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     This book is an outgrowth of a lifelong search for truth. My formal education is in science. My religious education is the result of three books: The Urantia Book, The Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson, and The Bible in chronologic order. This book is woven out of these three strands.


     As I knew nothing about prophecy interpretation, this book grew out of a one year intensive study of The Old Testament prophets, 1Enoch, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and The Complete Works of Emily Dickinson.  Many of the ideas that emerged from this study were wholly foreign and surprising to me as they may also be to you. For example, I believed, as a scientist, that predictive prophecy was impossible. The first time I read the Old Testament prophets, I understood practically nothing. I could not see how I would ever comprehend those utterances. However, a statement in the Urantia Book kept recurring to my mind. “Do not overlook the value of your spiritual heritage, the river of truth running down through the centuries, even to the barren time of a materialistic and secular  age.” (Urantia Book page 2082 is from the Urantia Foundation printing.) Slowly, I realized that I had overlooked this source as a result of many, deeply ingrained prejudices and assumptions that have turned out to be false in the light of further analysis. And so, encouraged by the Urantia Book; little by little, step by step, the meanings and values emerged for me from the scriptural texts.


     This book contains my understandings to date. However, there is much yet left to learn, many errors to correct, and new material to add. History of course, will be the ultimate arbiter of the value and accuracy of these interpretations.  Nevertheless, I feel confident that these truths will stand the test of time because they belong to God Himself and I believe that they have been given to man for his edification and use. It is up to each one of us to decide how we will receive and use this information.


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