America Wake Up!

Isaiah 44:18

(The People) Have no wit or judgment;
Their eyes are besmeared, and they see not;
Their minds, and they cannot think.
They do not give thought.

This is a good description of many people that lived then and many that live now. We are told what to think by the mass media. We have stopped thinking for ourselves because our minds are numb and atrophied. We "hear no evil, see no evil and do no evil." America, wake up! Turn off the T.V. and the experts. Listen to God speak through his servants, the prophets........

Isaiah 44:24

It is I, the Lord, who made everything,
Who alone stretched out the heavens . . .
I annul the omens of diviners,
And make fools of the augurs;
Who turn sages back
And make nonsense of their knowledge;
But confirm the word of My servant
And fulfill the predictions of My messengers.

Pg. 291

America, as the Sioux medicine man Good Horse Nation says,
must wake up. To do that, America will have to suffer a most
difficult weaning – from what is false or destructive about the
American Dream. (John Hogue)


And when we wake up we will realize that these bereft beings (the power elite) are running the political and financial centers of the world. And that no mere human effort will be able to correct this problem. This is why divine intervention will be needed; otherwise everyone and everything would be destroyed. Hyperbole? No, simple and honest logic. If nations had nuclear weapons when Rome fell – none of us would be here today to discuss this problem. Do we really think that when things start to turn sour for our world that force will not be seen as the answer. Does anyone really believe that thousands of nuclear weapons will never be used?

Mankind has never invented a weapon that he has not subsequently used. Does anyone look upon the world scene and not see the progressive danger that we are entering? China and Russia are building up their military (with our money and technology) and staking out their territories.

America suddenly is the bully of the world, using its military might in an aggressive, self-serving way rather than as a defensive stronghold of peace. We have lost all respect and goodwill in the eyes of the world’s nations. They will accept our money, but no longer look up to us as a moral force in the world. And yet America notices nothing, as long as the stock market stays up and the material goods keep flowing. We have ceased to use our minds to think for ourselves, our opinions are those of the last newspaper article we have read. We take our media and information sources at face value, without question. When the "wagging heads" of the experts wag so do ours – glassy-eyed, inured, and asleep. The prophets have said "our people are stupid." We only see what we want to see. Where is the thirst for truth? Prophets pull no punches; they live and die for the truth and only truth. Our own leaders prepare before us the rudiments for the potential destruction of an entire world. What does God say about America’s world leadership of the sale and exportation of weapons technology to an entire world? When did it become acceptable to export destruction so that our richest people can become richer? Is it acceptable? What do we do? What do we say? The answer is a resounding nothing. History and God will hold America accountable for the deaths of tens or hundreds of million lives. But as long as we still have our cozy lives and our wants fulfilled – we see nothing.

And so, not until our toys and possessions are taken away from us will anybody notice that there are a lot of bully’s that have moved onto the block. Then will America cry and then will America open her glazed-over eyes. And so, we will finally realize, that which we have had ample opportunity to understand; Man needs God to guide his steps! By himself he is a miserable and obvious failure.

Excerpts from "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand",  written by Edmund Joseph Roache.

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