are dead; and never will they henceforward for ever 
perceive the light. I say unto you, ye sinners: You have been satiated with 
meat and drink, with human plunder and rapine, with sin, with the 
acquisition of wealth and with the sight of good days. Have you not 

marked the righteous, how their end is in peace?
For no oppression is 
found in them even to the day of their death. They perish, and are as if 
they were not, while their souls descend in trouble to the receptacle of the 

1Enoch 103:1  But now I swear to you, ye righteous, by the greatness of his splendor and 
his glory; by his illustrious kingdom and by his Majesty, to you I swear, 

that I comprehend this mystery; that I have read the tablet of heaven, have
                          seen the writing of the
holy Ones, and have discovered what is written and 
impressed on it concerning you. 

1Enoch 103:2  I have seen that all goodness, joy, and glory has been prepared for you, 
and been written down for the spirits of them who died in righteousness
                          and in much goodness. To you it shall be given in return for your troubles; 
and your portion of happiness shall far exceed the portion of the living. 

1Enoch 103:3  The spirits of you who die in righteousness shall exist and rejoice. Their 
                        spirits shall exult; and their remembrance shall be before the face of the
                          mighty One from generation to generation.

Nor shall they know fear and disgrace. 

1Enoch 103:4  Woe to you, sinners, when you die in your sins; and they, who are like 
you, say respecting you, Blessed are the sinners. They have seen all their 
days; and now they die in goodness and in wealth.  Distress and slaughter 
they saw not while alive; in honor they die; nor ever in their lifetime did 
             judgment overtake them. 

1Enoch 103:6  Woe to you, for to you there shall be no peace. Neither can you say to the 
righteous, and to the good who are alive: In the days of our trouble have 
we been afflicted; every species of trouble have we seen, and many evil 
things have found. 

1Enoch 103:7       Our spirits have been consumed, lessened, and diminished. 

1Enoch 103:8       We have perished; nor has there been a possibility of help for us in 
word or in deed; we have found none, but have been tormented and destroyed. 

1Enoch 103:9       We have not expected to see life day after day. 

1Enoch 103:10     We hoped indeed to have been the head (Isaiah 19:15-16). 

1Enoch 103:11     But we have become the tail. We have been afflicted, when we have
                               exerted ourselves; but we have been food for sinners and the ungodly; 
     their yoke has been heavy upon us. 

1Enoch 103:12     Those have exercised dominion over us who detest and who
                             goad us; and to those who hate us have we humbled our neck; but
                             they have shewn no compassion towards us. 

1Enoch 103:13     We have been desirous of escaping from them, that we might fly away
                             and be at rest (Psalms 55:6); but we have found no place to which we
could fly, and be secure from them. We have sought an asylum with
                               princes in our distress, and have cried out to those who were devouring 
us; but our cry has not been regarded, nor have they been disposed to hear our voice; 

1Enoch 103:14     But rather to assist those who plunder and devour us; those who  
diminish us, and hide their oppression; who remove not their yoke from 
   us, but devour, enervate, and slay us; who conceal our slaughter, nor 
remember that they have lifted up their hands against us 
(11Corinthians 11:20-30). 

     Apparently, the "portion of happiness" reserved in heaven for the righteous who die "far exceeds" the portion who live. This is comforting to know. 

1Enoch 104:1       I swear to you, ye righteous, that in heaven the angels record your 
goodness before the glory of the mighty One. 

1Enoch 104:2       Wait with patient hope; for formerly you have been disgraced with evil 
and with affliction; but now shall you shine like the 313.luminaries of 
heaven. You shall be seen, and the gates of heaven shall be opened to 
you. Your cries have cried for judgment; and it has appeared to you: for 
an account of all your suffering shall be required from the princes, and 
from every one who has assisted your plunders (Daniel 12:3). 

1Enoch 104:3       Wait with patient hope; nor relinquish your confidence; for great joy
                               shall be yours, like that of the angels in heaven. Conduct yourselves as
                               you may, still you shall not be concealed in the day of the great 
|                             judgment. You shall not be found like sinners; and eternal 
condemnation shall be far from you during every generation of the 

1Enoch 104:4       And now fear not, ye righteous, when you see sinners strong and 
worthy in their ways. 

1Enoch 104:5       Be not associates with them; but keep yourselves at a distance
                             from their oppression; be you associated with the host of heaven.
                             You, ye sinners say: All our transgressions shall not be taken
                             account of, and be recorded. But all your transgressions shall be
                             recorded daily. 

1Enoch 104:6       I will shew you that light and darkness, day and night, behold
                             all your transgressions. Be not impious in your thoughts; lie not;
                             holy and the mighty One; glorify not your idols; for all your lying
                             and all your impiety is not for righteousness, but for great crime. 

1Enoch 104:7       Now will I point out a mystery: Many sinners shall turn and
                             transgress against the word of uprightness. 

1Enoch 104:8       They shall speak evil things; they shall utter falsehood; create
                             a great creation; and compose books in their own words. But
                             when they shall write all my words correctly in their own language,

1Enoch 104:9       They shall neither change nor diminish them; but shall write
                             them all correctl
y; all which from the first I have uttered concerning

1Enoch 104:10     Another mystery also I point out. To the righteous and the
                             wise shall be given books of joy, of integrity, and of great
                             wisdom. To them shall books be given, in which they shall

1Enoch 104:11     And in which they shall rejoice. And all the righteous shall be
                             rewarded, who from these shall acquire the knowledge of every
                             upright path. 

     In 104:8, Enoch tells us that the words of his writing, paradoxically will be preserved correctly by the iniquitous ones who translate his words, despite their otherwise outrageous deceit. And as if in response the editor here writes in a footnote for this passage: "Despite Enoch’s mandate, his book was most certainly ‘changed’ and ‘diminished’ by late editors, though these fragments of it have survived." Were Enoch’s words preserved correctly as Enoch foretellsor were they ‘changed’ as claimed by the seemingly irritated editor? Personally, I would bet on Enoch. When God is on your side your chance of winning is always 100%.

      In 104:10, Enoch reads from the "tablets of heaven" about "books of joy, great wisdom, and integrity" which shall be given to the "righteous and wise" who "from these" books "shall acquire the knowledge of every upright path." Enoch is speaking here about the end of the age generation which implies that these books are made available not until the time period of the end of the age. 1Enoch itself may qualify as one of these books as it was only recently (nineteenth century)made accessible after: centuries of censorship, attempts to destroy it, and deep submergence of the text (found only in Ethiopia and also among the Dead Sea Scrolls). The Dead Sea Scrolls would also qualify as a recently given source of great wisdom and joy. Finally, of course, is The Urantia Book, which is the "mother load" of wisdom, joy, and integrity. And it has been indeed a "gift," as prophesied. 

1Enoch 104A:1-2  In those days, he (Enoch) says:

105:1-2                  "The Lord will be patient and cause the children of the earth
                               to hear. Reveal it to them with your wisdom, for you are their
and you are a reward upon the whole earth. Until I
                               and my Son
are united with them in the upright paths in their
and there shall be peace unto you, rejoice you children of
                               truth. Amen." (Charlesworth, Pseudoepigrapha) 

     This important passage addresses the "children of truth" who have received the "books of wisdom and joy" in the previous chapter. It tells these individuals to be leaders and guides for others who will be trying to understand what is happening in the world and in the kingdom of heaven within and without. These "children of truth" will be a blessing upon the whole earth especially to those who suffer in darkness. Note carefully that these people of wisdom are united with "I and my Son," God and Melchizedek, during their lifetime presumably when Melchizedek arrives in person.

     Chapter 105:1-12 and the first few verses below revisit issues from before the flood and then begin to speak of the second, messianic time of transgression, our upcoming end of the age. 

1Enoch 105:13     Then I, Enoch, answered and said: The Lord will effect a new thing
                             upon the earth. This have I explained, and seen in a vision. I have
                             shewn thee that in the generation of Jared my father, those who were 
                             from heaven disregarded the word of the Lord. Behold they committed
crimes; laid aside their class, and intermingled with women. With
                             them also they transgressed; married with them, and begot children. 

1Enoch 105:14     A great destruction therefore shall come upon all the earth; a deluge,
                             a great destruction shall take place in one year. 

1Enoch 105:15     This child which is born to you (Noah) shall survive on the earth,
                             and his three sons shall be saved with him. When all mankind who
                             are on earth shall die, he shall be safe. (Time of the flood) 

1Enoch 105:16     And his posterity shall beget on the earth giants, not spiritual,
                             but carnal. Upon the earth shall a great punishment be inflicted,
                             and it shall be washed from all corruption. Now therefore inform
                             thy son Lamech that he who is born is his child in truth; and he
                             shall call his name Noah, for he shall be to you a survivor. He
                             and his children shall be saved from the corruption which shall
                             take place in the world; from all the sin and from all the iniquity
                             which shall be consummated on earth in his days. Afterwards
                             shall greater impiety take place than that which had been before
                             consummated on the earth; for I am acquainted with holy mysteries,
                             which the Lord himself has discovered and explained to me; and
                             which I have read in the tablets of heaven. 

1Enoch 105:17     In them I saw it written, that generation after generation shall
                             transgress, until a righteous race shall arise; until transgression and
                             crime perish from off the earth; until all goodness come upon it. 

1Enoch 105:21     Another book which Enoch wrote for his son Methuselah, and
                             for those who should come after him, and preserve their state of
                             life in the latter days. You, who have labored, shall wait in those
                             days, until the evil doers be consume
d, and the power of the guilty
                             be annihilated. Wait, until sin pass away; for their names shall be
                             blotted out of the holy books, their seed shall be destroyed, and
                             their spirits slain. They shall cry out and lament in the invisible
                             waste, and in the fire shall they burn, where there is no earth.

                             There I perceived, as it were, a cloud which could not be seen
                             through, for from the depth of it I was unable to look upwards. I
                             beheld also a flame of fire blazing bright, and, as it were, glittering
                             mountains whirled around, and agitated from side to side. 

1Enoch 105:22     Then I inquired of one of the holy angels who was with me,
                             and said: What is this splendid object? For it is not heaven, but
                             a flame of fire along which blazes; and in it there is clamour of
                             exclamation, of woe, and of great suffering. 

1Enoch 105:23     He said: There, into that place which thou beholdest, shall be
                             thrust the spirits of sinners and blasphemers; of those who shall
                             do evil, and who shall pervert all which God has spoken by the
                             mouth of the prophets; all which they ought to do. For respecting
                             these things there shall be writings and impressions above in
                             heaven, that the angels may read them, and know what shall happen
                             both to sinners and to the spirits of the humble; to those who have
                             suffered in their bodies, but have been rewarded by God; who have
                             been injuriously treated by wicked men; who have loved God; who
                             have been attached neither to gold nor silver, nor to any good thing
                             in the world, but have given their bodies to torment; 

1Enoch 105:24     To those who from the time they were, have not been covetous of
                             earthly riches; but have regarded themselves as a breath passing away.

1Enoch 105:25     And this have they kept; and much has the Lord tried them;
                             and their spirits have been found pure, that they might bless his
name. All their blessings have I related in a book; and He has
                             rewarded them; for they have been found to love heaven with an
                             everlasting aspiration. God has said: While they have been
                             trodden down by wicked men, they have heard from them revilings
                             and blasphemies; and have been ignominiously treated, while they
                             were blessing Me. And now will I call the spirits of the good from
                             the generation of light, and will change those who have been born
                             in darkness; who have not in their bodies been recompensed with
                             glory, as their faith may have merited. 

1Enoch 105:26     I will bring them into the splendid light of those who love my
                             holy name; and I will place each of them on a throne of glory, of
                             glory peculiarly his own, and they shall be at rest during
                             unnumbered periods. Righteous is the Judgment of God 
(Matthew 19:28). 

1Enoch 105:27     For to the faithful shall He give faith in the habitation of upright
                             ways. They shall see those, who having been born in darkness into
                             darkness shall be cast; while the righteous shall be at rest. Sinners
                             shall cry out, beholding them, while they exist in splendor and
                             proceed forward to the days and periods written down for them. 

     In 105:13, "Those who were from heaven" probably refers to the Nephilim or Nodites. Among these are the "sons of God who cavorted with the daughters of men" (Genesis: 6). In Enoch 10:18, we are told that the offspring of these "watchers" who fell from heaven are destroyed in the "last days" judgment because they "have tyrannized over mankind." 1Enoch thus reveals to us the presence of an ancient and ongoing "evil race" (? Nodites) who have existed throughout the history of mankind. And so we can begin to understand the Psalm "Why do the heathen rage and the nations conspire against the Lord and his anointed" (Psalms 2). The concept of an evil, world order that attempts to impose itself over mankind should be studied in detail in our attempt to understand the forces that are shaping our world situation today. In order to be the bearers of truth, one must be able to bear ridicule, slander, and contempt. World government could be a wonderful development and a great benefit to mankind. However, ask yourself, if our developing world order is really so beneficial, why has it developed and flourished in secrecy, without public debate and knowledge. There are scores of international institutions that most of us have never heard of and know nothing about. Why not? Consider the World Trade Organization so recently in the news. How many know that this organization represents the interests of the ever-more powerful international corporate elite who use the political power and auspices of the United States Government to facilitate and maintain their success. These interests care nothing about people, jobs, environmental concerns, or equity. They care only about profit, control, and power. Government has become an arm of the corporate interest. Is this the world system that we want? How many of us know that the United States law is being changed by Federal Executive Orders directly by the President, bypassing Congress, in order to prepare for the day when the United States Constitution is made subservient to the United Nations Charter? How many know that the United Nations Charter has no bill of rights and no protection for the individual against the arbitrary power of the World State? The Book of Enoch reveals to us that the core of such "nefarious plans" has ancient roots dating from the very origins of rebellion on this planet. Is it really surprising to anyone who understands the Urantia Book that our developing world system has points of contact with the same forces of evil which ‘conspired’ to bring to an end the life of the Son of Man. However, it would be a mistake to give these "principalities" of evil too much credit. Mankind itself bears the greatest burden of blame, for without its willing assistance, such principalities could have no power and no influence. The kingdom of heaven within, established in each and every heart, is the only true antidote for the evil, sin, and iniquity that are present in our world today that acts under the guise of good will. If we don’t recognize this deceitful aspect of our world, we will become its victims. Consider the following quotes which have been chosen from the website www.thewinds.org in regard to this secretly operating power elite: 

The Power Elite 

                   From the days of Spartians Wieshophf, Karl Marx, Trotski, Belacoon,
                   Rosa Luxenberg, and Emma Goldman, this world conspiracy played a
                   definite role in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the
                   mainspring of every subversive movement of the nineteenth century. And
                   now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld
                   of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people
                   by the hair on their head and have become the undisputed masters of that
                   enormous empire. (Winston Churchill stated to London press in 1922.)

                   The World is governed by very different personages from what is imagined
                   by those who are not behind the scenes. (Benjamin Disraeli, First
                   Prime Minister of England, 1844)

                   The real rulers in Washington are invisible and exercise power from behind
                   the scenes. (U.S. Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter)
                   The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government which like a
                   giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities states and nation.
                   (John F. Hylan, Mayor of New York, 1918-1925.)

                   The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element
                   in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since the day of
                   Andrew Jackson. (President Franklin D. Roosevelt in a letter dated
                   November 21, 1933.)

                   The Trilateral commission is the international…[It] is intended to be the
                   vehicle for multinational consolidation of the commercial and banking
                   interests by seizing control of the political government of the United
                   States. The Trilateral Commission represents a skillful, coordinated effort
                   to seize control and consolidate the four centers of power – POLITICAL,
                   Senator Barry Goldwater, Republican candidate for President, 1964, in
                   his book, "With no Apologies") 

     One may ask why there hasn’t been more press coverage of such a well-established movement. How have its antagonists been so effectively excoriated, ridiculed, and labeled as crackpots? For those who think that the "Free Press" is free and uncontrolled, consider the following: 

                   We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time
                   Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our
                   meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.
                   It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if
                   we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years.
                   But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards
                   a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite
                   and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto determination
                   [read that "democracy"] practiced in past centuries.
(David Rockefeller,
                   founder of the aforementioned Trilateral Commission, in an address
                   to a meeting of that organization in June of 1991.)

                   There is no such thing, at this date of the world’s history, in America, as
                   an independent press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of
                   you who dares to write your honest opinions, and if you did, you know
                   beforehand that it would never appear in print. I am paid weekly for
                   keeping my honest opinion out of the paper I am connected wit
h. Others of
                   you are paid similar salaries for similar things, and any of you who would
                   be so foolish as to write honest opinions would be out on the streets
                   looking for another job. If I allowed my honest opinions to appear in one
                   issue of my paper, before twenty-four hours my occupation would be
                   gone. The business of the journalists is to destroy the truth; to lie
                   outright; to pervert; to vilify; to fawn at the feet of mammon, and to sell his
                   country and his race for his daily bread. You know it and I know it and
                   what folly is this toasting an independent press? We are tools and vassals
                   of rich men behind the scenes.
We are the jumping jacks, they pull the
                   strings and we dance. Our talents, our possibilities and our lives are all the
                   property of other men. We are intellectual prostitutes. (John Swinton,
                   former Chief of Staff of the most powerful and prestigious
                   newspaper on earth, The New York Times, when asked to give a toast
                   to the "free press" at the New York Press Club.)

                   The media looks for minor details to report on – ‘what the Group of 7
                   Finance ministers had for dinner’ – instead of concentrating on the fact that
                   they are orchestrating the whole global economic, environmental,military,
                   and political infrastructure of the worl
d. (Joan Veon, Financial advisor
                   and international journalist.)

                   With all the significant statements and famous names sitting at the final
                   press briefing, they (most reporters) sat there all calm, cool, and collected.
                   A few of us who were concerned and wanted to understand their (UN)
                   agenda had our tape recorders going and were writing as fast and furiously
                   as possible. There they (mainline reporters) sat with their 3x5 cards,
                   occasionally writing a word. I watched them and couldn’t believe it. No
                   wonder we don’t know the truth about what is going on in these
                   conferences. (Joan Veon, attending the 1994 United Nations Conference
                   on Population and Development in Cairo.)

                   When returning home after each conference I attend, I check the
                   newspaper’s report and, believe me, what the media reports is absolute
e. The entire world infrastructure is being changed at these
                   conferences. Each conference has a piece of the big puzzle, and we don’t
                   even know our left foot from our right when it comes to understanding
                   what’s going on. The version of the news we view is a carefully crafted
                   design described as DECEIT,
                   have an agenda that they do not want you and me, Joe Average, to
                   understand. When they have all the pieces in place, when they have all the
                   power that they need to effect this global agenda, then we will find out,
                   like the people of Czechoslovakia, when it’s too late. (Joan Veon)
                   The western media have neglected their questioning role. He sees the
                   media’s role as producing consensus within the public towards the ruling
                   elites in government and business. The media’s current mission is to
                   ensure that any thought of controlling their destiny must be driven from
                   the minds of the rascal multitude. (Professor Noam Chomsky views the
                   media as an ideological system serving the powerful elites in society.) 

     Most of us are solely informed by the newspaper and television news. Most of us are not aware of the tremendous deceptions that we operate under. The "elite" have long ago learned how to manipulate value systems and ideas through the use of government regulated public education systems and through the various media available. Consider the following: 

                   Those who manipulate the organized habits and opinions of the masses
constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of the
                   country…It remains a fact that in almost every act of our daily lives,
                   whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our
                   ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of
s…It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind,
                   who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the
                   world…As civilization has become more complex, and as the need for
                   invisible government has been increasingly demonstrated, the technical
                   means have been invented and developed by which opinion may be
.(Edward Bernays in his book Propaganda (1928). Bernays
                   was Sigmund Freud’s nephew and chief advisor to William Paley, who
                   started CBS in 1928.)

                   Above this race of men stand an immense and tutelary power, which takes
                   upon itself alone to secure their gratifications and to watch over their
                   fate…After having thus successively taken each member of the
                   community in its powerful grasp and fashioned him at will, the supreme
                   power then extends its arm over the whole community…The will of man
                   is not shattered, but softened, bent, and guided…It does not tyrannize, but
                   it compresses, enervates, extinguishes, and stupefies a people, till each
                   nation is reduced to nothing better than a flock of timid and industrious
                   animals, of which
the government is the shepherd. (Alexis De
                   Tocqueville in Democracy in America, 1840.)

                   The bewildered herd are a problem. We’ve got to prevent their rage and
                   trampling. We’ve got to distract them. They should be watching the
                   Superbowl or sitcoms or violent movies or something. Every once in a
                   while you call on them to chant meaningless slogans like ‘Support Our
                   Troops’, and you’ve got to keep them pretty scared because unless
                   they’re scared properly and frightened of all kinds of devils that are going
                   to destroy them from outside or inside or somewhere, they may start to
                   think, which is very dangerous because they’re not competent to think, and
                   therefore it’s important to distract and to marginalize the
m. (Noam
                   Chomsky, on the Power Elite’s conception of democracy in America.)

                   Assemble a mob of men and women previously conditioned by a daily
                   reading of the newspapers; treat them to amplified band music, bright
                   lights…and in next to no time you can reduce them to a state of almost
                   mindless sub humanity. Never before have so few been in a position to
                   make fools, maniacs, or criminals of so man
y. (Aldous Huxley in The
                   Devils of Loudo

                   I think the subject which will be of most importance politically is mass
                   psychology…Although this science will be diligently studied, it will be
                   rigidly confined to the governing class. The populace will not be
allowed to know how its convictions were generated. (Bertrand
                   Russell in The Impact of Science on Society.)

                   The man who never looks into a newspaper is better informed than he
                   who reads them insomuch as he who knows nothing is nearer the truth
                   than he whose mind is filled with falsehoods and errors. (Thomas

     These are the voices of highly respected individuals of great intelligence, many of them now of legendary stature. Such voices, independently attesting to the same truths, must be taken with utmost respect and consideration. Manipulation and control of values, attitudes, and ideas is much in evidence during our daily lives and are the only evidence necessary to confirm the reality of these statements. But one can not see what one is not aware of.

     There is an alternate media growing up on the internet, which portrays the other unreported side of events. One must sift, judge, and correlate all the available facts before making an interpretation.

     Next,we focus on our corrupt financial system, which is a direct descendent of the one developed in Babylon four thousand years ago. 

                   I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes
                   me to tremble for the safety of my country. As a result of the war,
                   corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places
follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong
                   its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is
                   aggregated in a few hands, and the Republic is destroyed. I feel at this
                   moment more anxiety for the safety of my country than ever before, even
                   in the midst of war. (Abraham Lincoln – in a letter written to William
                   Elkin less than five months before he was assassinated.)

                   When plunder becomes a way of life for a group of men living together
                   in society, they create for themselves in the course of time, a legal system
                   that authorizes it and a moral code that glorifies it. (Frederick Bastiat –
                   1801-1850, in Economic Sophisms.)

The Power Elite 

                   If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of
                   their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and
                   corporations that will grow up around [the banks], will deprive the
                   people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on
                   the continent their fathers conquered. (Thomas Jefferson)

                   The system of banking [is] a blot left in all our Constitutions, which,
                   if not covered, will end in their destruction…I sincerely believe that
                   banking institutions are more dangerous than standing armies; and that
                   the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity…is but swindling
                   futurity on a large scale. (Thomas Jefferson)

                   A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system
                   of credit is concentrated. The growth of the Nation and all our activities
                   are in the hands of a few me
n. We have come to be one of the worst ruled,
                   one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the
                   world – no longer a Government of free opinion no longer a Government
                   by conviction and vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion
                   and duress of small groups of dominant men. (Woodrow Wilson)

                   Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me
                   privately. Some of the biggest men in the U.S., in the field of commerce
                   and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They
                   know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful,
                   so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak 
above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it. 
(Woodrow Wilson – in The New Freedom)

                   The fact is that there is a serious danger of this country becoming a
                   pluto-democracy; that is, a sham republic with the real government in
                   the hands of a small clique of enormously wealthy men, who speak
                   through their money, and whose influence, even today, radiates to every
                   corner of the United States. (William McAdoo – President Wilson’s
                   national campaign vice-chairman, wrote in Crowded Years, 1974.)

                   This is a government of the people, by the people and for the people
                   no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for
                   corporations. (U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes)

                   The powers of financial capitalism had (a) far-reaching aim, nothing
less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands
                   able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy
                   of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist
                   fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret
                   agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex
                   of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel,
a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central 
banks, which were themselves private corporations. Each central 
bank…sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury 
loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic 
activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent 
economic rewards in the business world. (Prof. Carroll Quigley in Tragedy 

and Hop

                   In a small Swiss city sits an international organization so obscure and
                   secretive…Control of the institution, the Bank for International
                   Settlements, lies with some of the world’s most powerful and least
                   visible men: the heads of 32 central banks, officials able to shift billions
                   of dollars and alter the course of economies at the stroke of a pen. (Keith
                   Bradsher of the New York Times, August 5, 1995)

                   Banking was conceived in iniquity and was born in sin. The Bankers
                   own the eart
h. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create
                   deposits, and with the flick of the pen they will create enough deposits to buy 
It back again. However, take it away from them, and all the great fortunes 
like mine will disappear and they ought to disappear, for this would be a 
happier and better world to live in. But, if you wish to remain the slaves of 

and pay the cost of your own slavery, let them continue to create 
deposits. (Sir Josiah Stamp - President of the Bank of England in the 1920's, 
and the second richest man in Britain.)

                   [The Great Depression resulting from the Stock Market crash] was not
It was a carefully contrived occurrence…The international
                   bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair here so they might
                   emerge as rulers of us all. (Rep. McFadden testified in Congress, 1933.
                   There were at least two attempts on his life by gunfire. He died of
                   suspected poisoning after attending a banquet.)

                   The Federal Reserve [Banks] are one of the most corrupt institutions
                   the world has ever seen. There is not a man within the sound of my
                   voice who does not know that this Nation is run by the International
s. (Rep. Louis McFadden) \

                   History shows that the money changers have used every form of 
abuse,intrigue, deceit and violent means possible to maintain control
governments by controlling the money and the issuance of it. 
(President,James A. Madison) 

Power Elite

                   Permit me to issue and control the money of a nation and I care not who
                   makes the laws…(Mayer Amschel Rothschild, 1744-1812)

                   Give me control over a man’s economic actions, and hence over his
                   means of survival, and except for a few occasional heroes, I’ll promise
                   to deliver to you men who think and write and behave as I want them
                   to. (Benjamine A. Rooge)

                   The few who can understand the system (Federal Reserve) will be so
                   interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be
                   no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body
                   of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous
                   advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens
                   without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is
                   inimical to their interests.
(Rothschild Brothers of London)

                   [The] abandonment of the gold standard made it possible for the welfare
                   statists to use the banking system as a means to an unlimited expansion of
                   credit…Deficit spending is simply a scheme for the ‘hidden’ confiscation of 

h. Gold stands in the way of this insidious process. It stands as a
                   protector of property rights. (Alan Greenspan [now Fed Chairman] wrote in

                   I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than 
 Standing armies. Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has 
set the Government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the 
banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs. I consider the 
foundation of the Constitution as laid on this ground that "all powers not 
delegated to the United States are delegated to the state…" To take a single 
step beyond the boundaries thus specially drawn around the powers of 
Congress is to take possession of a boundless field of power, no longer 
susceptible of any definition.  The incorporation of a bank, and the powers 
assumed by this bill (chartering the first Bank of the United States), have not, 
been delegated to the United States by the Constitution. 
(President Thomas Jefferson)

                   The money power preys on the nation in times of peace, and conspires
against it in times of adversity. It is more despotic than monarchy, more
                   insolent than autocracy, more selfish than bureaucracy. It denounces,
                   as public enemies, all who question its methods or throw light upon its
                   crimes. (Abraham Lincoln) 

     Our financial system is a fraud; it is a deceptive way to transfer wealth from the working man to the banker. Everything not based on a foundation of integrity, honesty, and sincerity will collapse of its own weight. To build an enduring social system, mans way must become first God’s way.

     Is this what will happen to our financial system and our financial assets? 

Nostradamus   Treasure is placed in a Temple by Western citizens
10Q81             Withdrawn there to a secret place:
                        The Temple opened by hungry bonds
                        Recaptured, ravished, a terrible prey in their midst. 

     The treasure is "treasuries" or financial assets in general. The Temple is the bank. The bank is our Temple where we worship money and wealth. "Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also." (Gospels) We’ve replaced God and His grace with money and wealth as our object of worship. Our God is money. Financial assets are brought to a secret place where the assets are borrowed against and leveraged into risky investments by the bankers. Debt eventually implodes (symbolized by "hungry bonds") and the assets are "ravished," becoming worthless.

     There is a book Secrets of the Temple, by William Greider, 1987, which exposes this Federal Reserve System. 

                   The Federal Reserve System was the crucial anomaly at the very core
                   of representative democracy, an uncomfortable contradiction with the
                   civic mythology of self-government. Yet the American system accepted
                   the inconsistency. The Community of elected politicians acquiesced to
                   its power. The private economy responded to its direction. Private
                   capital depended on it for protection. The governors of the Federal
                   Reserve decided the largest questions of the political economy, including
                   who shall prosper and who shall fail, yet their role remained opaque and
s. The Federal Reserve was shielded from scrutiny partly by
                   its own official secrecy, but also by the curious ignorance of the American
c. (Secrets of the Temple, pg. 12)

                   Money was like the sacred totem in a primitive culture, a mysterious
                   object that efficiently expressed the larger social reality. In the American
                   culture formed by democratic capitalism, money was the sacred totem.
                   The common faith shared by Americans was secular rationalism and the
                   social order was defined by the scientific abstractions surrounding money.
                   Yet religious mystery was still required – priests and ritual, sacred secrets
                   that sustained belief.

                   If one understood money’s secrets, the true nature of the American
social reality was made plain. Money revealed compromised ideals in
                   the civic order. Limitations were imposed on the idea of democracy and
                   sovereign citizens passively accepted them. Money defined the social
                   hierarchy, the rank ordering of citizens, which valued some above others.
                   Money expressed the culture’s deepest longings and obsessions, the fretful 
belief that a dead substance could somehow confer immortal life on those 
        who accumulated it. Money was a living creed in American life, as Veblen 
said, a more convincing realty than human toil or material needs or the       
tenuous things of the human spirit.

                   If the secrets of the temple were revealed, the money mystery would
                   dissolve and people would have to look upon these things directly. Taboos
                   uncoded lost their power to persuade. Americans would see the full terms that
                   bound them together as a society, the deals that were made in their name and

                   The harsh rituals. They would stand before the awesome authority to which 
Free citizens deferred. They would know at last what it was they really 
Believed in.

                   The mystery was necessary, therefore, to sustain social faith. Knowledge was
                   disturbing. Not knowing the secrets was reassuring. If Americans were afraid
                   to look inside the temple, perhaps it was because they feared to see the
                   truth about themselves. (Secrets of the Temple, pg. 716-717,William Greider) 

     Notice the title of Mr. Greider’s book and compare it to the quatrain by Nostradamus.     

     Now consider the presently reigning world system and world religion – secular humanism. (Also see Secular Humanism after Isaiah 47, Chapter Isaiah). Government by the elite substitutes for God and is the answer to every need and every problem. The High Priest is replaced by the scientist who knows all, explains all, and who conquers all. Man has put his trust and faith in "science" and in government. God doesn’t seem to be necessary. Man is the measure of all things. Man can succeed on his own, with his own brain and his own laws and his own values. Gone are the moral strictures, gone are the Ten Commandments, gone are right and wrong, gone are accountability, responsibility, and duty. Now we are told – if it feels good, do it! You owe it to yourself. You are entitled. Consider again: 

                   To achieve world government, it is necessary to remove from the minds of
men their individualism, loyalty to family tradition, national patriotism,
                   and religious dogmas…We have swallowed all manner of poisonous
                   certainties fed us by our parents, our Sunday and day school teachers, our
                   politicians, our priest…The reinterpretation and eventual eradication of
                   the concept of right and wrong
which has been the basis of child training,
                   the substitution of intelligent and rational thinking for faith in the
                   certainties of old people, these are the belated objectives…for charting the
                   changes in human behavio
r.(Brock Chislholm, 1959 Humanist of the
                   Year and former head of World Health Organization, in the February
                   1946 issue of Psychiatry.)

                   One cannot permit submission to parental authority if one wished to bring
                   centralized regime must mount a vigorous attack on the family lest the
                   traditions of present generations be preserved.
It is necessary, in other
                   words, artificially to create an experiential chasm between parents and
                   children to insulate the latter in order that they can more easily be
                   indoctrinated with new ideas. The desire may be to cause an even more
                   total submission to the state, but if one wishes to mold children in order to
                   achieve some future goal, one must begin to view them as superior, in as
                   much as they are closed to this future goal. One must also study their
                   needs with care in order to achieve this difficult preparation for the future.
                   One must teach them not to respect their tradition-bound elders, who are
tied to the past and know only what...(Philip Slater in The Temporary
y, 1968)

                   I am convinced that the battle for humankind’s future must be waged and
won in the public school classroom by teachers who correctly view their
                   role as the proselytizers of a new faith…The classroom must and will
                   become an arena of conflict between the old and the new; the rotting
                   corpse of Christianity,
together with all its adjacent evils and misery,
                   and the new faith of Humanism…(The Official Journal of the
                   American Humanist Association, 1983)

                   Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane
because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our founding
                   fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief
                   in a supernatural being, toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate
                   entity. It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well, by
                   creating the international children of the future. (Dr. C.M. Pierce of
                   Harvard University in a speech to teachers, 1973)

                   …the first condition for the liberation of the wife is to bring the whole
                   female sex back into public industry, and this in turn demands the
                   abolition of the monogamous family as the economic unit of
                   society…With the transfer of the means of production into common
                   ownership, the single family ceases to be the economic unit of society.
                   Private housekeeping is transformed into a social industry. The care and
                   education of the children becomes a public affair; society looks after all
                   children alike, whether they are legitimate of not. This removes all anxiety
                   about the ‘consequences,’ which today is the most essential social – moral
                   as well as economic – factor that prevents a girl from giving herself
                   completely to the man she loves. Will not that suffice to bring about the
                   gradual growth of unconstrained sexual intercourse and with it a more
                   tolerant public opinion in regard to a maiden’s honor and a woman’s
                   shame? (Friedrich Engels, colleague of Karl Marx, wrote in his work
                   The Origin of the Family, late 1800’s). 

     Think slowly about Friedrich Engels’ quote above from the late 1800's. How is it that every single statement has become or is becoming reality? One answer is that he was a great prophet. Another answer is that this well thought out system has been implemented knowingly and purposefully, to achieve certain goals. How clever! Fortunately, this blueprint for human society fails to take into account the indomitable strength of the human spirit, bestowed by God. And we have been told by Daniel of the Old Testament, that a rock, not made by human hands, is destined to crush all such man made "kingdoms." This rock or stone is the foundation stone of the kingdom of heaven, the spiritual partnership between God and man, Father and son.(The preceding quotes were taken from the website www.thewinds.org.)

     Our public schools continue to fail to educate. Is it really a coincidence that our citizens are so poorly informed that they don’t realize they are loosing their rights and that the constitution that protects them is being progressively subverted. What we don’t know, will hurt us unfortunately. We are comfortable, we have what we want and that is all we really care about. Nevertheless, those who seek control over others are in a desperate, doomed to fail, last ditch effort to further their own ends. They are allowed by God to proceed only as an instrument to perfect those who would do God’s will and stand against the tide. When their (the power elite) function is complete, they will be removed from power; forever.

     Now, lets look at a few quotes about our political system. In another book by William Greider, Who Will Tell the People, 1992, the author tells us the truth about our broken democratic process: 

                   The blunt message of this book is that American democracy is in
                   much deeper trouble than most people wish to acknowledge. Behind
                   the reassuring facade, the regular election contests and so forth, the
                   substantive meaning of self-government has been hollowed out. What
                   exists behind the formal shell is a systemic breakdown of the shared civic
                   values we call democracy.

                   Citizens are cut out of the politics surrounding the most important
                   governing questions. The representative system has undergone a grotesque
                   distortion of its original purpose. The connective tissues that in different
                   ways once linked ordinary people to governing—political parties, the
                   media, the secondary mediating institutions—no longer function reliably.

                   At the highest levels of government, the power to decide things has
                   instead gravitated from the many to the few, just as ordinary citizens
                   suspect. Instead of popular will, the government now responds more
                   often to narrow webs of power—the interests of major economic
                   organizations and concentrated wealth and the influential elites
                   surrounding them. These organizations and individuals manage to shape
                   the largest outcomes to the extent anyone does, while they neutralize or
                   deflect what ordinary people think and believe.

                   In place of a meaningful democracy, the political community has
                   embraced a permissive culture of false appearances. Government responds
                   to the public’s desires with an artful dance of symbolic gestures--hollow
                   laws that are emptied of serious content in the private bargaining of
                   Washington. Promises are made and never kept. Laws are enacted and
                   never enforced. When ordinary people organize themselves to confront
                   the deception, they find themselves too marginalized to make much
                   difference. Many citizens, especially those closest to power, will be
                   reflexively inclined to resist this diagnosis. Partisans typically claim
                   that the governing problems can be blamed on the people now in
                   power—either Republicans in the White House or the Democrats who
                   control Congress. Others will observe that, whatever obvious flaws now
                   exist, American democracy has always been afflicted by large
                   imperfections and contradictions. Both claims are narrowly correct, of
                   course, but they are also ways to evade the present reality. The roots of
                   democratic decay, as this inquiry will demonstrate, are deeper than
                   personalities or parties and the familiar ideological arguments; the system
                   will not be cured by an election or two that change the officers of
Furthermore, the nature of the civic breakdown is peculiar to
                   our own time, reflecting our contemporary conditions and failures; the
                   questions cannot be answered by reciting the shortcomings of previous eras.

                   Another reason why the actual condition of democracy is difficult to
                   grasp is that the form and facade of self-government remain elaborately in
and functioning. In fact, the mechanics of electoral democracy are
                   not more highly developed (and more costly) than at any other time in
                   history. Collectively American voters will select more than five hundred
                   thousand people to represent them in the public’s business, from local
                   sewer commissions to the White House. The results, as everyone know,
                   are so unsatisfying that the active electorate has been steadily shrinking for
                   a generation and "reforming" elections has become a major preoccupation
                   of public-spirited debate. The self-correcting mechanisms of politics are no
                   longer working. Most of them are still in place and functioning but, for the
                   most part, do not produce the expected results. Some of the mechanisms
                   have disappeared entirely. Instead of a politics that leads the society
                   sooner or later to confront its problems, American politics has
                   developed new ways to hide from them. If these connections between
                   the governed and the government are destroyed, if citizens can no longer
                   believe in the mutuality of the American experience, the country may
                   descend into a new kind of social chaos and political unraveling, unlike
                   anything we have experienced before. But, if the voters have only weak
                   influence over those govern then who does influence them? That is the
                   question neither political party will discuss with any candor, but citizens
                   at large have inferred the answer. "The government is pretty much run by
                   a few big interests looking out for themselves."
A generation later, this
                   resigned view of politics was held by two thirds of the people. In fact,
                   while congress is most visible in this arena, the legislators are often only
                   peripheral players. The well-placed officers of the Executive Branch, as
                   the facts will show, do the same sort of work every day on behalf of their
                   clients but with more influence over the outcomes and much less risk of
                   exposure. The result is random law enforcement, so subject to political
                   manipulation that it creates a kind of lawless government in which the
                   weakest players, like injured industrial workers, are left to defend
                   themselves against the more powerful violators. Grand pronouncements on
                   toxic wastes and other problems designed to sound responsive to the
                   public, but also designed to be neutered or neglected later in the dense
                   details of the regulatory government. In this realm, meaningless laws exist,
                   not just for years, but for decades, and the political action never ends.
                   In sum, from Congress to the White House to the federal courts, there
                   is no protected ground for citizen
s—no corner of the political system that
                   faithfully defends their interests or even tells them the truth about what is
                   happening. (William Greider, Who Will Tell the People, 1992) 

     We now return to the end of 1Enoch and change topics. The word "peculiar" in 105:26 is a peculiar word and is used several times in scripture. Let’s have a look at this word: ( Bible verses are from The Amplified Bible) 


1Enoch 105:26     I will bring them into the splendid light of those who love my holy
                             name; and I will place each of them on a throne of glory, of glory
                             peculiarly his own, and they shall be at rest during unnumbered
                             periods. Righteous is the Judgment of God (Matthew. 19:28) 

Exodus 19:5         Now therefore if you will obey My voice in truth and keep My
                             covenant, then you shall be My own peculiar possession and
from among and above all the peoples; for all the earth 
is mine. 

Psalm 135:4         For the Lord has chosen the descendants of Jacob for Himself,
                             Israel for His peculiar possession and treasure. 

Titus 2:14             Who gave Himself (Jesus) on our behalf that He might redeem us
                             (Christians) From all iniquity and purify for Himself a people to
                             be peculiarly His own, people who are eager and enthusiastic
                             about living a life that is good and filled with beneficial deeds.

1Peter 2:9            But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a dedicated nation, a
                              peculiar people, that you may set forth the wonderful deeds and
                             display the virtues and perfections of Him Who called you out of
                             darkness into his marvelous light.

Deuteronomy. 19:1-2        You are the sons of the Lord your God; You shall not cut
                                          yourselves or make any baldness on your forehead for the dead,
                                          For you are a holy people set apart to the Lord your God; and The
                                          Lord has chosen you to be a peculiar people to Himself, above all
                                          the nations on earth.

     These "peculiar" people are identified as the House of Israel in the Old Testament, the end-time elect of Enoch, and Christians by Paul and 1Peter in the New Testament. This is the lineage of the elect from Ancient Israel (Joseph), to the Lost Ten Tribes, to the identified Lost Ten Tribes as Christians, and from Christians to the end-time elect of 1Enoch, those who elect to do God's will during the messianic trial period. These people are peculiar because they take pleasure in following God’s will and giving His goodness to those they meet. Normal is "peculiar" on our upside down world.