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     Some of this book refers to concepts and facts contained in The Urantia Book.  The Urantia Book was published in 1955. Its origin remains a mystery. It is available on the Web at www.urantia.org/booksearch.html  in a searchable format.  It is also available in some bookstores and some libraries, as well as through the Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Fellowship, its two supporting networks of readers.  The Urantia Book is embraced at present by only a few, but I believe it will eventually be universally known and studied.  If we are tempted to reject The Urantia Book based on its present lack of popular and scholarly success, we should remember that Jesus himself, a divine revelation of unsurpassable magnitude, was rejected and unrecognized, except for a very small contingent of devoted followers who, after his death, set out and changed the world.  If Jesus were among us today, would our media portray him fairly?  Would our politicians embrace him?  Would we ourselves accept him in the face of negative media coverage, slander, and rejection by the power elite?  Would our scholars predict his coming or recognize his value?  Truth is always a threat to those who use power to further their own ends.  Truth dispels the confusion of deceit and lays it bare for all to see.  Is this world ready for that?  Are we?


     For our specific purposes here, suffice it to say that The Urantia Book contains much new information regarding Jesus and his gospel of the "Kingdom of Heaven," as well as the mysterious Melchizedek, the "priest of the Most High" in Genesis.  This new information has enabled an expanded understanding of sacred scripture and prophecy, which is the subject matter of this book.  The uninitiated reader should be able to understand this book even with no prior familiarity with the somewhat alien concepts and terminology of the Urantia Book.  In fact, such a reader will come to understand much about the Urantia Book as a result of reading this book.





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