Original Prophecy

     This book (The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand) presents a new and unified interpretation of the Old Testament Prophets, the Dead Sea Scrolls, 1Enoch, and the Urantia Book. As these interpretations were uncovered it became clear that they were relevant for today’s world.

     I hope this book will be a firsthand experience of reading original prophecy as well as an interpretation thereof. Toward that goal, much original scripture is included so that it can be read along with my interpretations that follow it. It is always my goal to let the reader examine the facts and to decide for him or herself the meanings of the verses presented. Truth will always bear up, even under the most searching of analyses. Ideally, the books of prophecy discussed should also be available to the reader for more in-depth consultation when needed.

     I believe that the careful reader will develop a broad understanding of all the sources discussed and that his efforts will be duly rewarded with a newfound understanding of the human condition and the confusing world in which he lives today. When crisis someday arises, I hope this book will be a beacon of sanity amidst the crumbling paradigms and toppling walls of a civilization gone awry. God has foreseen these crises and has passed His foreknowledge to us through His servants the Prophets, for the guidance, safety, and edification of His children.

     As I knew nothing about prophecy interpretation, this book grew out of a one year study of The Old Testament prophets, 1Enoch, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

     Many of the ideas that emerged from this study were wholly foreign and surprising to me as they may also be to you. For example, I believed, as a scientist, that predictive prophecy was impossible. The first time I read the Old Testament prophets, I understood practically nothing. I could not see how I would ever comprehend those utterances. However, a statement in the Urantia Book kept recurring to my mind. "Do not overlook the value of your spiritual heritage, the river of truth running down through the centuries, even to the barren time of a materialistic and secular age."(Urantia Book  2082) Slowly, I realized that I had overlooked this source as a result of many, deeply ingrained prejudices and assumptions that have turned out to be false in the light of further analysis. And so, encouraged by the Urantia Book; little by little, step by step, the meanings and values emerged for me from the scriptural texts.

     This book contains my understandings to date. However, there is much yet left to learn, many errors to correct, and new material to add. History of course, will be the ultimate arbiter of the value and accuracy of these interpretations.

     Nevertheless, I feel confident that these truths will stand the test of time because they belong to God Himself and I believe that they have been given to man for his edification and use. It is up to each one of us to decide how we will receive and use this information.

     Some of this book refers to concepts and facts contained in the Urantia Book. The Urantia Book was published in 1955. Its origin remains a mystery. It is available on the web at www.urantiabook.com in a searchable format. It is also available in some bookstores and some libraries, as well as through the Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Fellowship, its two supporting networks of readers.

     The Urantia Book is embraced at present by only a few, but I believe it will eventually be universally known and studied. If we are tempted to reject the Urantia Book based on its lack of popular and scholarly success, we should remember that Jesus himself, a divine revelation of unsurpassable magnitude, was rejected and unrecognized, except for a very small contingent of devoted followers who, after his death, set out and changed the world. If Jesus were among us today, would our media portray him fairly, would our politicians embrace him? Would we ourselves accept him in the face of negative media coverage, slander, and rejection by the power elite? Would our scholars predict his coming or recognize his value? Truth is always a threat to those who use power to further their own ends. Truth dispels the confusion of deceit and lays it bare for all to see. Is this world ready for that? Are we?

     For our specific purposes here, suffice it to say, that the Urantia Book contains much new information regarding Jesus and his gospel of the "Kingdom of Heaven," as well as the mysterious Melchizedek, the "priest of the Most High" in Genesis. This new information has enabled an expanded understanding of sacred scripture and prophecy, which is the subject matter of this book. The uninitiated reader should be able to understand this book even with no prior familiarity with the somewhat alien concepts and terminology of the Urantia Book. In fact, such a reader will come to understand much about the Urantia Book as a result of reading this book.

     Isaiah tells us that God’s ways are not man’s ways. God’s words, the words of true prophecy are also not like man's words. God’s words start out as small seedlings, but over time they grow, give off branches, form buds, and finally burst into bloom. Just so, the word "Israel" starts out as the tiny seed of one man named Abraham, but through the ages, the word "Israel" grows, changes, and finally bursts forth into the brotherhood of all mankind. Words of prophecy often have past, present, and future connotations. Each word demands tremendous respect and study of all the contexts of its usage. Reverence for the source of prophecy is the key to its study, for it is God who must lead our minds into the understanding of what He himself has inspired?

     Without the indwelling spirit there would be no prophecy and no interpretation of prophecy. But reason and the scientific method are also critical for the elimination of error, and for the building of a strong foundation from whence inspired intuition may leap safely. Therefore, both reason and faith are necessary for the complete appreciation of prophecy, just as they are for the full appreciation of all other phenomena.

We are near to ending "the age of the gentiles" initiated by Jesus and elaborated by Christians over the last 2000 years. Before the "age of the gentiles (Christians)" we had the "age of the Hebrews" which also had lasted for approximately 2000 years. After the War of Rome in 70 AD, the Jewish peoples and nation went back stage, and on hold, for 2000 years as the Christians had their turn in the leading role as "God’s people." According to prophecy, we are now entering the consummation of these two ages of man. We are about to begin the trial period that comes before the arrival of the Messiah of Old Testament description. Therefore this upcoming period is referred to as the messianic period. During this upcoming messianic period both the ages of Christian and Jew are unified and brought to a single, joint consummation. Prophetic scripture of the Old Testament era has much to say about how and why this messianic consummation will proceed. This book is an interpretation, presentation, and synthesis of those prophetic scriptures as they have been illuminated by the recently acquired Urantia Book, and the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls (both around 1950).

     Throughout the history of our world a recurring general theme is evident. Humankind and its leadership first flourish through God’s grace. They then subsequently become self-satisfied and fall away from His precepts. Having become separated from God, we are also separated from the source of all wisdom. The result is the downfall of whatever was built and accomplished. This is the underlying theme behind the fall of ancient Israel, the fall of Adam & Eve, and the collapse of the tower of Babel. This will also be the theme of the unraveling of America in specific and modern civilization in general. The elements of the story are always the same.

     The Dead Sea Scrolls are important because they provide crucial missing information to the overall prophetic picture of the Old Testament. The leader of the Qumran community, the Teacher of Righteousness (100-200 B.C.), is an inspired and master interpreter of scripture. He has much to teach us, and like the other Old Testament Prophets, the Teacher of Righteousness hints at a revelatory experience that very likely represents further "collaboration" with Melchizedek.

     The Revelation to John will be used in bits and pieces. The Urantia Book tells us that: UB  1555 When in temporary exile on Patmos, John wrote the Book of Revelation which you now have in greatly abridged and distorted form. This Book of Revelation contains the surviving fragments of a great revelation, large portions of which were lost, other portions removed, subsequent to John’s writing.

     It is preserved only in fragmentary and distorted form. Because of this information I have used Revelation sparingly and only when it builds upon a line of prophecy already established previously in scripture. The "collaborator" in Revelation is no longer Melchizedek, but instead Jesus/Michael for the first time, as the "age of the gentile Christians" begins. I have also included the work of several poets because prophets are usually poets and poets are frequently prophets. Many times poetry foresees that which is later understood through science and philosophy. This is so because:

UB  1199      Supreme and self-acting adjusters are often able to contribute
                     factors of spiritual import to the human mind when it flows
                     freely in the liberated but controlled channels of creative

Of course, God Himself is the ultimate source of all true prophecy. He tells us:

Isaiah 48:2    I am He—I am the First,
                      And I am the Last as well.
                      My own hand founded the earth,
                      My right hand spread out the skies.
Isaiah 48:16   From the beginning, I did not speak in secret; . . .
                         Isaiah 48:3    Long ago, I foretold things that happened,
                                               From My mouth they issued, and I announced them;
                                               Suddenly I acted, and they came to pass . . .
Isaiah 48:10    I foretell the end from the beginning,
                        And from the start, things that had not occurred.
                        I say: My plan shall be fulfilled;
                        I will do all I purposed . . .
Isaiah 48:6     As of now, I announce to you new things,
                        Well guarded secrets you did not know.
                        Only now are they created, and not of old . . .
                         I am bringing my victory close;
                         It shall not be far,
                         And my triumph shall not be delayed.

     Ezekiel was told not to entertain any illusions. . . ‘I (God) send you to them. . . whether they hear or refuse to hear.’ Ezekiel 2&3 (p.19) The prophet claims to be far more than a messenger. He is a person who stands in the presence of God (Jer. 15:9). (p. 21). The gift he is blessed with is not a skill, but rather the gift of being guided and restrained. (p. 22). He not only conveys but reveals. (p. 22).

     The fundamental experience of the prophet is a fellowship with the feelings of God, a sympathy with the divine pathos. (p. 26).

     Now lets move on to the accuracy of prophecy. Science always asks, what does the data say? What is the prior success record? As with all searches for truth, we must come to each question with an open mind, aware of the biases we inevitably have. This is particularly hard to do with prophecy because we have all been inculcated with the same unexamined "modern" suppositions and assumptions regarding reality. We are like fish swimming in a sea of suppositions, and fish are always the last to know about water, because it pervades their universe, and its absence is never experienced/realized. After all, is it really so hard to believe that our Father would want to warn, teach, and prepare His children regarding events to come? Most modern, "popular," scholars think something like this: "Miracles are not possible and so they can not exist. And miracles cannot exist because they are impossible. Now we have proved it." Notice anything funny? Perhaps, this is an example of how our "arrogance outruns our reason," as per the Urantia Book. Next, having "proved" the impossibility of prophecy, our most popular scholars must now invent any possible scheme they can to "prove" that the accurate prophecy was in fact written after the event had occurred. Thus the case is closed, irrefutable to anyone with a "modicum of sense." And if the evidence is too strong to refute, then the authorities of politically correct thought step in to downplay, ignore, or obfuscate such evidence. This club sees no evil, hears no evil, and does no evil.

     There are many, many well-documented examples of detailed prophecies that have come true to the exact details. We must realize that mans simplistic notions of time, space, and causality have already been destroyed by a new and enlarged perspective largely forced on us by the evidences of quantum theory, chaos theory, Bell’s theorem, and Godel’s incompleteness proof. There is already a sound human basis for a philosophy that embraces both reason and intuition, matter and spirit, logic and faith.

     The materialistic, reductionistic, mechanistic universe paradigm has been forever shattered. Yet the majority of conventional scientists cling to their old ideas of certainty and predictability.

     This is because there is a religion about science that scientists are not willing to admit to, just as stubbornly as any other religionist has, from time to time been. This religion is unexamined and lurks in the darkness of unrecognized assumptions, prejudices, and biases about the world and the way we want it to be rather than the way it really is. If we want to be "top dog" and in control of everything then we cannot also allow ourselves to believe in God. A belief in God would logically bring our self-sovereignty into question. Since we are too weak and prideful to allow for the existence of spiritual realities we must find the Universe to be strictly materialistic, strictly mechanistic, and strictly under our control. But then these religious beliefs of our conventional scientists, and many others, are masqueraded as proved scientific certainties to the untrained eye. Let it be known that a logical, rational, and intelligent person can examine phenomena outside of our present paradigm and make logical judgments regarding the unknown. The belief in God is neither irrational or unfounded. In fact we will see that a belief in a purposeful God is far more rational than a belief in an unending series of infinitely improbable "accidents." The scientific method is a good approach to all types of questions and always asks what does the evidence show. Even if there is only one well-documented case of a detailed and accurate prophecy, our assumptions about reality must be adjusted to allow for this. Most people, including scientists, do not love truth. Therefore, the truth is crucified and sacrificed day after day in the halls of cowardice, laziness, and self-centeredness.

Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls

DSC       He will atone for all the children of his generation, and he will
4Q541.9     be sent to all his children of his [pe] ople. His word is like a
                    word of heaven, and his teaching is in accordance with the will
                    of God.
His eternal sun will shine, and his light will be kindled in
                    all corners of the earth, and it will shine on the darkness. Then the
                    darkness will pass away [fro] m the earth, and thick darkness from
                    the dry land. (spiritual darkness) (my parenthesis)
                    They will speak many words against him, and they will invent
                    many [lies] and fictions against him and speak shameful things
                   about him. Evil will overthrow his generation […] His situation
                   will be one of lying and violence [and] the people will go astray
                    in the days, and be confounded.

DSC         Do [not] grieve for [him] […] God will set many things right
4Q541.24 […] many revealed things […] Examine and seek and know what
                 the dove (or: Jonah?) sought (?) and do not afflict the weak by
                 wasting or hanging
[…] [Let] not the nail approach him. So you
                 will establish for your father a name of joy, and for your brothers
                 a proven foundation […] You will see and rejoice in the eternal
                 light, and you will not be an enemy. (dotted lines and parentheses
                 indicate missing original text)

The first paragraph describes the Son of Man perfectly; his "eternal" existence, "his word like a word of heaven," and his "teaching in accordance with the will of God" could apply to no other person. The first line of this first paragraph refers to the concept of atonement. This erroneous concept is an example of how revelation is shaped by the cultural mind set into which it is given, just as a cup gives shape to the coffee poured into it. We must distinguish between the facts described and the prophet’s interpretation of those facts; i.e. the same level separation that the Urantia Book teaches: fact, meaning, value. The events can still be accurate even if the prophet’s assumptions and interpretations of these is incomplete or inaccurate; i.e. the coffee tastes the same no matter which cup you choose to put it in. The method of level separation taught in the Urantia Book is a very powerful tool for the understanding of all phenomena, as well as this specific phenomenon, prophecy interpretation.

     The second paragraph of 4Q541.9 describes the corrupt social and political scene found at the time of Jesus’ death, near the end of an age in 70 AD (Roman war). This corrupted sociopolitical scene of lying, violence and confusion can refer to any end of an age time period, as it is the same for all ends of ages: i.e. the destruction of Jerusalem and the First Temple in 587 B.C., the destruction of Jerusalem and the Second Temple A.D. 70, and today; the end of the dispensation of the "gentiles/Christians" (as well as the end of the larger age of the Adamic default and the temporary Sovereignty of Man). Human ages end because the weeds eventually overgrow the good seed. This happens because there is no one to pluck up the weeds along the way. Only a divine leadership can have the authority and wisdom to do this consistently and effectively over long periods of time. Not only man, but even most lower orders of divine beings are incapable of self-governance as is discussed in The Urantia Book.

UB  766        Without help from superhuman sources the strain of society
                      breaks down upon reaching certain limits, and these very
                      influences of social mobilization –hunger, love, vanity and
                      fear – conspire to plunge mankind into war and bloodshed.

     Melchizedek surely understands this and just as surely would have provided a solution for it in his "comprehensive plan" for rehabilitation of the planet. I wonder if he is challenged by any impatience as he waits for harvest time and the beginning of a new dispensation for his estranged children, to whom he has devoted so much, for so long.

     The third paragraph of the Dead Sea Scroll text 5Q541 under consideration, again describes Jesus’ situation accurately and specifically, this time crucifixion is alluded to, i.e. "do not afflict the weak by wasting or hanging […] [let] not the nail approach him." The "nail" and "hanging" are specific to ancient descriptions of crucifixion. No one knows for sure, but my intuition tells me that the Qumran leader, the Teacher of Righteousness, is addressing his community in this paragraph and is warning them not to have any part in the upcoming, near future crucifixion of the Son of Man, so that they and their families will stay on the side of righteousness. Very likely then, Melchizedek has already "collaborated" with the Teacher of Righteousness in a revelatory process that has included revelation of Jesus and his crucifixion. The Teacher of Righteousness is God’s servant and prophet for that time period, 100 years before the birth of Jesus. The Qumran community is then a faithful Jewish remnant of that time who have elected to follow God's will, and who have chosen self-exile (isolation) from the corruption and lawlessness of their times. By the evidence of this accurate and important prophecy about Jesus, we can postulate that other prophetic material in the Dead Sea Scrolls may also be highly accurate and important. Since the Teacher’s prophecies clearly focused on a future Messianic time period, when all is set right in the world, this body of prophecy is likely to be very important to our situation today at the close of The Age, just before the arrival of the Messiah, Melchizedek.

     What a "coincidence" that these Scrolls have just been recently found and brought to our attention today, the very day of its relevance. We will return to the Scrolls at various points later on.

     Another excellent example of well-documented, accurate prophecies is the book of Daniel. Daniel, chapter 11, accurately and in great detail predicts over 400 years of history. (Discussed in this book in the chapter - Daniel.) This startling information has been buried in dust by the naysayers, whose logic and premises are quite flimsy but have nevertheless ruled the day for so long. However, studies of the Dead Sea Scrolls support strongly the thesis that Daniel was written long before, and not after, the events prophesied.

     These then, are but a small number of very accurate prophecies in the Old Testament prophetic scripture. I am no expert, by any means, but I know of no well-documented Old Testament prophecies that have been definitively shown to be inaccurate. The prophecies are precise and detailed, and sometimes include precise time frames for their fulfillment. Ultimately, prophecy is only possible because human minds are capable of tuning in to God’s mind. Only God can know the future. His mind is omniscient and absolute. The quality and accuracy of any given prophecy is determined by the intellectual capacity and spiritual receptivity of the prophet’s mind.

     The more complete the prophet’s subordination is to God’s will, the higher is the potential for safe and accurate receptivity. Dreams and visions are sometimes used, but the more common and mundane experiences are those "suprapsychologic presentiments" (UB) given through the intuitive mind. This represents the same process as achieving close contact with the indwelling thought adjuster that is described in full detail by The Urantia Book and discussed in a later chapter. And so, the cup of our understanding grows and changes as we assimilate knowledge and concepts and grow spiritually in our lives. Our ultimate capacity is limited only by time, our will, and the biologic factors that condition intelligence and spiritual receptivity. However, no matter how large or small our cup may be, God will always fill us up over the brim of our capacity. And when the capacity of the material form is exhausted, another and higher form is given. This process of increase never ends because God never ends.

     The political activity in the Middle East is a clock for the fulfillment of prophecy; for when the hour of this war strikes, Melchizedek will sometime thereafter make his entry and all the world will know it.

     Those who unknowingly bring about God’s prophecy will be totally oblivious to that prophecy. When we turn away from God, we also turn away from the source of all wisdom and knowledge. We are "blind and blinded," "stupid and stupefied." To many of us, living religion is crystallized into "a commandment of men, learned by rote." We pay lip service to God but have no living connection to Him. What we say and what we do are two different things. Since God, and only God, is the source of love and life, we , like the living branch of a vine, become cut off and withered by our separation from Him.

     The disappearance of ‘the scoffer, the tyrant, and those diligent for evil,’ who still are all too prevalent among us, tells us that these prophecies lie still in our, hopefully, not too distant future.

     This truly will be a transformed world when Melchizedek takes sovereignty. Yet what will the majority of people think and say when they hear these prophecies? Isaiah answers:

The People

Isaiah 30:9   It is a rebellious people,
                    Faithless children,
                    Children who refuse to heed
                    The instruction of the Lord;
                    Who say to the seers,
                     "Do not see."
                     To the prophets, "Do not prophesy truth to us;
                     The peoples gather.
                     Who among them declared this,
                      Foretold to us the things that have happened?
                      Let them produce their witnesses to be vindicated,
                      That men, hearing them, may say, "It is true!"
                      My witnesses are you, -declares the Lord—

     This assembly of nations and people has never yet occurred, but will occur, and we (the readers) will be witnesses to the truth of this prophecy that we are now reading. Only God knows the future. God continues to tell us what He is going to do:

Isaiah 43:19    I will make a road through the wilderness
                      And rivers in the desert.
                      The wild beasts shall honor Me. . .
Isaiah 44:2      Even as I pour water on a thirsty soil,
                       And rain upon the dry ground,
                       So will I pour My spirit on your offspring,
                       My blessing upon your posterity
                       And they shall sprout like grass . . .

     The drought will finally be broken by an outpouring of physical water upon the physical desert as well as the spiritual water on the spiritual desert that so many souls are living through.

     What more daring a goal for human-kind than for each person to become, in ideal as well as practice, a citizen of a world community. It is a classical vision; we can now give it new vitality. Humanism thus interpreted is a moral force that has time on its side. We believe that humankind has the potential, intelligence, goodwill, and cooperative skill to implement this commitment in the decades ahead."

     This is the end of Humanist Manifesto II. It proclaims the establishment of the brotherhood of humankind. Unfortunately, they do not know that "you cannot establish the brotherhood of man without the Fatherhood of God." (UB) Simple, basic, everyday truth, unappreciated by the closed minds of man. Truth is so very valuable because it can be lived successfully. (UB) Why have so few found such wisdom? Can we find if we do not seek? Do we seek if we are not thirsty for truth? Are we thirsty if we are still satisfied with our own deceptions? Blessed are the meek, for they are not self-satisfied. They are still open to the light of truth. We now return to our discussion of Urantia Book prophecy and the world crisis to come. We should not become so caught up in looking for the end of the age that we neglect to establish and maintain the Kingdom of Heaven within. For the Master said:

UB  1916         Even you, Thomas, fail to comprehend what I have been
                         saying. Have I not taught you that your connection with the
                         Kingdom of Heaven is spiritual and individual, wholly a matter
                         of personal experience in the spirit by the faith-realization that
                         you are a son of God? What more shall I say? The downfall
                         of nations, the crash of empires, the destruction of unbelieving
                         Jews, the end of an age, even the end of the world, what have
                         these things to do with one who believes this gospel and who
                         has led his life in the surety of the eternal kingdom?

     The coming trials will not destroy us. Instead they will purify and transform us. Now, back to the main narrative of Isaiah. God is explaining the real reason for these trials to come:

Refining those who elect God’s Will

Isaiah 48:10    See, I refine you, but not as silver;
                       test you in the furnace of affliction.
Zechariah 13:9   And I will put this third (of people) into the fire
                         And refine them as one refines silver,
                         And test them as gold is tested.
                         The remnant of Israel . . .
                         Gather them from the ends of the earth— . . .
Jeremiah 31:8        In a vast throng they shall return here.
                             They shall come with weeping,
                            And with compassion I will guide them.

     Here again, the Lord instructs His servant to gather the Israel remnant (Lost Ten Tribes) from: "the ends of the earth," the "head of nations," and the "coastlands afar." The remnant will return in a "throng," weeping and in need of compassion and guidance from the Lord. This "vast throng" recalls to us the great numbers of Abraham’s future offspring who are "as the sand of the sea" and the "stars in the heavens." In fact, the numerous people of "Lost Israel" are the fulfillment of this promise from Melchizedek to Abraham made so long ago. In Jeremiah, the Lord Melchizedek sets the record straight:

Jeremiah 31:10   Hear the word of the Lord, O nations,
                          And tell it in the coastlands afar. Say:
                          He who scattered Israel will gather them,
                          And will guard them like a shepherd his flock.

     The Lord/Melchizedek scattered Israel and he will personally shepherd and gather his flock on his return. In 1Enoch, Melchizedek is referred to as the Shepherd. Melchizedek is our outer physical Shepherd and Jesus is our inner spiritual Shepherd.

     The "head of nations" is referred to as "the coastlands afar." This is a nation that exists at the time of Melchizedek’s return possibly sometime in our near future, judging from developing world and Middle Eastern events. This "head of nations" is said to be "afar" from the country Israel, which is the geographic center of Biblical prophecy. What nation might this be? Let’s look at this word "afar" in some other scripture passages to see if it is used consistently, cross-section wise, through scripture:

Jeremiah 50:41    But you have no fear, My servant Jacob,
                           Be not dismayed, O Israel!
                           I will deliver you from far away . . .
                          And Jacob again shall have calm.

     Again this people called "Israel" are far away from Canaan. Notice Jeremiah 31:10 confirms that ‘Israel’ refers to the northern tribes who were scattered by God (through the Assyrians), never yet to have returned. Jacob is the reunified remnants of Israel and Judah. They have calm because war has been put to an end and ‘swords are turned into plowshares’ by Melchizedek’s intervention and sovereignty.

Isaiah 52:6     Assuredly, My people shall learn My name,
                     Assuredly, They shall learn on that day
                     That I, the One who promised,
                     Am now at hand.

     Melchizedek’s people have lost all knowledge of him and his selfless service in their behalf. He returns to us like a father we never knew we had. Judah will wake up as from a long sleep. Israel will wake up to their true identity and then to Melchizedek’s unrecognized relationship to themselves therefore: "My people shall learn My name." "Judah" are the Jews of modern Israel, but "Israel" remains for us to identify. Now:

Isaiah 52:7    How welcome on the mountains
                     Are the footsteps of the herald
                     Announcing happiness,
                     Heralding good fortune,
                     Announcing victory,
                     Telling Zion, "Your God is King!"

     The Dead Sea Scrolls fragment, 11Q13, the Coming of Melchizedek, interprets this verse (Isaiah 52:7) in the following way. The herald is the final prophet who announces and "prepares the way of" Melchizedek, just as John the Baptist announced and "prepared the way of" Jesus. The mountains are interpreted to be a symbol of the Old Testament Prophets. The final prophet thus stands on the shoulders of the olden prophets, meaning that the final prophet bases his message on his interpretation of Old Testament prophecy. This is why the Teacher of Righteousness, the leader of the Qumran community of the Dead Sea Scrolls, refers to this final prophet as the "interpreter of the Law." The "Law" here being the Old Testament including the prophets. We can now also understand why the Urantia Book refers to this coming prophet as "another and greater John the Baptist," because the final prophet, like John, will announce and "prepare the way of the Lord," this time the Lord Melchizedek. The prophet proclaims to Zion (all those faithful to the One God), "your God is King," or rather; "The Lord Melchizedek is King," as interpreted by the Teacher of Righteousness in 11Q13 of the Scrolls. 11Q13 is thus an extremely important document that binds together the Urantia Book and Old Testament prophecy. It will be discussed again later in the Dead Sea Scrolls chapter. Continuing with this subject we also have:

Psalms 102:14  You will surely arise and take pity on Zion,
                         For it is time to be gracious to her;
                         The appointed time has come.
                         For the Lord has built Zion;
                         He has appeared in all His glory.

     The present world is based on the principal Might makes Right. In the world of Melchizedek, King of Righteousness, the world will be based on Right makes Might.  Next we have a prophecy regarding Jesus:

Isaiah 53:3    He was despised, shunned by men,
                     A man of suffering, familiar with disease,
                     As one who hid his face from us,
                     He was despised we held him of no account.
                     Yet it was our sickness that he was bearing
                     Our suffering that he endured.
                     We accounted him plagued.
                     Smitten and afflicted by God:
                     But he was wounded because of our sins,
                     Crushed because of our iniquities.
                     He bore the chastisement that made us whole.
                     And by his bruises we are healed.
                     We all went astray like sheep.
Isaiah 53:7    He was maltreated, yet he was submissive,
                     He did not open his mouth;
                     Like a sheep being led to slaughter,…
                     For he was cut off from the land of the living…
                     And his grave was set among the wicked,
                     And with the ric
h, in his death –
                     Though he had done no injustice
                     And had spoken no falsehood…
                     He exposed himself to death
                     And was numbered among the sinners,
                     Whereas he bore the guilt of the many
                     And made intercession for sinners.

     We would all agree, that this is a remarkably accurate prophecy. Notice how it just appears out from within the organic nature of the text. It is right at home in the text and yet it is the vehicle of a profound distant future prophesy. The prophetic vision seems to waver in and out of time; juxtaposing future, past, and present; yet somehow weaving the strands into a real tapestry in the present of the prophet. Just a subtle shift in the focus of that "spiritized imagination" of the poet-prophet and entirely different images go in and out of view. It would be a little easier if all the good parts were underlined in red. Also, we notice that perhaps this prophecy is not completely applicable to Jesus, for instance we know from the Urantia Book that Jesus was more often of good cheer rather than suffering and that he was not "familiar with disease" as far as we know. Perhaps these are attributes of another suffering servant such as the servant that "brings back Jacob" to the Lord (Melchizedek). And so, we need to be a little flexible in our work with prophecy because separate strands can be mixed together.


Isaiah 54:2    Enlarge the site of your tent,
                     Extend the size of your dwelling,
                     Do not stint!
                     Lengthen the ropes, and drive the pegs firm.
                     For you shall spread out to the right and the left;
                     Your offspring shall dispossess nations
                     And shall people the desolate towns.

     The Lord is telling Israel that it’s offspring, the surviving remnants of "Israel" and "Judah," will populate whole nations and shall inhabit some of the towns in modern Israel that are desolated by war. He says further:

Isaiah 54:4    Fear not, you shall not be shamed;
                     Do not cringe, you shall not be disgraced.
                     For you shall forget
                     The reproach of your youth.
                     And remember no more
                     The shame of your widowhood.
                     For He who made you will espouse you—
                     His name is "Lord of Hosts;"
                     The Holy one of Israel will redeem you,
                     Who is called "God of all the Earth."

     Restored, future Israel’s youth, is ancient Israel. Its ‘disgrace’ and ‘reproach’ are its going astray and its subsequent destruction and dispersion. I think ‘widowhood’ refers to Israel’s loss of her symbolic spouse, God, and His agent Melchizedek. However, the fall from God’s grace is only temporary (2500 years) and "He who made you (Israel) will espouse you" again. Notice the play on the word spouse in ‘espouse’. Now, the Lord will restore the people to its land and to its proper place among mankind. Note the last phrase ‘who is called God of the Earth.’ This is fairly close to the meaning of a World Messiah or Planetary Prince.


Ezekiel 40:2   The hand of the Lord came upon me (Ezekiel) and He brought
                      me in visions of God, to the Land of Israel, and He set
                      me down on a very high mountain…
Ezekiel 47:1   He led me back to the entrance of the Temple and I found
                      that water was issuing from below the Temple
                      Mount…The water was running out at the south of the
                      altar, under the south wall of the Templ
e…it was a stream
                      that could not be crossed except by swimming…everything
                      will live wherever this stream goes, the fish will be abundant,
                      all kinds of trees for food will grow on both banks, their
                      leaves will not wither or their fruit fail; they will yield new
                      fruit every month, because the water for them flows from
                      the Temple. Their fruit will serve for food and their leaves for healing.

     "On May 15 th , 1999, the Israeli newspaper, Hatsofer, reported that water had started flowing from beneath the Temple Mount…The Arab leaders have done everything possible to stop the flow of water, including special pumps they brought in for the purpose. The Arab leaders have been busy with intensive excavations on the Temple Mount, the purpose of which is to destroy the last remains of the First and Second Temples and in this way deny the Jewish identity of the Temple Mount. According to one account, during these diggings they broke into one of the many water sources under the Temple Mount." (Prophecy Flash magazine, Triumph Prophetic Ministries)

     Here, those acting in defiance of God’s plan are the very ones who help bring it about. We can take part in God’s plans willingly and knowingly, or unwillingly and unknowingly, have it as we may. The choice of role is ours, the script is His.

Isaiah then says:
Isaiah 55:6     Seek the Lord while He can be found,
                     Call to Him while He is near.
                     Let the wicked give up his ways,
                     The sinful man his plans;
                     Let him turn back to the Lord,
                    And he will pardon him;
                     To our God,
                     For He freely forgives.

     Notice above that it is God's covenant. Melchizedek, the Son of God, brings it to Abraham. This is why Melchizedek is referred to as "the messenger of the covenant" in Malachi.

Malachi 3:1   Behold…the Lord whom ye seek, shall suddenly come to
(KJV)            his temple, even the messenger of the covenant, whom ye
                     delight in: behold he shall come.

     This verse in Malachi is a prophecy written 2500 years ago of Melchizedek’s return in the "latter days," now just ahead. "The Lord whom you seek" is the messenger of the covenant, who in turn is Melchizedek. Once again, by a different route, we show that "the Lord" can be identified as Melchizedek in scripture. Once again, the Urantia Book opens up scripture for us, supplying the critical clue as above.

     The Urantia Book confirms this everlasting covenant with Abraham and Abraham’s offspring "Israel." The Jewish people have not been abandoned by God, they are still a vital part of God’s unfolding plan.

UB  1020        This covenant of Melchizedek and Abraham represents the
                        great Urantian agreement between divinity and humanity whereby
                        God agrees to do everything; man only agrees to believe God’s
                        promises and follow his instructions.

     Note here that the Urantia Book redefines "Israel" to mean all of humanity. Anyone who would come, can come. The word Israel takes on different, but mutually consistent, meanings in different contexts throughout the Bible. Each meaning is like a separate ‘transparency,’ one lain over the next, one by one. The final meaning is a four dimensional entity sculpted out of space and time and is comprised of all of those who desire to do God’s Will, which is God’s Way.

Emily Dickinson      No Rack can torture me –
#384                      My Soul – at liberty –
                              Behind this mortal Bone
                              There knits a bolder One…
                              Captivity is Consciousness –
                              So’s Liberty.

     Realization of God’s spirit within, "the bolder One," liberates one from all perceived human limitations, i.e. one’s "captivity." Now consider:

Isaiah 61:1    The spirit of the Lord God is upon me,
                     Because the Lord has anointed me.
                     He has sent me as a herald of joy to the humble,
                     To bind up the wounded heart.
                     To proclaim release to the captives…
                     To comfort all who mourn –

     The Son of Man takes this prophecy up into himself and liberates man through the revelation of the kingdom of heaven within, because "captivity is consciousness" after all, and consciousness is mostly unaware of God’s gift within us, the indwelling spirit. And when consciousness becomes aware of this gift we exchange our humdrum perception for:

Emily Dickinson      Purple – is fashionable twice –
#980                      This season of the year,
                              And when a soul perceives itself
                              To be an Emperor.

                           i.e.; the Emperor of the Kingdom Within, because:

Emily Dickinson     The soul that hath a guest
#674                      Doth seldom go abroad -Diviner
                              Crowd at Home

     The prophets have asked God for thousands of years over and over; "How long Lord? How long?" meaning how long will the strong trample the weak? How long will the arrogant govern the meek? God’s answer is that everything has a season to grow and yield its full fruit; we then reap what we sow. The sun is made to shine on the good and the evil. Remember the parable when the good man sows good seed, but while he is sleeping, an evil one sows weeds in the same field. And, when the weeds grow up with the good crop, the parable tells us that both good and bad will be allowed to reach harvest together. Then the field will be harvested and the good crop stored away and the weeds bound up and thrown into the fire. This is done because pulling the weeds up early would damage the good as well as the bad. The end of an age is a harvest time when everything is harvested and accounted for. The one on the cloud has a "sickle in his hand" to harvest the crop at the end of the age. This "one like a son of man" is Melchizedek who comes to save the world from itself, give restitution to "God’s people," and begin a new and glorious age of promise. The prophecy, "The meek shall inherit the earth" will finally become reality. Also, remember Jesus’ parable about the good landowner of the vineyard. The landowner leaves his beautiful vineyard in the hands of workmen who ransack his property and ruin his vineyard. The landowner sends his best servants, and then even his very own son to check on its progress. The son they kill, so as to deprive him of his inheritance, and Jesus then looks to the listening audience and asks, "What do you think the landowner will do?" In unison they answer, "he will destroy those men…" (UB.p.l893). This story is not only a parable. It is also a prophecy of Jesus’ (the son in the parable) subsequent death at the hands of the leaders of Jerusalem who are playing the role of the workmen left in charge. Israel is the vineyard and God is the landowner who sends his son Jesus to set right the spiritual affairs of Israel. But Jesus is killed by the very ones causing the trouble in the first place, the workmen left in charge, i.e. the leaders of Israel.

     But wait! The parable prophecy hasn’t ended yet because God has not yet sent anyone to bring justice to the vineyard workers, i.e. the leaders. The parable will end, when God’s Agent of Justice arrives and sets the affairs of His "vineyard" aright, just as at the ending of the parable. This is exactly the function of the "Messiah" described in Old Testament prophecy. Not only was Jesus aware of his upcoming death, but he also was aware that the complete story would someday end like his parable ended.

     The word messiah is used only twice in the Bible, both times in Daniel (chp.9) embedded in some passages regarding the seventy weeks prophecy. The word messiah is also used several times in 1Enoch in association with a divine being who brings peace and victory to those who "elect" God’s will during the end of the Age. This Messiah figure in 1Enoch is called the Elect One, the Concealed One, the Mighty One, and God of the World. Notice that the God of the World designation well describes the function of a Planetary Prince/Sovereign. The word messiah means anointed in spirit, and when capitalized, Messiah means the Anointed One over all other anointed ones. Prophets and servants are also anointed ones, lower case. The word "Christ" back in, "Lord" is out! Thus, scriptural evidence is strongly consistent with Melchizedek as the "Messiah" figure. Could the Prophets of the Old Testament be wrong about its prophecy of a "Messiah?" Since these prophecies about a "Messiah" occupy a large portion of scriptural prophecy, if wrong, then one would expect most of this scripture to also be wrong. But the more one studies this scripture, the more one is impressed with its accuracy, consistency (both internal and across multiple sources), and co-ordination. By co-ordination I mean that different sources fill in different parts of the overall puzzle. The unified interpretation of the entire corpus of Judeo-Christian scripture throughout the ages, will one day be a gleaming monument to God’s omniscient over control. Remarkably, God knows every thought that will pass through our heads during our entire existence. And even more remarkably, He knows it before the universe itself was even yet created. And yet, our free will to choose our own course is operative throughout. We are free to choose and God is free to foreknow our choice. The following poem expresses this seeming paradox well.

Emily Dickinson    Experience is that Angled Road
#910                     Preferred against the Mind
                             By-Paradox-the Mind itself –
                             Presuming it to lead
                             Quite opposite – How Complicate
                             The Discipline of Man –
                             Compelling Him to Choose Himself.
                             His Pre-appointed Pain

     Our minds are always busy making plans for our future experiences (our lives). However, real life experience is always different from what we plan or expect. The mind sets out a smooth plan but life sets before us a bumpy and "angled road" with many detours along the way. These unplanned experiences bring before us those decisions which are necessary for the inner unfolding of the flower of our being. These important choices are both freely "chosen," and "pre-appointed" by God’s plan. They frequently involve the "pain" of letting go the baggage we hold so dear. The weight of the baggage gone, the pain ends and the joy begins.

     When the scriptural framework for the end of this age starts to be enacted, even in it’s smallest details; God’s "behind the scene" true sovereignty will never be in doubt again.

     Could it be just an accident that all the world’s peoples are looking simultaneously for their version of the Messiah? Would God only prepare Jews and Christians? Has Melchizedek’s involvement been solely with the Judaic tradition? We learn from John Hogue in his book, Millennium Prophecy, of a very long list of expected Messiah figures all of which are expected to set things aright. Here he states: "Prophecy shares a collective vision of a Second Coming of a Christ figure. All of our soothsayers say his ‘cloud’ is due to land from heaven during our time." (Millennium Prophecy pg. 333). This is what the Kabala (a text of Jewish mysticism) says about the number 21, that is, the 21 st Century:

     The Kabala information is right on the mark in this quote. We are the backward people who have struggled in darkness, retarded in progress by the absence of benevolent and wise leadership. The "Planetary Ruler" or Sovereign, Melchizedek will establish "peace" and initiate an era of spiritual and material "prosperity." We have discussed the light given off by Melchizedek when he arrives amidst dark clouds overhead. Notice the alternate name given for the Planetary Ruler is The Luminous One, fitting in with the scriptural description nicely. But even more important than the transformation of our leadership is the transformation of we the people from within:

     The petty lives we lead conceal the divine potentials that lie untapped within us. "The coming spiritual rebellion in human consciousness is one of the largest collective forecasts in the minority prophetic vote for human survival" (Millennium Prophecy pg. 294.)

     The future always comes in through the minority. The last battle won, conventional wisdom" is one step from the scrap heap. We fear and resist change, no matter what its content. Nearly all-conventional wisdom today is wrong! Wrong about science, wrong about politics, wrong about people, wrong about philosophy, wrong about religion and wrong about most anything else we can think of. Our leaders, our intellectuals and our so-called elite will have the same constant refrain right up to the hour when they are removed from their power and prestige.

     The refrain is "everything is fine, going just as we expected." This is why they are so "confounded" in Micah 7:16 (above) when the World Messiah steps into the fray. It’s time we started thinking for ourselves and stop buying the illusions, which are cast up in front of us by the "leadership class" and the media; one working hand in hand with the other.

     There is a Sufi metaphor about identification. Misery doesn’t come to us; we unconsciously seek it out and hold on to it, like flinging our arms around a pillar. We squeeze tighter and yell, "Oh if I could only be rid of this misery and pain!"…We "do" misery we "do" expectation. Hell is not a place, we "do" it, as American mystic Adi DaSantoshia once remarked…We make prophecy work because we are so damned predictable… We have repeated again and again the behaviors that make it easy for the seers to prophesy us unto doomsday. (John Hogue, Millennium Prophecy, Pg. 305).

     In other words, we have seen the enemy and it is us. This is why the Urantia Book gives Caligastia (the devil) little credit for the evil around us and places the blame squarely where it belongs – on ourselves. And the silence of "the good people" is deafening as we stand back and watch the destruction of our country and our families. And so it is, in part, ourselves, those "faithful servants" who will be held accountable for the "talents" we have been given to use for increase:

     Our spiritual path is not complex, it is quite simple…it is not a romantic sacrifice to look at oneself, to be able to celebrate life. Yet, with this comes a feeling of joy, a sense of being, and a connection with the Flow of the universe. (Good Horse Nation (1985) Visayan
Medicine Man from John Hogue, Millennial Prophecy.)

     I absolutely believe that no one wants to choose suicide. Up to now man has been surviving without transformation because there was no urgency for change. (Osho, 1984, Millennial Prophecy)

     I would disagree with the sentence about suicide. There are some who are so filled with anger and hatred that they repeatedly choose destruction for themselves and those around them. These love to control others and impose their will. Because of their passion to control and to make subservient, they are seekers of power and prestige. Find any place of true power, in any organization, and it is very likely you will find someone with this type of behavior. We haven’t noticed, but such as these are running everything now-a days – our government, our educational institutions, our corporations, our banks and everything else of any consequence regarding wealth and power. Therefore, we are all taking a one-way trip to chaos. But out of chaos comes the burning embers of a new start for human civilization and its transformed peoples. Walt Whitman gives us a glimpse of this personal transformation:

Walt Whitman    Afoot and lighthearted I take to the open road,
                          Healthy, free, the world before me,
                          Song of the The long brown path before me leading
                          Open Road wherever I choose.
                          Henceforth I ask not good fortune,
                          I myself am good fortune…
                          Strong and content I travel the open road.
                          You road I enter upon and look around,
                          I believe you are not all that is here,
                          I believe that much unseen is also here…
                          The Earth expanding right hand and left hand…
                          O public road…
                          You express me better than I can express myself,
                          You shall be more to me than my poem…
Revelation 19:11    And I saw heaven opened,
                              And behold a white horse;
                              And he that sat on him
                              Was called Faithful and True;
                             And in righteousness he doth judge and make war
Revelation 19:19   And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth,
                            And their armies, gathered together to make
                            War on him that sat on the horse and
                            Against his army.
Revelation 6:2   And I saw, and behold a white horse;
                        And he that sat on him had a bow;
                        And a crown was given unto him;
                        And he went forth conquering and to conquer.

     White symbolizes cleanliness, righteousness, and holiness. A horse is symbolic of a warrior. The crown symbolizes sovereignty. The one on horseback is Melchizedek, the Faithful and True, Son of God, who rapidly subdues the world’s leaders (kings) that are bringing war to the peoples. Also, remember that Joseph, the chosen (elect) son of Jacob, wore a crown and was a strong archer with a bow. Melchizedek is God’s chosen Son, and just as Joseph, he is given a crown and a bow, as well as sovereignty of our world. This is why 1Enoch calls Melchizedek the Elect One. The crown follows the elect; those who stand up and elect God’s will.

Revelation 11:15   Then the seventh angel blew his trumpet,…
                            And loud voices in heaven, were saying "The
                            Kingdom of the World has become the Kingdom
                            Of our Lord (God) and his Christ (Messiah Melchizedek)

     Notice carefully that this kingdom is of the world and is not the inner spiritual kingdom of heaven spoken of by Jesus, for he said on many occasions, "my kingdom is not of this world." The Book of Revelation is stated in the Urantia Book to be a much deleted and edited version of John’s original vision, which is stated to have been a profound and far reaching prophecy. It should be noted however that the Urantia Book freely quotes many passages of Revelation and explains their true meanings. Therefore, I use Revelation sparingly and carefully in situations where it adds to or expands the meaning of Old Testament prophesy, already previously developed. Scripture is an organic whole, like a growing tree with many branchings off the main trunk. Here are a few samples of Urantia Book quotes regarding Revelation.

UB  599       It was at the conclusion of the terminal mission of the Teacher
                    Sons (at least that would be the chronology on a normal world)
Micah 1:2    Listen, all you peoples,
                   Give heed, O earth, and all it holds…
                   For lo! The Lord
                   Is coming from His dwelling place,
                   He will come down and stride
                   Upon the heights of the earth
                   The mountains shall melt under Him
                   And the valleys shall melt under Him
                   Like wax before fire,
                   Like water cascading down a slope.

     Micah wastes no time, he gets right to the point. The Lord is coming and he is not happy with the prevailing conditions on earth. The Lord is the Messiah who comes at the end of the age when mountains and valleys melt in great tectonic activity.

Micah 2:7    To be sure, My words are friendly
                   To those who walk in rectitude,
                   But an enemy arises against My people.
Micah 2:12  I will assemble Jacob, all of you,
                   I will bring together the remnant of Israel;
                   I will make them all like sheep of Bozrah
                   Like a flock inside its pen –
                   They will be noisy with people
                   One who makes a breach
                   Goes before them…
                   Their king marches before them,
                   The Lord at their head.

     Bozrah was the capital city of the ancient country Edom. The remains of Bozrah is Petra of Southern Jordan today. Edom is the most castigated country in Old Testament prophecy due to their attack on Israel during Israel’s decimation by Babylon. Edom is prophesied for destruction in the messianic age. It is Bozrah where the Messiah will first come to gather and unite the For lo, he shall wax great To the ends of the earth.

     Now, suddenly from out betwixt the lines of Micah comes a prophecy about the birth of Jesus, 700 years before it happens! It appears as part of a discussion about Israel in the latter days (Micah 4:12 to 4:14), about the Babylonian captivity in 587 B.C. (4:10 through 4:11) and about Assyria in 700 B.C. (Micah 5:4 to 5:6). The prophet himself probably knows nothing of the dates of occurrence of these separate events, or even their true import to the future they speak of. Thus, the interpretation of scripture is equally as important as the scripture itself.

     God guides the interpreter, through the leading of the spirit within the interpreter, thus revealing his plans only to those who have harmonized their will to His. Only God Himself truly knows the future and any prophet that does not openly acknowledge this truth is by definition a false prophet. Conversely, a true prophet is known partly by the "fruits of the spirit" that his/her close inner relationship with God should yield. In fact, prophecy or prophecy interpretation is itself one of the fruits of this inner relationship with God, who is the very inspiration of the prophecy under consideration.

Micah 5:6     The remnant of Jacob shall be,
                    In the midst of the many peoples,
                    Like dew from the Lord,
                    Like droplets on grass –
                    Which do not look to any man
                    Nor place their hope in mortals.
                    The remnant of Jacob
                    Shall be among the nations,
                    In the midst of the many peoples,…

     The remnant of Jacob (equivalent to Israel) and not Jacob itself is what is gathered together in the upcoming trial period. These are those who know and love the one true God and who survive whatever destruction there is of that period. The remnant of Jacob is the remnant of Israel (Christians) plus the remnant of Judah (Jews). Of course anyone else who recognizes and knows the one true God in his/her heart is also included in this group. God cares little about who we are on the outside but everything about what we are on the inside. As always, whoever would come can come. The door to the kingdom of heaven is forever open to all. And so, through the process of deciding what we stand for in life we select who we will become, unlike the flower, who has no choice but to unfold. Further, we note that the geographic location is of little importance, as the remnant arises from within the midst of the world’s peoples "like droplets of dew on grass." These people "do not look to any man" or "place their hope in mortals" because they look only to God in everything they do.

     If modern Christendom is "Israel" then prophecy has been abundantly fulfilled. Abraham was promised descendants as numerous as the "sands of the sea" and the "stars in the sky" -- and so it is. Material bounty and military power were promised -- and so they have been delivered to the British Empire of yesterday and to America today. America is the present elect recipient of God’s eternal blessings on Ephraim and his descendants. An area of land much larger than present modern Israel was promised for Abraham’s descendants (Israel and Judah). And so it will be. Unfulfilled Old Testament prophecies are promises that God intends to keep.

     Next, Jacob prophesies information received from the Lord (Melchizedek), who is present in semi material form.

Genesis 49:1  Jacob called for his sons…that I may tell you what shall befall
                      you in the latter days…
Genesis       Joseph is a fruitful bough…by a well…whose branches run
49:22-25    over the wall…the arms of his hands made strong and active
                   by the Mighty God of Jacob …blessings of the heavens above,
                   blessings…in the deep, blessings of the breasts and womb…greater than
                   the blessings than your forefathers
and are as lasting as the eternal hills.

     Is there any doubt that these ‘blessed’ people of Joseph, of Ephraim, living in the latter days with bounty and power are the citizens of the United States of America, the most powerful, blessed, and fruitful nation in the history of the world. The Jewish identity, as opposed to the Israelite, is derived from Judah, who is an offspring of Jacob and Leah. This Judah (Jewish) strand has maintained its historical identity and consciousness, unlike the Christians who have not maintained their Israelite identity.

     The reason for this discussion is not to create a consciousness of "genetic identification." We need quickly to remember that it was the tribe of Ephraim that first and foremost turned its back on God and who took up the "pleasure pursuit" with zeal. The most blessed is also the foremost trespasser. In addition, compared to normal planets in the universe, we are all decidedly genetically inferior as a result of the Adamic default (UB).

UB 1055    "Abraham was not the racial father of all the Hebrews; he was
                  not even the progenitor of all the Bedouin Semites who were held
                  captive in Egypt. True, his offspring, coming up out of Egypt, did
                  form the nucleus of the later Jewish people, but the vast majority of
                  the men and women who became incorporated into the clans of Israel
                  had never sojourned in Egypt."

     It is not surprising then that archeologists have found only small shards of evidence that David ever existed, grossly disproportionate to the grandeur described in scripture. (The Urantia Book tests out true over and over again in the light of present knowledge – a fine subject for an entire book in itself.) The Lord continues:

Jeremiah 29:20   But you, the whole exile community which I (Lord)
                          banished from Jerusalem to Babylon, hear the word of the Lord!…
Jeremiah 24:14   I will be at hand for you…and I will gather you from all the nations
                          and places to which I have banished you – declares the Lord – and I
                          will bring you back to the place from which I exiled you…
Jeremiah 24:11   For I am mindful of the plans I have made concerning your welfare,
                          not for disaster, (but) to give you a hopeful future.

     The Lord makes explicit in these lines that all His plans are for His children’s ultimate well-being and that He has no intention of abandoning anyone. Right now, today, God is gathering the Judah remnant (the Jewish people) from among all the countries of the world to which they have been scattered. Thousands of Jews pour through the gates to modern Israel everyday; another prophecy in the process of being realized (Jeremiah 24:14). God speaks through his prophet:

Jeremiah 29:13   You will find Me, if only you seek Me wholeheartedly.
Jeremiah 30:11  I will not make an end of you!
                            I will not leave you unpunished,
                            But will chastise you in measure…
Jeremiah 30:17  I will bring healing to you
                            And cure you of your wounds…
Jeremiah 3l:3   Eternal Love I conceived for you.
Jeremiah 3l:31   See, a time is coming when I will make  
                            new covenant with the House of Israel
                            and the House of Judah…I will put My 
                            teaching in their inmost being and                      
                            inscribe it upon their heart

     These lines describe a future of restoration and salvation. The New Covenant is the "kingdom of heaven within" that is enabled by the outpouring of the Spirit of Truth by Jesus Christ; and the Spirit of the Father, the internal guide within.

     From Antioch the Pauline version of the Teachings of Jesus and the teaching about Jesus spread to all the Western World; from Philadelphia the missionaries of the Abnerian Kingdom of heaven spread throughout Mesopotamia and Arabia until the later times when these uncompromising emissaries of the teachings of Jesus were overwhelmed by the sudden rise of Islam.

UB 1832 …the believers at Philadelphia held more strictly to the religion
                  of Jesus, as he lived and taught, than any other group on earth.

     Now prophecy is true both in the context of the time of its writing and in the time of its prophetic future fulfillment. And so, the church of Philadelphia spoken of in Revelation as existing in the latter days (now) would have characteristics like the church of Philadelphia existing at the time of John’s vision and writing. One might then expect this congregation or church of the latter days to be a group, like Abner’s, true to the message of Jesus (the gospel of the kingdom of heaven), and to be concerned with issues of brotherly love such as the brotherhood of man predicated on the Fatherhood of God. This is exactly the effect of the Urantia Book, ie; to explain and inspire the living of the kingdom of heaven within; the true way, the true gospel of Jesus that the apostles did not understand. The Urantia Book actually brings into being this latter day church of Philadelphia. The Urantia Book teaches the doing of God's Will. The elect are those who choose (elect) God's Will.

     With a large amount of speculation, one might consider 1Enoch 39:1 as referring to the Adamic racial strain as the elect. This would explain why they are referred to as the "elect and holy race" as this race may be the children of Adam and Eve. The crown of Joseph may in part indicate his endowment of Adamic genes acquired through the breeding of a male line of the mixed Semitic heritage with the female line of an Adamically enriched heritage. The word elect may partly refer to similar genetics, as well as other more important intangible factors, such as the election of God’s will as their highest goal. Genetics may play a role in the nucleus of this group, but as in Moses’ time, in a majority of the group, genetics may play little or no role. Genetic considerations are present, but are a limited factor among many that define this group, or any other group for that matter. Also consider:

Isaiah 45:4     …Israel mine elect, I have called thee by name:
                     I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me.

     Here, Israel is addressed as "mine elect." We already know that Israel is derived from Joseph and that Lost Israel is modern Christendom. Again, the elect are among the Christians. Further, Christ in Christian means Messiah and the Messiah has been identified as Melchizedek, therefore Christians are surnamed after Melchizedek, the Messiah, who then says, "I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me." Christians are surnamed after Melchizedek the true Messiah or "Christ," and Christians do not know anything about him – yet! Remember, Jesus is not the Messiah! The name Christ (Messiah) is what Jesus is not. Rather, the person Jesus Christ lies above Melchizedek in the hierarchy of divine Sons, just as Adam and Eve lie below as described in the Urantia Book. At the very bottom of the hierarchy of course lies the human being, also a son of God, small s of course. We continue with further prophecy regarding the elect:

Isaiah 65:9     And I will bring forth a seed out of Jacob, and out of Judah an
                      inheritor of my mountains: and my elect shall inherit it, and my
                      servants shall dwell there.

     This goes along with the statement in Enoch regarding the elect inheritance. The greater the number of different sources, the higher the probability of accuracy, although 1Enoch could be derived from Isaiah or vice-a-versa.

Isaiah 55:17      No weapon against you
                        Shall succeed,
                        And every tongue that contends with you at home
                        You shall defeat
Isaiah 61:6        …You shall be called "Priests of the Lord,"
                       And termed "servants of our God."
Isaiah 66:14     You shall see and your heart rejoice,
                       Your limbs shall flourish as the grass.

     Now lets turn to the Dead Sea Scrolls on this important topic about those who elect God. Below, the Teacher of Righteousness, the leader of the Qumran Community, is giving his interpretations of various scripture passages regarding these same elect:

4Q215 Prophecy of Naphtali - …they (the elect) will endure the affliction of
Col 2                                       distress and the ordeal of the pit, and they will be purified by these
                                                things and shall become the elect of righteousness;
11Q13      By the power of Melchizedek, dominion on earth will pass from
DSC         Belial (Devil/Caligastia) to the righteous Sons of Light. (DSC A New
                 Translation, Wise, Abegg & Cook)

     This latter group (The Sons of Light) constitutes those who are predestined to belong to the party of Melchizedek, "the congregation of the sons of righteousness." (the elect)

4Q160   Thy people shall take refuge…amid the rage of the enemies of
DSC      Thy people, Thou shalt verify Thy glory over the land and sea…
              And all the peoples of Thy lands shall know that Thou hast created
m…and the multitudes shall understand that this is Thy people…
              Thy holy ones whom Thou hast sanctified. (Wise, Abegg & Cook)
4Q174   Interpreted (Psalm 2:1)this saying concerns the Kings of the nations
DSC      who shall rage against the elect of Israel in the last days. This shall
              be the time of trial to come…so as to perfect…(…represents missing scroll
              text) (Wise, Abegg & Cook)
4Q174   A remnant of the people shall be left according to the lot assigned
DSC       them, and they shall practice the Whole Law…Moses. (…represents
               missing scroll text) Thy people who know God shall be strong.

     Those who "keep awake to pursue knowledge" and "labour for understanding" are "the massive barrier breakers of the world." Like Jesus, they "will have closed mouths to speak the truth" and they will "walk together in great intensity."

Habbakuk 1:13  Why do You (Lord) countenance treachery,
                          And stand idly by?
Habbakuk 2:1   I will stand on my watch,
                        Take up my station at the post,
                        And wait to see what He will say to me,
                        What He will reply to my complaint?

     Indeed, what will He reply? The same question has been asked by many other prophets and people as well. Why is evil allowed to dominate the good? God answers:

Habbakuk 2:2   Write the prophecy down,
                         Inscribe it clearly on tablets,
                        So that it can be read easily
                        For there is yet a prophecy for a set term
                        A truthful witness for a time that will come.

Habbakuk 2:3   Even if it tarries, wait for it still;
                         For it will surely come without delay:
                         Lo, His spirit within him is puffed up, not upright.
                         But the righteous man shall live by his faith and in
                         His faithfulness is rewarded with life.

     The answer to "Why allow evil to triumph?" is that those who live by faith are rewarded with infinity and those who choose evil also choose extinction. In addition, the prophet is told that justice will be achieved at the end of The Age, after the full harvest is reaped. Everything has its season, "even if it tarries, wait for it still." "Write down this prophecy, it will be a truthful witness for a time that will come." That time is now almost upon us. The prophecy will be fulfilled and thus it will be a "truthful witness" to God’s foreknowledge. Lets look at part of this passage from another source the Septuagint.

Habbakuk 2:1     And the Lord answered me and said. Write the vision,
Septuagint          and that plainly on a tablet, that he that reads it may run.
                           For the vision is yet for a (set) time, and it shall shoot forth
                           at the end, and not in vain: though he should tarry wait for
                           him; for he shall surely come, and will not tarry.

     I think the true flavor of this passage is caught in the Septuagint. The ‘vision’ is for a set time ‘at the end’ of the Age at which time it will ‘shoot forth’ by means of the interpretation of prophecy by the final prophet ‘in whose heart God has placed understanding.’ This prophet must ‘read’ this prophecy from the already existing prophecy writings of the Olden Prophets, which has been sealed by God up until that set time. This final prophet must ‘read on the run’ for presumably he is busy with other activities.

In 4Ezra       God answers similarly this same question of why:
4Ezra 4:27   …this age is full of infirmities and sadness. For the evil has
                     been sown but the harvest of it is not yet come.

     "Everything has its season," the "sun is made to shine on the good and the evil." The Urantia Book teaches us also that potential evil is inherent in creatures that are both imperfect and have free will. Causes are allowed to have their true effects no matter how awful the results may be. If it weren’t so we would be hapless spectators in a show and not true participants in the creative process. In order for the universe to succeed, it must be allowed to fail. Also, consider what the angel who reveals to Ezra says next:

4Ezra 7:3      There is a sea set in a wide expanse:
                     so that it is broad and vast,
                     but it has an entrance set in a narrow place,
                     so that it is like a river.
                     If anyone, then, wishes to reach the sea, to look
                     at it or navigate it, how can he come to the
                      broad part unless he passes through the narrow part?…
4Ezra 7:11    When Adam transgressed my statutes, what had been made was judged.
                     And so the entrances of this world were made
                      narrow and sorrowful and toilsome; they are few
4Ezra 7:12    and evil, full of dangers and involved in great hardships.
4Ezra 7:16    …And why have you not considered in your mind
                   what is to come, rather just what is now present.

     This is very similar to the statement in the Urantia Book that the biggest deprivation of our world is the partial loss of the biologic uplift program of Adam and Eve. (This program was designed to augment the natural biologic evolution of the human species so as to provide for increased creativity, increased capacity for spiritual experience, and for spiritual qualities of character.) This loss of 'biological uplift' has resulted in a humanity that still has deep roots in the "animal tendencies" of evolutionary origin. We are full of fear and worry and negativity.

     Disorders such as anxiety syndrome, depression, various phobias and compulsions are strongly hereditary. The neurological wiring and chemistry in these conditions has a biologic-genetic substrate and can be treated by medications, which alter this chemistry. Our fearful natures are the single largest impediment to happiness and spiritual growth. And where fear leaves off, pride takes over. Together, pride and fear conspire to usurp the divine potentials within. In verse 7:16, God reminds us to think of "what is to come," as well as what is now, to obtain proper balance of outlook.

     Up to now man has survived without transformation because there was no urgency for change…but I still hope that the danger of global death will be the shock that awakens humanity.

     There’s a Sufi metaphor about identification. Misery doesn’t come to us; we unconsciously seek it out and hold on to it, like flinging our arms around a pillar. As we squeeze tighter we yell, "Oh if I could only be rid of this misery and pain!" This misunderstanding is our choice.

     As American mystic Adi DaShentosa once remarked, we "do" misery, we "do"expectation. Hell is not a place we "do" it. We "do" predictability. We make prophecy work because we are so damned predictable…we have repeated again and again the behaviors that make it easy for our seers to prophesy unto us doomsday… there is a need for a global awareness of how, from the moment we emerge from the womb, we are programmed to imprint concepts that are totally divorced from our deepest natural understanding. (John Hogue) Our minds are so polluted with garbage and fears that have been passed on from generation to generation, that we have forgotten who we are. Our spiritual path is not complex, it is quite simple. It is not easy; it is not a romantic sacrifice to look at oneself, to be able to celebrate life. Yet with this comes a sense of joy, a sense of being, and a connection with the flow of the universe. Good Horse Nation (l985), Visayan Medicine Man (John Hogue) Roles and patterns are keeping you in a straitjacket. Freed from these you will come into contact with your inner being; with the one who doesn’t see any limitations, who sees only possibilities. Ambres (l986) (John Hogue) Prophecies from many different traditions say that America is destined to become the seat of the next spiritual evolution…one of America’s greatest attributes is its ability to give social and religious experiments a chance. (John Hogue, Millennium Prophecy) America, as the Sioux medicine man Good Horse Nation says, must wake up. To do that, America will have to suffer a most difficult weaning – from what is false or destructive about the American Dream. (John Hogue) A peculiar generation now exists on this earth, which does not carry an inner urge for growth but only death for the whole race.

     And when we wake up we will realize that these bereft beings are running the political and financial centers of the world. And that no mere human effort will be able to correct this problem. This is why divine intervention will be needed; otherwise everyone and everything would be destroyed. Hyperbole? No, simple and honest logic. If nations had nuclear weapons when Rome fell – none of us would be here today to discuss this problem. Do we really think that when things start to turn sour for our world that force will not be seen as the answer. Does anyone really believe that thousands of nuclear weapons will never be used?

     Mankind has never invented a weapon that he has not subsequently used. Does anyone look upon the world scene and not see the progressive danger that we are entering? China and Russia are building up their military (with our money and technology) and staking out their territories. America suddenly is the bully of the world, using its military might in an aggressive, self-serving way rather than as a defensive stronghold of peace. We have lost all respect and goodwill in the eyes of the world’s nations. They will accept our money, but no longer look up to us as a moral force in the world. And yet America notices nothing, as long as the stock market stays up and the material goods keep flowing. We have ceased to use our minds to think for ourselves, our opinions are those of the last newspaper article we have read. We take our media and information sources at face value, without question. When the "wagging heads" of the experts wag so do ours – glassy-eyed, inured, and asleep. The prophets have said "our people are stupid." We only see what we want to see. Where is the thirst for truth? Prophets pull no punches; they live and die for the truth and only truth. Our own leaders prepare before us the rudiments for the potential destruction of an entire world. What does God say about America’s world leadership of the sale and exportation of weapons technology to an entire world? When did it become acceptable to export destruction so that our richest people can become richer? Is it acceptable? What do we do? What do we say? The answer is a resounding nothing. History and God will hold America accountable for the deaths of tens or hundreds of million lives. But as long as we still have our cozy lives and our wants fulfilled – we see nothing. And so, not until our toys and possessions are taken away from us will anybody notice that there are a lot of bully’s that have moved onto the block.

Ezekiel 38:7  After a long time you (Gog) will be summoned; in the distant future
                     you shall march against a land restored from the sword (Modern
                     Israel)…liberated from the nations, and now dwelling secure. (My parenthesis)
                     On that day, when Gog sets foot on the soil of Israel (modern)…On
                     that day, a terrible earthquake shall befall the land of Israel…and
                     every man’s sword shall be turned against his brother…and I will
                     make Myself known in the sight of many nations. (My parenthesis)

     And so, as we reach that period prophesied 2600 years ago, we are startled by this prophecy that foresaw a regathering of Jews from among many nations. How can a logical mind not grasp and deal with such well documented successes of prophecy. Most people do not love truth and so they sacrifice it to maintain their view of the way they want their universe to be, so we sweep away any inconvenient facts to the contrary. Even the majority of our scientists, who are supposed to be most objective, do this on a regular basis to maintain their vested interests in a certain worldview. And so, despite many inconvenient facts, scientists continue to espouse a big bang cosmology and refuse to recognize cold fusion and other new-energy devices that are already working and producing energy. These very same scientists use ridicule and power to silence any new ideas or viewpoints. Again, our future comes through the "marginal" groups; individuals that continue to search for truth despite the conventional powers to be. Now, next is a line that also bothers me:

Ezekiel 39:6   And I (the Lord) will send a fire against Magog and against those who dwell in the coastlands.

     Again, I don’t believe that God or Melchizedek eventuates such catastrophes, but regardless, the events themselves may be and have been accurate prophecies. As I have tried to demonstrate elsewhere, "coastlands" has a strong chance of denoting the United States of America, among others. I hope I am wrong here as well, as "a fire" seems likely to mean a nuclear event.

Ezekiel 39:25   Assuredly, thus said the Lord God: I will now restore the fortunes of Jacob and take the
                        whole House of Israel (Judah and Israel) back in love…when I have brought them                        
                        back from among the peoples and gathered them out of the lands of their enemies and                        
                        have manifested My holiness through them in the sight of many nations.

     Israel once again is united. Faithful Christians and Jews, among others, are brought together. God’s holiness has been manifested through "his people"-- those that love and honor Him. The enemies are the power holding leaders of the various nations who persecute God's peoples because they resist the tyranny of the powerful.

     Daniel is the link between Old Testament prophecy and New Testament prophecy (Book of Revelation). It was written during the exile of Judah in Babylon, where the prophet Daniel serves in the King’s court. It’s topics, among others, include the "little horn" (the antichrist), the Fourth Kingdom (fourth beast), and the "70 week prophecy" (time table for key events). Daniel is a very important influence on the Qumran community of the Dead Sea Scrolls and New Testament scripture. Daniel, the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Book of Revelation are the three main sources of information concerning the antichrist.

Accuracy of Prophecy

     Daniel, chapter 11 contains some of the most specific and detailed prophesies in the Bible. It successfully predicts close to 400 years of world history. Starting from the Persian-Median empire (539 B.C.), it proceeds through Greece and Alexander the Great, Egypt and the Ptolemies, Syria and the Seleucids, and ends with the archetypical anti-Christ figure Antiochus IV Epiphanes (164 B.C.). I would estimate that there are several hundred accurate prophecies within this single chapter of Daniel alone. The prophecies are so specific and so detailed that many so called "critical scholars," who deny the possibility of any supernatural reality, have assumed and argued that these prophecies were written after the events had taken place.

     However, study of Aramaic documents in the recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls argue strongly against such a late date for Daniel. Quoting from Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls, by Randall Price, 1996, we have the following:

."90 percent of Daniel’s Aramaic vocabulary occurred in documents dated to the fifth century B.C. or earlier". "Persian loan words were Old Persian". "Greek loan words precede the fifth century B.C." . "Some syntactical forms in Daniel were shown not to have survived beyond the fifth century B.C., precluding any later date." "The alternative date for Daniel in the sixth or fifth century B.C. has more in its favor today from the point of view of language alone than ever before." (Old Testament scholar Gerhard Hasel)

     Prophecy is real! It has much evidence in favor of its validity. Prophecy still concerns us and our future. Truth is being revealed in a strategic way to bring information to people at the right time. God’s plan is unfolding under our feet and beneath our awareness. To see for ourselves just how detailed and accurate this prophecy is, let’s now take a look at a small sample of Daniel’s prophecy in chapter eleven. We will focus in on the prophecy regarding Antiochus IV Epiphanes. He is the prototype of Caligastia’s (the devil’s) human personification, the antichrist. After Alexander the Great dies young (age 35) his empire is split up four ways (as prophesied) into North, South, East and West. The North and South are the two main players on stage. Egypt (South) and Syria (North) battle each other with Jerusalem in the middle of the power struggles.

Daniel 8:8   And the he-goat (Alexander the Great) magnified himself
                  exceedingly, and when he was young and strong, the great horn
                  (that he was) was suddenly broken; and instead (of him) there
                  came up four notable horns, one toward each of the four winds
                  of heaven (N, S, W, E)
Daniel 8:9  Out of littleness and small beginnings came forth a horn
                  (North) whose presumption and pride grew exceedingly
                  toward the south (Egypt), and toward the east, and toward the
                  precious land (West, Israel).

     Horns represent power; good or evil. The size of the horn is proportional to the magnitude of the power. Little horn equals little power and large horn equals great power. Notice that the little horn here, in Daniel 8, is different from the little horn of Daniel 12. In Daniel 8 the little horn is one (North) of the four horns (N, S, E, W) of the third beast and grows larger from Antiochus the Great through Antiochus IV Epiphanes his son. In Daniel 12, the little horn is a separate eleventh horn, which grows out from under three of the ten original horns (Kings) growing on the fourth beast (the messianic world Kingdom). Both little horns are manifestations of Satan’s or Caligastia’s power. Antiochus IV corresponds to the little horn of Daniel 8 and the little horn of Daniel 12 corresponds to the antichrist of our age, the messianic age. Many of the same characteristics of Antiochus IV Epiphanes may also be true of the antichrist figure yet to come and is therefore worthy of study.

     We now skip over to Daniel 11:21 through 11:45 where Antiochus Epiphanes is discussed in great detail. In order to give the reader a taste of this awesome demonstration of God’s omniscience, I will first give the verses 11:21 through 11:29 of Daniel (King James Version) and then follow this by its analysis given in Matthew Henry’s Commentary written in the 1700's. Remember that Daniel’s prophecy is written 300 to 400 years before the events take place! Matthew Henry’s historical information is taken directly from historical sources about the events prophesied. The following verses describe the arising of Antiochus Epiphanes from the lineage of Antiochus the Great and his first two (of three) expeditions to Egypt.

Accuracy of Prophecy

Daniel 11:21 And in his estate (Antiochus the Great) shall stand up a vile
(KJV)           person (Antiochus Epiphanes), to whom they shall not give the
                     honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and
                     obtain the kingdom by flatteries.
Daniel 11:22 And with the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from
(KJV)           before him, and shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the covenant.
Daniel 11:23 And after the league made with him he (Antiochus Epiphanes)
(KJV)           shall work deceitfully: for he shall come up, and shall become
                     strong with a small people.
Daniel 11:24  He (Antiochus Epiphanes) shall enter peaceably even upon the
(KJV)            fattest places of the province; and he shall do that which his fathers
                      have not done,
nor his fathers’ fathers; he shall scatter among them
                      the prey, and spoil, and riches: yea, and he shall forecast his devices
                      against the strong hold
s, even for a time.
Daniel 11:25 And he shall stir up his power and his courage against the
(KJV)           king of the south (Egypt) with a great army; and the king of the south
                     shall be stirred up to battle with a very great and mighty army;
                     but he (King of the South) shall not stand: for they shall forecast devices against him.
Daniel 11:26 Yea, they that feed of the portion of his (King of the South)
(KJV)           meat shall destroy him, and his army shall overflow: and many
                     shall fall down slain.
Daniel 11:27 And both these kings’ hearts shall be to do mischief, and they
(KJV)           shall speak lies at one table; but it shall not prosper: for yet the
                     end shall be at the time appointed.
Daniel 11:28   Then shall he (Antiochus Epiphanes) return into his land with (KJV) great riches; and his
                       heart shall be against the holy covenan
t; and
                       he shall do exploits, and return to his own land.
Daniel 11:29   At the time appointed he (Antiochus Epiphanes) shall return,
(KJV)             and come toward the south; but it shall not be as the former, or as the latter.

     What troubles the Jews met with in the reigns of the Persian kings were not so particularly foretold to Daniel as these, because then they had living prophets with them, Haggai and Zechariah, to encourage them; but these troubles in the days of Antiochus were foretold, because, before that time, prophecy would cease, and they would find it necessary to have recourse to the written word. (Prophesy ceased because the Lord/Melchizedek, in semi-materil form, left his dwelling place in Jerusalem;author’s comment.)

Daniel 12:4     But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the Book
(Amplified)     until the time of the end. Then many shall run to and fro
                      and search anxiously (through the Book), and knowledge
                      [of God’s purposes as revealed by His prophets] shall be
                      increased and become great.

Amos 8:12       And (the people) shall wander from sea to sea and from (Amplified) the north even to
                        the east; they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord (inquiring for and
                        requiring it as one requires food), but shall not find it.

     These two verses above reveal that there will be a great thirst for the proper understanding of prophecy near the end of the messianic age, and that God’s purposes will be progressively revealed through "greater understanding of His prophets of old." Many will be confused in their search for God’s truth. The Qumran community, of the Dead Sea Scrolls, foretell a final prophet called "the interpreter of the law" who reveals God’s truth through an inspired interpretation of the Olden Prophets. This demonstration of God’s omniscience through His prophets is one of the major events to unfold during the end and completion of this age.  God next tells us through Daniel:

Seventy Weeks Prophecy

Daniel 9:24    Seventy weeks (of years or 490 years) are decreed upon
(Amplified)     your people and upon your holy city (Jerusalem), to finish and put an end to
                      transgression (1) to seal up and make full the measure of sin (2) to purge away and
                      make expiation and reconciliation for sin (3) to bring in everlasting righteousness (4) to
                      seal up vision and prophecy and prophet (5), and to anoint a Holy of Holies (6). Since
                      we haven’t ended the age yet, this means that transgression (against the will of God) is
                      not yet finished, that the "full measure of sin" has not yet been attained, that full
                      righteousness has not yet come, and that prophecy remains incompletely fulfilled and
                      incompletely interpreted.

(Amplified) the commandment to restore and build Jerusalem (King Artaxerxes on March 14th, 445 B.C.) until the coming of the Anointed One, a Prince, shall be 7 weeks (of years = 49) plus 62 weeks (of years = 434, total = 483 years); the city shall be built again (2nd temple) with square and moat in troublous times. (my parentheses) Dan 9:26 And after sixty-two weeks (of years) the Anointed One shall (Amplified) be cut off (or killed) and shall have nothing (and no one) belonging to (or defending) Him. And the people of the (other) prince who will come will destroy the city and the sanctuary (Roman War A.D. 70). Its end shall come with a flood (of terror and war); and even to the end there shall be war, and desolations are decreed. (my parentheses)

     The two verses above predict the rebuilding of the 2nd temple over a 49 year span, followed by the killing of the Anointed One (Jesus) 62 weeks or 434 years later, which works out to be A.D. 38, close to the actual crucifixion date of Jesus. The total weeks so far, up to the death of Jesus, the Anointed One of 9:26, is 69 and there is a pause in the prophecy after Jesus’ death for 2000 years while the Christian Age is traversed, until the final week (the 70th) begins a 7 year period of trials during the messianic end of the age. These dates and time periods are in excellent agreement with the facts of history so far and there is every reason to believe they will continue to be accurate in the future. The last verse of this chapter seems to pertain to the events of the final seventieth week.

Daniel 9:27    And he (Antichrist) shall enter into a strong covenant with the many
(Amplified)     for one week (7 years). And in the midst of the week he shall cause
                      the sacrifice and offering to cease (for the remaining three and
                      one-half years); and upon the wing or pinnacle of abominations
                      (shall come) one who makes desolate, until the full determined
                      end is poured out on the desolation.

"He" of the first line of 9:27 is the antichrist of the upcoming messianic period who "makes a covenant with many for one week." This covenant is probably one or another of the Middle East agreements between modern Israel and the surrounding Arab nations. I suspect that it will be the one which may presently be forthcoming. The next line talks about the antichrist causing sacrifice and offerings (presumably in the Temple) to cease at mid-week (3.5 years). However, there is presently no Temple to cease sacrifices. (Presently, the Arab, Dome of the Rock sits on top of the Temple Mount.) So either there is a 3rd temple to be built soon, or this verse is not being interpreted properly. However, other scripture implies that the 3rd Temple will be built after Melchizedek arrives rather than before, again yielding a contradiction to 9:27. Hopefully, further study will clarify this point.

Haggai 1:9 You (returned exiles) have been expecting much and getting little;
                 and when you brought it home I (the Lord) would blow on it!
                 Because of what says the Lord of Hosts. Because of My House
                 (Temple) which lies in ruins, while you all hurry to your own houses.

Directly after the Babylonian 70 year exile, the Lord speaks through Haggai to the returned people regarding their tardiness on rebuilding the Temple which was destroyed before the exile. The link between doing what they (Judah) should do (rebuilding the Temple) and their own prosperity is here again made clear. The people expect much, but they don't fulfill their end of the obligation. When prosperity doesn't come they are bewildered. Zerubbabel and Joshua take heed and lead the people in the Temple’s eventual rebuilding. However, the resultant Second Temple and the marginal success of the people in general are great disappointments to many because of their higher expectations based on Isaiah’s prophecies regarding a restored and glorified Israel. The age of these messianic prophecies of Isaiah was misconstrued to be their own present time (around 500 B.C.), but theirs was not to be the messianic age described. This error of timing occurs again and again with regard to the difficult problem of placing a given prophecy within the proper age of its fulfillment. The prophets are many times given accurate information about the future but are not told specifically the time of its fulfillment. Every student of prophecy must humble himself before this question which so many have fallen victim to in the past. Let’s then take a moment to examine some events that portend the near future ending of this age, the messianic age in my opinion.

Some Signs of the End of Our Age

Deuteronomy 28:58 If you will not be watchful to do all the words of this law (covenant
                               that are written in this book…
Deuteronomy 28:63 You shall be plucked from the land into which you go to possess (Canaan).
Deuteronomy 28:64 And the Lord shall scatter you among all the peoples from one end
                               of the earth to the other…
Deuteronomy 28:65 You shall find no ease and there shall be no rest.
Deuteronomy 28:37 And you shall become an amazement, a proverb, and a byword among all the peoples.

The writing of these words is dated by the reference to Canaan as "the land you go to possess." The land (Canaan) has no formal name yet, not having yet been entered and settled. This entrance to the Promised Land and the writing of this warning/prophecy probably occurred between 1400 – 1500 B.C.; and yet it describes precisely the Diaspora (dispersion), and persecution of the Jews that we now know took place over a thousand years later. The return of the Jewish peoples to their land is also prophesied far in advance.

Ezekiel 36:24   For I (Lord) will take you from among the nations and gather you
                       out of all the countries and bring you into your own land…

This single verse is probably the most important portent that our age is ending, the re-gathering of Jews into Canaan from all the countries of the world, the establishment of modern Israel in 1948. This sets the stage for all other subsequent events. Israel and the Middle East problem is a prophecy clock for the timing of subsequent prophesied events.

Ezekiel 37:33   In that day (when I gather you) I shall cleanse you of all your iniquities…
                        They will say this land has become like a Garden of Eden.

These lines definitely relate to the Messianic, End of The Age, and not the return from Babylonian captivity because; the people are brought from plural countries and nations and not just Babylon. References to the Messianic "cleansing of all iniquities" through forgiveness, and reference to the restoration of the Garden of Eden – which ends The Adamic Age, just as it had begun so many years before, places the re-gathering and the messianic cleansing in the same timeframe. This re-gathering of Judah from "all the countries" into the land of Canaan officially began in 1948, when the international community recognized Israel as a nation. Today these re-gathered Jews are from more than 115 nations; speak 80 languages, and number over 3.5 million people. Recently, this process has greatly accelerated due to growing political and ethnic tensions in Russia and elsewhere in the world. After the re-gathering, they will undergo ‘cleansing’ during the upcoming trial period.

Hosea 3:4   For the Israelites will go a long time without king and without
                  officials, without sacrifice and without cult pillars, and without ephod and teraphim.

Over 2500 years from the time the Northern Tribes depart until they return as Christians is indeed a "long time."

Isaiah 27:6  Israel shall sprout and blossom,
                  And the Face of the whole world,
                  Shall be covered with fruit.

This blossoming of the people Israel as well as the land Israel will take place as a result of the purifying process of the trial period to come, at which time –

Zechariah 12:9   And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will seek to destroy
                          all the nations that come against Jerusalem.
Zechariah 12:2   Behold, I will make Jerusalem a bowl of reeling for the peoples
                         all around. Judah shall be caught up in the siege upon Jerusalem,
                         when all the nations of the earth gather against her.

Israel and Arab Nations are on a collision course of war. Arab states are uniting and strengthening their ties to Russia and China. The UN is unanimously sympathetic to the Arab Nations, and last but not least, the United States and Britain have for the first time withheld their historic position of support for Israel. And so the biblical scorecard of Israel vs. the World is coming into view just as prophesied. And yet, people say that Barak will bring peace but the prophets say "peace, peace there shall be no peace" (Jeremiah 8:11). Who should we bet on? Barak or the prophets? Both Israel and the Arab states have proclaimed their absolute rights to Jerusalem and its Temple Mount. The Arab nations openly proclaim that Israel ultimately has no right to exist. Since, we have learned that "the Lord" is preparing to restore to Judah and Israel to what is rightfully theirs, through a covenant with God and Melchizedek 4000 years ago, we can well surmise who the winner of this battle for the land of Canaan shall be. For more evidence that the age is ending now, we turn to Daniel:

Daniel 12:4 And thou, Daniel, close the words, and seal the book for the time
                  of the end; until many are taught, and knowledge is increased.
Daniel 12:7 Daniel asks: when will the end be of the wonders which thou hast
                   mentioned? And I (Daniel) heard the man clothed in linen,…who
                   swear by Him that lives forever, that it should be for a time, times
                   and a half of tim
e; when the dispersion (of Israel) is ended They shall
                   know all these things. (My parenthesis)

     We are certainly in the midst of a knowledge explosion as implied in Daniel 12:4, and I take "time, times, and a half of time" to be 2500 years. (One time equals 1000, two times equal 2000, and a half of time equal 500.) Some scholars date Daniel to about 500 BC and it is now, approximately 2500 hundred years since then, the date of the original prophecy. Please note that others have interpreted this differently. Also note that Daniel is told that the messianic events will occur "when the dispersion (of Israel) is ended." The dispersion ended when the nation of Israel was re-established in 1948. According to prophecy we are living in the messianic period. Referring to the End of the Age, Enoch says –

Enoch 55:1   I beheld another army of chariots, with men riding in them.
                     And they came upon the wind from the east,
                     From the west, and from the south.
                     The sound of the noise of their chariots was heard.

     What else could chariots, riding upon the wind, with men and audible noise be, other than airplanes? These planes are probably coming to the Holy land for purposes of war, the messianic war where "all the nations" come against Israel. Notice that the planes come from every direction except the north, perhaps because Gog and the army from the north has that direction covered. Directly north of Israel, lies Moscow the capital of Russia and scriptural evidence can be marshaled in support of this Gog/Russia thesis. The presence of airplanes dates the time of Enoch’s prophecy to our present modern age.

     Also drought, thirst, and failure of things to grow and yield are frequently referred to in the Messianic period. The drought developing in the Middle East and other parts of the world should get progressively worse if we are truly living in the Messianic time period. I would also expect unraveling in our political, financial, and other institutions to greatly accelerate soon. The Urantia Book, as do the prophets, places the heaviest burden of blame on the lawlessness, corruption, and deceit of the ruling class, who lead the masses astray.

UB 1074    The real undoing of Judah was effected by a corrupt and rich ring
                   of politicians operating under the rule of a boy-king, Manasseh…the fall
                   of Assyria, and the ascending of Egypt, brought deliverance to Judah
                    for a time, and the country folk took over.
UB 1074    The attempt to suppress freedom of speech (by the power elite) led
                   Elijah, Amos, and Hosea to begin their secret writing, and this was
                   the real beginning of the Jewish and Christian Bibles. (My parenthesis)
Ezekiel 7:10   Here is the day! See, the cycle has come round; it has appeared.
                      The rod has blossomed; arrogance has budded, lawlessness has
into a rod of wickedness.

     Our country began in Godliness, but an evil crop has been sown and the harvest has blossomed into deceit and arrogance. Keep watch while this increasingly goes to seed. Our leaders are trampling our Constitution and the rights of our once proud citizens. There are many strange things going on in Washington that are completely unreported by the media establishment. We need to ask questions and dig under the surface a little to find the dark side of current national and world events. Political, economic, financial, social and environmental current events also betoken for we have heard that God is with you."

     Notice the use of the "Lord of Hosts" for God and "the Lord" to designate Melchizedek the one who "dwells in Zion." The distinction here is clear. The next paragraph is anything but clear and represents the confusion of two separate "radio broadcasts" of prophecy located very close together so that the prophecy contains elements from both broadcasts.

Zechariah 9:9   Rejoice greatly, Fair Zion:
                        Raise a shout, Fair Jerusalem!
                        Lo, your King is coming to you.
                        He is victorious, triumphant,
                        Yet humble, riding on an ass,
                        On a donkey foaled by a she-ass.
                        He shall banish chariots from Ephraim
                        And horses from Jerusalem;
                        The warrior’s bow shall be banished.
                        He shall call on the nations to surrender,
                       And his rule will extend from sea to sea
                       And from ocean to land’s end.

     The first six lines of this verse pertain to Jesus who entered Jerusalem on an ass. The second six lines describe the activities of Melchizedek, the World Messiah, who puts an end to war and who reigns over all. Also, Melchizedek comes riding the "white horse" of Revelation to conquer and not an ass which is the symbol of peaceful entry chosen by Jesus. Otherwise, Jesus and Melchizedek are similar and easy to confuse from the standpoint of the prophet. They are both Sons of God, both divine beings and both "Kings." One is the King of the spiritual Kingdom of Heaven and the other is King of the external, material Kingdom of God on earth. Next we have:

Zechariah 9:14   And the Lord shall manifest Himself to them (Judah)
                          And His arrows shall fall like lightning;
                          My Lord God shall sound the ram’s horn
                          And advance in a stormy tempest.
                          The Lord of Hosts will protect them.

     Modern Israel (Judah) is under siege in 9:14, and Melchizedek enters to protect the people, who will therefore survive and become part of the Judah remnant. A loud "horn" or trumpet is sounded on Melchizedek’s arrival and is used to proclaim liberty to these captives at the end of the age, which is the beginning of Melchizedek’s sovereignty. This proclamation of liberty is part of the general restoration of freedom and property that occurs during a Jubilee year of Jewish tradition. The Jubilee year occurs after every seven weeks of years (49), on the 50th year. It is proclaimed by the sounding of the trumpet on the 10th day, of the 7th month.

Zechariah 14:2    For I will gather all the nations to Jerusalem for war: the city will
                           be captured, the houses plundered; and the women violated; and a
                           part of the city will go into exile. But the rest of the population will
                           not be uprooted from the city.

     These are very precise prophecies of what exactly will occur just prior to Melchizedek’s entrance. Written over 2500 years ago these prophecies are as close to certain as it is possible to get. The history of what is about to happen has already been written far in advance.

Zechariah 14:3   Then the Lord will come forth and make war on those nations…on
                          that day, He will set his feet on the Mount of Olives, near Jerusalem
                          on the east; and the Mount of Olives shall split across from east to west,
                          and one part of the Mount will shift to the north and on the other part to
                          the south, forming a huge gorge…and the Lord my God, with all the
                          holy beings, will come to you. In that day, there shall be neither sunlight nor cold
                          moonlight, but there shall be a continuous day – only the Lord knows when – of 
                          neither day nor night, and there shall be light at eventide. In that day, fresh water 
                          will flow from Jerusalem, part of it to the Eastern Sea (Dead Sea) and part to the
                          Western Sea (Mediterranean), throughout the summer and winter.
Zechariah 14:11 And the Lord shall be king over all the earth; in that day there shall
                           be one Lord with one name…never again shall destruction be decreed, and
                           Jerusalem shall dwell secure…
                           In that day, even the bells on horses shall be inscribed "Holy to the
                           Lord"…every metal pot in Jerusalem and in Judah shall be holy to the
                           Lord of Hosts…in that day there shall be no more traders in the House
                           of the Lord of Hosts (Temple).

     The Mount of Olives splits in two at the time of a large regional or global tectonic event/events. As a result, water flows to the drought stricken land from out of Jerusalem. Recently, for the first time, water has been noted trickling out from under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is a precursor of what is to come. The precursor events of prophecy are already happening. God tells us that our rebellion from his laws/ways has been from the ancient times of Israel to present. He does not want to see anybody suffer or "be punished." He simply wants us to turn back to Him for our own good. All who respect and revere God’s name are invited to be healed, made whole, and welcomed into the kingdom of God. Malachi ends with the well known:

Malachi 3:2    Lo, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before the coming of
                      the awesome, fearful day of the Lord. He shall reconcile fathers
                      and sons and sons with their fathers, so that, when I come, I do
                      not strike the whole land with destruction.

     God tells us in the final stanza that He will raise up and send a final prophet "Elijah" before the coming of the Lord (Melchizedek). Who is this "Elijah" and why is he called by this prophet’s name? John the Baptist came before the Lord (Jesus) but he was not "the Elijah" to come. John the Baptist:

UB  1499         was especially impressed by Isaiah and by Malachi…He read and
                         re-read the last five chapters of Isaiah…Then he would read in Malachi
                         "Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of…the
                         Lord."…John’s expectation of the coming of Elijah held him back (from
                         proclaiming the kingdom) for more than two years. He knew he was
He finally dared to think that the first of the prophets was called
                         Elijah that the last of the prophets (himself) would be known by the same
                         name. Nevertheless, he had doubts, doubts sufficient to prevent him from
                         ever calling himself Elijah. Also consider:    

UB  1754        …the three apostles perceived that He (Jesus) referred to John the Baptist
                        as Elijah. Jesus knew that if they (the apostles) insisted on regarding him
                        as the Messiah, then must John be the Elijah of the prophecy. (My parentheses)

     In other words Jesus knew he himself was not the Messiah and that John was not the "Elijah" to come prophesied in Malachi. Jesus agreed to the use of the reference to Elijah only because he knew the apostles insisted on viewing himself as the Messiah. Elijah comes before the Messiah, identified previously as Melchizedek. Therefore,"Elijah" comes before Melchizedek and is the messianic final prophet. Also, ends of ages are very similar. John the Baptist was certainly the Elijah-type prophet for his end of the age, completed in 70 AD with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.

     The Teacher of Righteousness interpreted Old Testament scripture in a unique way. He read a large part of scripture as revealing the events of the messianic latter days. Previously, the Psalms were not commonly thought to have reference to the messianic period, but the Teacher of Righteousness uses the Psalms as one of his most frequently quoted sources. This is now easy to understand for us, because The Urantia Book tells us about the close relationship between Melchizedek and the psalms writers (see chapter 1). The Teacher of Righteousness switches "Melchizedek" for "Lord" in certain passages of the Old Testament demonstrating that he was aware of the Melchizedek legacy (as told in the Urantia Book) at a time when it had been lost to view otherwise. The Teacher also specifically prophesied the personality and mission of the Son of Man. His revelatory experience was accurate and valid. His only mistake was the timing of the messianic period, which he felt was shortly forthcoming. However, this is always the error of the prophet, he does not always know the time in which his prophesies will be fulfilled. Nevertheless, the information about the messianic time period in the Dead Sea Scrolls is still valid and finds its context, I believe, in the upcoming events of today’s world. Thus, it is no coincidence that this archive of knowledge is just now laid open before us. God’s plan for us is right on track, just as we should expect. He is revealing his plan to us in a strategic way.

     The Thanksgiving Psalms are among the most beautiful ever to have been penned. The Teacher of Righteousness will one day take his place in history as a prophet of the greatest degree. His writing will inspire the human race for ages to come, and his prophecy will take its place in the foundation of God’s Kingdom to come.

     In addition, the Teacher of Righteousness is a perfect example of a "suffering servant" in the tradition of Isaiah’s servant songs. In general, all human beings who serve God are "suffering servants" by the nature of the world in which we happen to live (‘rebellion’ seared and isolated as per the Urantia Book). To follow God's way is also to experience the friction generated by contact with man's way. There will come a day when we will all be focusing God’s being into the inner unfolding of our lives. But for now, a short while longer, all such servants of God will suffer. In addition to the general attributes of all servants, prophetic scripture refers to specific suffering servants as well, among whom the Son of Man is foremost. Since all of the previous prophets have been "suffering servants" it is likely that the messianic prophet to come will also be. It should also be noted that in addition to Isaiah, the Psalms are a great store of information regarding "servants" as they are flooded with references to such. We now proceed to the interpretation of psalms found within the Dead Sea Scrolls. The following are excerpts from Dead Sea Scrolls, Geza Vermes.

Biblical Psalms Commentary, Dead Sea Scrolls
"be not heated against the successful, the man who achieves his plans." (Psalms 37:7a)

     Its interpretation concerns the Liar who has lead astray many by his lying words so that they choose frivolously and heeded not the interpreter of knowledge in order to…(missing text). They shall perish by the sword and famine and plague. (TR,Teacher of Righteousness)

     The Liar is a specific figure in the times of the Teacher of Righteousness. The Liar is also a general character type that has shown up in all the ends of previous ages. No doubt, the personification of deceit, the Liar, will be part of this messianic time period as well. War (the Sword), famine, plague, and drought also have ended previous ages and they will undoubtedly again. The interpreter of knowledge mentioned by the Teacher of Righteousness is the end of the age, messianic prophet, also called the interpreter of the law elsewhere in the scrolls.

     "Don’t be angry; it tends to evil, for the wicked shall be cut off." (Psalms 37:9) Interpreted, all those who are stubborn in turning away from their iniquity shall be cut off. (TR) Only a very small percent of the overall population has anything to do with iniquity, which is repeated, knowing, and willful disobedience to God’s laws and will. Unfortunately, the handful that do, are extremely powerful and are steering the world toward conflict and disaster. Their actions contain within them the very seeds of their own destruction, but they proceed nevertheless, like moths to flame. Prophecy tells us that they will kill (cut off) one another as they are struck by their own arrows. Unfortunately, a mass of people will follow their leaders – no matter where they lead.

     "But those who wait for the Lord shall possess the land." (Psalms 37:96) Interpreted, this is the congregation of the elect who do His will. (TR) The "elect," elect God’s will over their own. (My comment)

Ephraim, America

     "The wicked draw the sword and bend their bow to bring down the poor and needy and to slay the upright of way. Their sword shall enter their own heart and their bows shall be broken." (Ps 37:45-15) Interpreted, this concerns the wicked of Ephraim and Manasseh, who shall seek to lay hands on the Priest (Final Prophet) and the men of his council (the elect) at the time of trial that will come upon them. But God will redeem them from out of their hand. And afterwards, they (the wicked of Ephraim and Manasseh) shall be delivered into the hand of the violent among the nations for judgment. (TR) The people who will go the most wrong in the messianic time period upcoming are the same people who went the most wrong in ancient times as well; i.e. the Northern Tribes, who are Israel, who in turn are the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh, foremost among the Ten Northern Tribes. The Northern Tribes then become the Lost Ten Tribes who migrate to northern and western Europe, and then later to America, surfacing today after 2000 years as Christians, some of whom occupy the equivalent to the "promised land" of yesterday-- America. Ephraim is very probably America today and Manasseh is very probably Great Britain. The "wicked of Ephraim and Manasseh" are the leaders and power elite of these two countries.  American is Ephraim because the Lost Ten Tribes first settled in Northern and Western

     Europe, from there the Lost Ten Tribes later settled America. The bravest, most courageous, most freedom loving and most religious of Europe settled America. The "cream of the crop" of the entire world moved west. America is directly related to Ephraim of ancient Israel. Both America and ancient Northern Israel started out on the right tract with the love and blessings of God. When both their wealth grew, both abandoned God and went chasing after the false gods of money, sex, and power. Both had leaderships that led the people (the majority) far away from the sustenance of truth. Deceit, lawlessness and decay beset Israel and beset us today. Israel’s prophets arose and were ignored even as they were killed and imprisoned. America, like Israel, will ignore her prophets as well. The outcome will be the same, making for a precise repeat of history. The beginning is like the end. America, like the Northern Tribes, is blessed with fruitfulness, bounty, and God’s grace. Both became proud and defiant, lawless and licentious, arrogant and capricious. Both become blind, deaf, and dumb to the events around them that ultimately swallow them up. Not only is America Ephraim by heredity, but America is also Ephraim by history. It is from America and Great Britain that the most destructive leaders of Christendom will come and they will be the ones who lead the persecution of the elect. They are, and will be, "the wicked of Ephraim and Manasseh" of Dead Sea Scroll prophecy.

     The "Priest" referred to in this passage is another name used by the Teacher of Righteousness to designate the messianic prophet, who is usually called the ‘interpreter of the law.’ The Teacher of Righteousness sees the future messianic prophet as the completion of what he himself has become. One is a forerunner of the other. The Teacher of Righteousness, like the messianic prophet, ‘interprets’ prophecy that already exists. Neither are recipients of new visions of things to come. The Teacher is fully aware that he is a precursor to a latter ‘interpreter of the law’ of the messianic age.

     This "Elijah" come alive is derived from the book of Malachi and the New Testament gospels. A specific promise is made by God that He will send ELIJAH the Prophet before the GREAT AND TERRIBLE DAY OF THE LORD to reveal and restore all things. Some expected an actual resurrection of Elijah but Jesus made it plain that John the Baptist was the symbolic ELIJAH (Mattkew 11:11-14) of his time and that YET ANOTHERwas to come later (Matthew 17:10-13) preceding the yet future DAY OF THE LORD. So much hinges on the ELIJAH to come that some Jewish believers have a chair reserved for this individual. At least one Karaite priest recognized the "Teacher of Righteousness" of Qumran as being the former Baptist. A Scrolls comment on Hab 1:5 reads: this concerns the end of days. They and the men of violence and the breakers of the covenant will not believe when they hear all that is to happen to the final generation from the priest in whose heart God established understanding that he might interpret all the words of His servants the Prophets, through whom He foretold all that would happen to His people and the land…" The wicked and the unfaithful are most often described as "seekers after smooth things" (likely from Isaiah 30:10) who prefer smooth easy illusions to the real truth of the Bible. This writer recently heard a minister state in a sermon that Jesus did not really mean He was going to come back with a rod of iron as the Bible says. The Scrolls commentary on the book of Habakkuk introduces this book as concerning the final generation at the end of days and identifies the Chaldeans (Babylonians) of Hab 1:6 as the "Kittim (power block)-quick and valiant in war-causing many to perish-all the world will fall under the rule of the Kittim". This is the FIRST of the 3 Kittims-Kittim Babylon. This certainly sounds like the world ruling Beast Power often mentioned by prophecy writers and later verses serve to affirm the identity. Then of Hab 2:1-2: --"he who reads it may read it speedily" [as concerning the Teacher of Righteousness to whom God made known all the mysteries of the words of His servants the Prophets]…". There is a delay spoken of in this commentary which apparently involves the "waiting" of the prophet and uncovering of the vision, but there is no indication how far the delay has progressed, except the obvious fact that the delay is over when the Last Prophet becomes public. Certain of the descriptive verses from the Thanksgiving Hymns concerning this Final Prophet (Teacher of Righteousness) are presented along with the numbers of verses they correspond with in the particular Psalms: Scrolls Verses Corresponding Biblical Psalms (Physical circumstances) (Vs Nr.] Until I’m old-until old age 37:25 [Ps 37:25 states he is old and some Scrolls texts on –age rules for positions suggest he would be between 50- 60 years of age] Dim eyesight from waiting 38:10 Lives among woods and waters/fishers and hunters Poor health, pain, chronic loss of strength-heart fails 38:3-8, 40:12 My soul has journeyed to the gates of death- 88:3 God has not placed my support in gain-no fleshly refuge- 40:17 (the Prophet’s opponents) All who have eaten my bread have lifted their heel against me- 41:9 Opponents hate wrongfully and render evil for good- 38:19-20 By their affliction bitterness-sorrow-ignominy 42:5, 43:5 You (God) widened my heart- they narrow my heart with affliction- 39:3 Psalm was not speaking of Jesus at all. By part of this verse and His own authority Jesus predicted His betrayal, though even the first "trusted" part could not have applied to Him. We find another instance on one of these Psalms being applied to Jesus in Hebrews 10 beginning in verse 5 (quoting Ps 40:6-8): "sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but a body you prepared for me-Then I said ‘here I am-it is written about me in the scroll-I have come to do your will O God-’ (NIV). The portion which reads "a body you have prepared for me" is derived from the Septuagint and this is the text used in Hebrews. However in most Biblical Psalms the Masoretic (Hebrew) is used and it reads, "my ears you have pierced (opened)", which is quoted in the scrolls pertaining to the final Prophet.

     The verse certainly seems to be speaking of the Prophet and the Scrolls while the slightly different version applied only to Christ. The personal betrayal of the Last Prophet might be connected to the estrangement of friends and loved ones if the betrayal involves a marital dispute. Friends and relatives become very uncomfortable around those involved in serious domestic disputes or divorce. "Eaten my bread" seems to connote those who have lived in his household rather than someone who shared a picnic lunch. There is also a time when the Prophet will be on trial but God will not allow the prophet to be convicted. There is no evidence this betrayal is to the death as it was for Christ. One or several of these identifying clues might well be applied to a wide number of people but as each is added on the odds diminish. With these Dead Sea Scrolls painting a veritable "portrait" of the final Prophet it will be pretty difficult for a phony "Elijah" prophet to impersonate the real one even if the Creator would allow it. (Online Prophet, Bobby Rich)

     One portion of this portrait of the Final Prophet is taken directly from the Psalms, which were inspired directly by Melchizedek 4000 years ago, at which time he already knew the future history of "Israel." Another portion is taken from the Thanksgiving Hymns written by the Teacher of Righteousness of the Dead Sea Scrolls. A large amount of Old Testament prophecy is concerned with the messianic, end of the age scenario, at a time today, when prophecy is nearly forgotten and largely ignored. Ironically, this ignorance occurs at the very time of its relevance.

     The Thanksgiving Psalms are an expression of the suffering, as well as the joy, for those who would choose this path. Emily Dickinson refers to this way as the ‘interdicted way’ because it is a path reviled and ridiculed in man’s world, although sacred and exalted in God’s. When we are called to follow God’s way we are also called to leave behind man’s. We must count the cost, weigh the balance, and make the choice. How we choose and why we choose determine what we will become.

4Q166              "Woe to the city of blood; it is full of lies and rapine" (Nahum 3:1)
Teacher of         Interpreted, this is the city of Ephraim, those who seek smooth
Righteousness    things during the last days, who walk in lies and falsehood.

     I’m afraid Ephraim is America. America is the modern counterpart of Northern Israel of 700-800 BC. Both chase after the false gods of wealth, power and sex. America is a country populated by the offspring of the Lost Ten Tribes of yesterday. History ends where it began, so many years ago; and again it is the most favored, the most blessed, Ephraim who goes astray. "America, O beautiful, God shed His grace on Thee!" We have gone from "In God we trust" to the "God almighty dollar" in just two hundred years! The "city of Ephraim" that is full of lies and deceit may be Washington, D.C. which is also known as the "den of iniquity." Such places of concentrated evil end in the seeds of their own destruction. Perhaps those nuclear secrets, we have been so diligent to give to our enemies will be our undoing. And just as in ancient days, "the people," the majority, follow along dancing a merry tune – oblivious and exultant. Even more frighteningly, we next have:

4Q166-7   "The prowler is not wanting, noise of whip and noise of rattling
                  wheel, prancing horse and jolting chariot, charging horseman, flame
                  and glittering spear, a multitude of the slain and a heap of carcasses. There is
                  end to the corpses; they stumble upon their corpses."(Nahum 3:1-3)
                  Teacher of Interpreted, this concerns the dominion of those who seek smooth
                  Righteousness things from the midst of whose assembly the "sword of the nations
                  shall never be wanting." Captivity, looting, and burning shall be
                  among them, and exile out of dread for the enemy…there shall be no end to their slain.

     Again, this is Ephraim suffering the harvest of the seeds that are being sown now. The Chinese are being given control of the Panama Canal. Their weapons have a limited range, but with the Panama Canal, they’ll have good access to our cities. We have led the Chinese to our highest weapons technology. We open the door, show them inside and tell them where to look and what to look for. All of a sudden, China is a significant nuclear force which is growing rapidly. Where is their American made nuclear technology aimed at? Thirteen American cities at last count. Quite a mystery how these things happen, don’t you agree? Also notice that "exile" is in the stars for some of God's people from our country – just like the Babylonian days. This "exile" during war may be the trigger for the elect to go into hiding with the help of divine guidance, which will operate to protect these people and any others, who will listen. Prophecy says that many Americans will not heed their warning, just as the people didn’t heed in the time of the Babylonians, the Assyrians, and the Romans.  History replayed, for the last dance of man’s dull-witted sovereignty.

4Q166-7   I will cast filth upon you and treat you with contempt and render
                  you despicable, so that all who look upon you shall flee from you.

     Many deep, dark secrets are hidden in our country’s basement, which will come out in the open for all to see. The simple of Ephraim are probably Christians who are deceived by the leaders,but upon realization of this deceit they join Israel (the elect remnant) and Judah, the Jewish remnant which is in the process of reuniting now.

4LQ166   Interpreted, this concerns Manasseh in the final age, whose Kingdom shall be
                brought low by (Israel?)…(Teacher of Righteousness commenting on Nahum
                3:10) (Manasseh is probably Great Britain – the second most blessed tribe of
                Israel, my comment)
4LQ166    "You shall be drunk and shall be stupefied" (Nahum 3:11)
                 Interpreted, this concerns the wicked of Ephraim, whose cup
                 shall come after Manasseh. (TR)

     Our fearless leaders of deceit will go down after Great Britain’s kingdom is brought low. (My comment)

4LQ166    Because of the many harlotries of the well- favored harlot, the mistress of
                  seduction, she who sells nations through her harlotries and families through her
                  seductions. (Nahum 3:4)

     Interpreted, this concerns those who lead Ephraim astray, who lead many astray through their false teaching, their lying tongue, and deceitful lips – kings, princes, priest, and people, together with the stranger who joins them. Cities and families will perish through their council… There’s that "city" word again. There is a lot of prophecy about whole cities being destroyed. Population centers are not going to be a very safe place to be. I believe Nahum is referring to Ninevah of ancient times in 3:4. The Teacher surely knows about ancient Ninevah but chooses to interpret this verse as applying to the future (to him) messianic period. If so, above (that are otherwise my emphasis). Superficially, this prophecy seems to refer only to the Babylonians, but with deeper insight and analysis the Teacher of Righteousness also interprets this to refer to the "last days," as clearly indicated by the reference to air flight. The reference to "eagles" points to the United States, but the "east wind" reference points to China. Perhaps another clue:

1QpHab Interpreted, they (Kittim) encircle them with a mighty host, and out of fear and terror they
                  deliver themselves into their hands. They (Kittim) destroy (their captives) because of the sins of their inhabitants.

     A "mighty host" sounds like a large number of soldiers. These Kittim are callous and heartless as well.

1QpHab Interpreted, (Habbakuk 1:11) this concerns the commanders of the Kittim
                who, on the council of the House of Guilt, pass one in front of another,
                their commanders come to lay waste the earth. (Teacher of Righteousness)

     Interpreted, (Hab 1:12) this saying means that God will not destroy His people by the hand of the nations; God will execute the judgment of the nations by the hand of His elect. And through their chastisement all the wicked of His people shall expiate their guilt who keep His commandments in their distress. For it is said (of the elect), too pure of eyes to behold evil:

     Interpreted, this means that they (the elect) have not lusted after their eyes during the age of wickedness. (Teacher of Righteousness) I’m not sure who the "House of Guilt" is. In times past, it was thought (I think erroneously) that the Kittim, the enemies of God’s people, were brought by God against His people to punish them. In fact, it was and is our own actions, which bring on such calamities. God does not punish, he desires only that we walk in the truth and beauty of His Way. He desires joy for His children, but our lack of obedience in many cases has taken us off His Path. Why do we blame God for our own failings? I observe that very often in life we turn against those who have tried the hardest to help us. It is painful to look at our own failings, but only because we expect and pretend that we are and should be perfect. Liberty is the knowledge that we are expected to be and have been created imperfect. Mistakes are expected and actually are necessary for learning. Learning is our real reason for being. Learning, growing and changing into an ever more beautiful expression of God’s (and our own) truth, beauty and goodness.

     The Teacher of Righteousness again explains that rather than God bringing the Kittim against its people, He (God) will turn the tables on the power elite and instead "execute the judgment of the nations by the hand of His elect." The elect we are told have eyes "too pure to behold evil." Truly, such as these are worthy children of the Father.

4Q534   "Speaks of a particular person as the ‘chosen one’ – chosen it is clear,
               to be a Revealer of God’s secrets to others…There is a prophecy given
               of a mighty priest who will arise and ‘reveal hidden mysteries’ and
               whose teaching is ‘like the Will of God’ – much like the ‘chosen one’
               of this text" (4Q534, 435 & 536) (comment by author Michael Wise,Dead Sea Scrolls)

     The commentary above, by the authors of the Dead Sea Scrolls; Michael Wise, et al., introduces several paragraphs in the Dead Sea Scrolls detailing physical traits, education, and other descriptions regarding this final prophet. These verses are discussed and presented in the chapter on Isaiah, near Isaiah 42.

     Now let’s look at a fascinating scroll, 4Q246, A Vision of the Son of God. Quoting from Michael Wise, Dead Sea Scrolls we have:

4Q246   This small text "speaks of a powerful figure who shall appear in a time
              of tribulation and be called, ‘the Son of God’ and the ‘Son of the Most
              High’ and whom all nations shall obey…The tyrant’s son will succeed
              him and will begin to accrue to himself the honor due only to God. Yet
              the reign of Father and Son will be brief." (Teacher of Righteousness)
4Q246   Also his son will be called The Great and be designated by his name.
              He will be called the Son of God…But like meteors that you saw in
              your vision
so will be their kingdom. They will reign only a few short
over the land, while people tramples people and nation tramples nation.

     This trampling is reminiscent of "nation will rise against nation" from the Gospels of the New Testament. Also, we are explicitly told that the Teacher of Righteousness had a vision of the last days. This vision is the source of his insight into scripture interpretation. The "Antichrist" is called the Great, Son of God, and Son of the Most High. "All nations shall obey him" indicates great, although brief power. Deliverance from distress finally comes when the people of God arise, bringing peace and prosperity. God is working through them and in them and His rule shall finally prevail. (Author’s comment, Michael Wise) 4Q246 until the people of God arise; then all will have rest from warfare.

     At present, the USA is still sitting on top of the world order (the beast). However, this developing world order really hates America (the harlot) because of her arrogance, power, and wealth. Caligastia (the little horn) is behind the scenes and he has successfully subverted the three governments of China, Russia, and the USA. This is done from the inside and thus the little horn pushes up from beneath and undermines these three governments/rulers. It is necessary to destroy America because she is too free, too powerful, and too haughty. This is why there is a concerted effort to weaken America’s moral fiber, military, and educational systems. This is why America has, not so secretly, intentionally transplanted our high technology to China. China and possibly Russia are being prepared to take leadership of the newly developing world order. Caligastia would like nothing better than to destroy the Judeo Christian peoples because among them are the lovers of the true God of Abraham, Jacob, and Jesus. I will leave this speculative sketch of Babylon and the beast as food for further thought. Let’s end this section with another list, a list of some end time events from Daniel.

End-Time Events

1. Ancients of Days, present Daniel 7
2. One like a son of man coming Daniel 7 with clouds
3. Saints of the Most High (Elect) Daniel 7 receive Kingdom forever
4. Michael (the angel) shall arise – great Daniel 12 prince of the people
5. Resurrection of dead (end of the age) Daniel 12
6. Wise will shine Daniel 12
7. Knowledge increased Daniel 12
8. Many have run to & fro Daniel 12
9. Troubles as never before Daniel 12
10. Ancient of Days, opens book of life, Dan 7 begins judgment proceedings in heavenly court.
11. Many purified Daniel 7
12. Wicked do wickedly Daniel 7

     It is evident that many of these prophecies have been repeated in multiple, independent sources of scripture. The more such sources, the greater the accuracy and certainty of the prophecy. Also, each prophecy must fit within the developing themes of the overall prophetic picture.

1Enoch 1:3    Upon their account I spoke and conversed with him, who will go
                      forth from this habitation, the Holy and Mighty One, the God of the world.

     Enoch conversed with Melchizedek "on account of" the elect. The Mighty One, God of the World, is Melchizedek who goes forth from his heavenly "habitation" with strength and power, riding the white horse of Revelation to put an end to war, persecution, and terror. This God of the world:

1Enoch 1:4     ...will hereafter tread upon Mount Sinai; appear with his hosts; and
                      be manifested in the strength of his power from heaven.
1Enoch 1:5   All shall be afraid, and the Watchers be terrified.
1Enoch 1:6   Great fear and trembling shall seize them, even to the ends of the
                     earth. The lofty mountains shall be troubled, and the exalted hills
                     depressed, melting like a honeycomb in the flame. The earth shall
                      be immerged, and all things which are in it perish; while judgment
                      shall come upon all, even upon all the righteous (Revelations 20:11-15).

     Melchizedek will visibly "appear with his hosts." How so? The Watchers are probably the descendants of those who had been "cast out of heaven," (the Dalamatia 100) who are from the Nodite (Nephilim) racial line. Are these some of the "princes" of the world, the powerful and heartless that run our world system from behind the scenes. Many of these behind the scene leaders apparently come from "royal" lineages. They are terrified, as they should be, when Melchizedek comes. As many other times stated in scripture, the hills are made low during cataclysmic tectonic activity. Notice that all those in (but not above or on) the earth perish, i.e. those hiding in mountains and subterranean locations. All people are then subject to individual judgment according to prophecy.

II Timothy 3:13  Seducers shall become worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived.
II Timothy 4:4    They shall turn their ears away, away from truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
II Peter 3:3         There shall come in those days scoffers, walking after their own lusts.

     Emily Dickinson was a reclusive, unknown poet who lived in the middle of the nineteenth century. She was unpublished in her lifetime, preferring to wait for fame posthumously. Sure of her own place in history to come, she waited for the world to discover the beauty and wisdom of a master craftsman. Unhappy with the world’s imprisoned word meanings, she needed but a simple lexicon to fashion her new gems, her crystals of reflected word, glistening in light and color. Living only for beauty, and only for truth, she haunts us today with eerily beautiful and mysterious poetry from deep within her mind and soul.   First we will look at Emily's prophecy of her own death.

ED#246   There is a morn by men unseen –
1858         Whose maids upon remoter green
                 Keep their Seraphic May –
                 And all day long, with dance and game,
                 And gambol I may never name –
                 Employ their holiday.
                 Here to light measure, move the feet
                 Which walk no more the village street –
                 Nor by the wood are found –
                 Here are the birds that sought the sun
                 When last year’s distaff idle hung
                 And summer’s brows were bound.
                  Ne’er saw I such a wondrous scene –
                  Ne’er such a ring on such a green –
                  As if the stars some summer night
                 Should swing their cups of Chrysolite –
                 And revel till the day –
                 Therefore – we do life’s labor –
                 Though life’s Reward – be done –
                 With scrupulous exactness –
                 To hold our Senses – on –

     In #443, Emily stands in front of a mirror exactly "tying her hat" and "creasing her shawl" to distract herself from the terror of her revelation and to keep busy because "life’s Reward," her poetry and prophecy, are now completed. She weighs the "time ’twill be till six o’clock" because that will be the hour of her death for which she will wait patiently, as her primary service to God "her Errand" which "she came to Flesh upon" is complete. She understands that between "errands" there is a lot of waiting and occupying of oneself during "Miles on Miles of Nought." She feels she has to pretend or "simulate" to "cover what" she is because she knows that the worldly and dissecting eyes of scientists and doctors (surgery) would be startled and shaken (’Twould start them) by the spiritual realities with which she has lived her life. And she doesn’t want to disturb their restricted, overly skeptical world view when that same world possesses "a Bomb," nuclear implied, we can guess. (discussed later)

E.D. #1422  Summer has two Beginnings –
1877             Beginning once in June –
                     Beginning in October
                     Affectingly again –
                     Without, perhaps, the Riot
                     But graphicker for Grace –
                     As finer is a going
                      Than a remaining Face –
                      Departing then – forever –
                      Forever – until May –
                      Forever is deciduous –
                      Except to those who die

     In #1422, Emily states that summer has two beginnings "once in June" in the northern hemisphere and once in October in the southern hemisphere. She then reflects that summer’s grace is best appreciated in its leaving, rather than its coming. She then switches gears to human life and death, and decides that death is finer than her remaining errand-less life, she is just "a remaining face" that endures until a future May takes her in death forever to where there are no "deciduous" cycles of birth and decay, just ever expanding realms of infinity.

E.D. #1737    Rearrange a "Wife’s" affection!
                      Stiller – than the fields
                      At the full Dew –
                      Beautiful – as Pictures –
                      No Man drew.
                      People – like the Moth –
                      Of Mechlin – frames –
                      Duties – of Gossamer –
                      And Eider – names –
                      Almost – contented –
                      I – could be –
                      ’Mong such unique
                      Society –

     Again, one can take this "going to heaven" literally or figuratively. Too many prophets have described this same experience in the same way as Emily not to give pause, especially in light of Emily’s successful prophecy of her own death and her deeply insightful poetry about the inner workings of the kingdom of heaven; not to mention her accurate prophecies of nuclear weapons still to be examined.

E.D. #1096   These Strangers, in a foreign World,
1866             Protection asked of me –
                      Befriend them, lest yourself in Heaven
                      Be found a Refugee –

     Emily protects the "strangers" by keeping their existence secret, although none would believe her anyway.

E.D. #1360  I sued the News – yet feared – the News
1876            That such a Realm could be –
                     "The House not made with Hands" it was –
                     Thrown open wide to me –

     That such a "realm could be" will upset and overthrow the mind set of many people on this backward and darkened world. Light too strong blinds us, whereas lower intensities illuminate the darkness.

Mark 13:25     And the stars of heaven shall fall,
                        and the powers that are in heaven shall be shaken.
Revelations 6:13  And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth,
                           even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs,
                           when she is shaken of a mighty wind.
Revelation 8:10   And the third angel sounded,
                           and there fell a great star from heaven,
                           burning as it were a lamp,
                           and it fell upon the third part of the rivers,
                           and upon the fountains of waters;
Revelations 8:11   And the name of the star is called Wormwood:
                            and the third part of the waters became wormwood;
                            and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Chernobyl translates to Wormwood according to many.

4Ezra 9:19     But now those who have been created in this world
                     …have become corrupt in their ways.
4Ezra 9:20    So I (the Lord) considered the world, and, behold, there was peril because of the devices that were come into it.

Since the invention of the atomic bomb our world has been in great peril due to these devices, eventhough we have become gradually immune to the threat of their existence.

4Ezra 15:35   They shall smite one upon another, and they shall smite down a great multitude of
                      stars upon the earth, even their own star; and blood shall be from the sword unto the belly.

Isaiah describes this event that occurs when "the Lord" (Melchizedek) returns:

Isaiah 24:29    For sluices are opened on high,
                       and earth’s foundations tremble.
                       The earth is breaking, breaking;
                       The earth is crumbling, crumbling.
                       The earth is tottering, tottering;
                       The earth is swaying like a drunkard;
                       It is rocking to and fro like a hut…
Isaiah 24:21    In that day, the Lord will punish
                       The host of heaven in heaven
                       And the Kings of the earth on earth.

     That this is the messianic time period is indicated by "the Lord" returning to punish the high and mighty ones, those elite leaders of prior discussions. Large-scale motion of the earth is certainly described here, but it is not that well fleshed out. As outrageous as a pole shift sounds, there is very good evidence from the past to suggest that prior pole-shifts have occurred. Far greater minds than mine (including Einstein) have considered such possibilities. We are a young species and are an even younger civilization when compared to the vast stretches of geologic time that has gone before us. An honest reading of prophecy brings these unusual considerations before us to ponder. If we reject them, it should be on the basis of sound science and careful inquiry. I will now present some facts that bear on the subject of pole shifting. The following quotes will be taken from Pole Shift, by John White, which is a good general survey of the topic published in 1980.

     More than 170 polarity changes or field reversals (in the magnetic field) have occurred during the past 80 million years. (Pg. 9)

     The cause of our planet’s magnetic field is not yet understood and the relationship between the spin axis and the magnetic axis is also not understood. The magnetic field may be influenced by the earth’s metal containing core. This core may rotate within the earth causing changes in the magnetic field direction. Magnetic field changes could cause difficulty in the ability of birds to navigate. Also, magnetic compasses would be affected. The magnetic field also shields the planet from solar and cosmic radiation. This could disrupt weather systems and cause damage to life forms on earth as well as satellite communications in space.

     And so we see that there is a large amount of historical and other evidence suggesting that shifting of the poles has occurred in the relatively recent past. However, the mechanism of this is still not understood, so that pole shift cannot yet be predicted.

Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, and many other "prophets" also predict a pole shift.

4Ezra   But if the Most High grants that you live, you shall see it (the world)
            thrown into confusion after the third period; and the sun shall suddenly
            shine forth at night,
and the moon during the day. Blood shall drip from
            wood, and the stone shall utter its voice; the peoples shall be troubled, and
            the stars shall fall.

     These signs in the sun, moon, and stars are all explicable by a shifting of the poles. This is what some prophets say will happen, but personally I have a hard time believing or even imagining it. Nevertheless, the evidence speaks for itself and the prophecy is widely supported in scripture.

     As only proper, we will finish this chapter with Emily’s own words as she pondered the scenes of future events as they moved across her field of vision.

E.D. #345    Funny—to be a century –
                    And see the People—going by –
                     I—should die of the Oddity –
                     but then – I’m not so staid – as He –
                     He keeps His Secrets safely – very –
                     Were He to tell – extremely sorry
                     This Bashful Globe of Ours would be –
                     So dainty of Publicity –

     1955 A.D. *1. Urantia Book published. Reveals and expands spiritual truths. Explains and emphasizes the message of Jesus; the gospel of the kingdom of heaven within, which is the will of God (the Father) transcendent in the heart of man (daughter or son).

     The Urantia Book prepares and teaches a small, powerless congregation of believers (The Church of Philadelphia reborn at the end of the age) who are true to the message of Jesus, the Kingdom of Heaven within and who will elect to do God’s will during the trial period at the end of the age, bringing an age ending triumph of good over evil.

     America is modern day Ephraim of Lost Israel, in receipt of the elect blessings given by God through Melchizedek, to Abraham, to Isaac, to Jacob, to Joseph, to Ephraim, to the Lost Ten Tribes, to Northern and Western Europe, and finally to America, Ephraim again. This lineage is symbolized by the wearing of a crown which indicates God’s (not man’s) royal heritage, the lineage of those who elect God’s will. These are the sons and daughters of God who have entered the Kingdom of Heaven.

     A large tectonic event occurs during the entry of Melchizedek causing the armies of the world’s nations who are attacking modern Israel to fall and causing water to flow from under the Temple mount. The nations are judged as are all people and principalities. Some nations are completely wiped out by war.

     The sovereignty of Man is ended. Melchizedek is made Planetary Sovereign. He is the world/Messiah of Old Testament Prophecy, long awaited by many Jewish people. He is a Son of God after the order of Jesus Christ (lower in hierarchy). The Lucifer rebellion against God is officially ended. The upside down world becomes right side up. Iniquity is gone forever.

     Melchizedek’s plan for comprehensive rehabilitation is complete. Many material and spiritual blessings are poured out upon mankind, more than restoring them to what should have been had the rebellion against God never occurred.

     Humankind is brought out of the darkness of isolation and rebellion and into the bright light of true reality. "Behold, all things are becoming new." (Jesus) "Even the stars of sky do battle for you."

     Man’s way is becoming God’s way. The Kingdom of heaven becomes universalized. The New Covenant blossoms out from within the Old Covenant which is taken up into the New.. The Old is within the New. Completion, harmony, and balance is becoming realized. ? 2010 An age of spiritual striving and progress begins. Mankind is welcomed into the cosmic brotherhood of inhabited worlds as well as the unseen brotherhood of spiritual realities, the Kingdom of Heaven. The true nature of reality is unveiled and revealed: in truth and with joy.

Topical Excerpts of "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand"