About Prophecy



†††† Isaiah tells us that Godís ways are not manís ways. Godís words, the words of true prophecy, are also not like man's words.Godís words start as small seedlings and over time they grow, give off branches, form buds, and finally, burst into bloom.Just so, the word "Israel" starts out as the tiny seed of one man named Abraham, but through the ages, the word "Israel" grows, changes, and finally bursts forth into the brotherhood of all mankind.Words of prophecy often have past, present, and future connotations.Each word demands tremendous respect and study of all the contexts of its usage.Reverence for the source of prophecy is the key to its study, for it is God who must lead our minds into the understanding of what He himself has inspired?Without the indwelling spirit there would be no prophecy and no interpretation of prophecy.But reason and the scientific method are also critical for the elimination of error, and for the building of a strong foundation from whence inspired intuition may leap safely.Therefore, both reason and faith are necessary for the complete appreciation of prophecy, just as they are for the full appreciation of all other phenomena.