Caligastia The Devil


     In other words, we have seen the enemy and it is us. This is why the Urantia Book gives Caligastia (the devil) little credit for the evil around us and places the blame squarely where it belongs – on ourselves. And the silence of "the good people" is deafening as we stand back and watch the destruction of our country and our families.

     Should we then expect Jesus to be present when Melchizedek is made Planetary Sovereign, which is stated to be soon forthcoming by the Urantia Book? When might this occur? The System Sovereign will also be present. Will any of this be visible? We also know that the Ancient of Days will be present at the end of the age, as his presence is required whenever personality extinction takes place (Caligastia). Quite a group of personalities on this "forsaken" world, I would say.

11Q13 By the power of Melchizedek, dominion on earth will pass from
DSC      Belial (Devil/Caligastia) to the righteous
Sons of Light.
              (DSC A New Translation, Wise, Abegg & Cook)

     To see for ourselves just how detailed and accurate this prophecy is, let’s now take a look at a small sample of Daniel’s prophecy in chapter eleven. We will focus in on the prophecy regarding Antiochus IV Epiphanes. He is the prototype of Caligastia’s (the devil’s) human personification, the antichrist.

     Horns represent power; good or evil. The size of the horn is proportional to the magnitude of the power. Little horn equals little power and large horn equals great power. Notice that the little horn here, in Daniel 8, is different from the little horn of Daniel 12. In Daniel 8 the little horn is one (North) of the four horns (N, S, E, W) of the third beast and grows larger from Antiochus the Great through Antiochus IV Epiphanes his son. In Daniel 12, the little horn is a separate eleventh horn, which grows out from under three of the ten original horns (Kings) growing on the fourth beast (the messianic world Kingdom). Both little horns are manifestations of Satan’s or Caligastia’s power. Antiochus IV corresponds to the little horn of Daniel 8 and the little horn of Daniel 12 corresponds to the antichrist of our age, the messianic age. Many of the same characteristics of Antiochus IV Epiphanes may also be true of the antichrist figure yet to come and is therefore worthy of study.

     One final point before leaving Daniel, is the recognition of the behind the scenes activity of a variety of celestial beings, who shape and influence human history. It would appear that negative beings such as Caligastia (devil) and Satan have had their greatest impact on human history as a result of their influence on key individuals in diverse spheres of influence (academic, intellectual, economic, political, etc.). For example, Nietzsche represents the flowering and culmination of a long and flawed line of German philosophy. The slope is slippery and starts with seemingly innocuous and even well-intended errors which pass off as truth. Through such influence, a whole class of "intelligentsia" has been lead astray and the world has followed along unaware.

     It’s interpretation concerns Belial (devil) and the spirits of his lot who rebelled by turning away from the precepts of God to…(missing text). And Melchizedek will avenge the vengeance of the judgments of God…(missing text). And he (Melchizedek) will drag them (captives) from the hand of Belial and from the hand of all the spirits of his lot. And all the ‘Gods of Justice’ will come to his aid to attend to the destruction of Belial. (interpretation by TR)

     Here, it is made clear, Belial is the ultimate force behind the leaders and nations who take God’s people captive in the latter days. Most serve Belial/Caligastia unknowingly for promises of wealth, power, and prestige. We literally 'sell our souls' to get what we think we want most.

     Belial is no doubt Caligastia who is still "free to prosecute his nefarious schemes" (UB 610). "The devil is none other than Caligastia" (UB Pg. 602). "Adam tried to warn the races against Caligastia, but the task was made very difficult because his archenemy was invisible to the eyes of mortals…there were those confused minds that leaned toward the Caligastia teaching of unbridled personal liberty…" (UB 833). The ‘gods of justice’ mentioned by the Teacher of Righteousness are probably the Ancients of Days who "reserve power of decision on a mortal’s extinction." (UB 210). "It is evident that Immanuel counseled Michael (Christ) to remain aloof from the rebels and allow rebellion to pursue a natural course of self-obliteration (suicide)" (UB 617). "In the event of rebellion of a system headquarters, a new sovereign is installed within a comparatively short time, but not so on the individual planets. …Successor Planetary Princes are designated for isolated worlds,…but they do not assume active ruler ship…until the results of the insurrection are partially overcome and removed by partial remedial measures adopted by the Melchizedeks and other ministering personalities."(UB 394). We are still in the period of "partial remediation" under Melchizedek's "comprehensive plan for rehabilitation of Urantia." The rebellion will end when Melchizedek arrives and overcomes Caligastia at the time of harvest, depicted in Revelation:

     Its interpretation, to make them understand all the ages of time… In truth…(missing text) will turn away from Belial…by the judgments of God, as it is written concerning him, who says to Zion; your Elohim reigns. Zion is…, those who uphold the Covenant, who turn from walking in the way of the people. And your Elohim is Melchizedek, who will save them (those who uphold the Covenant) from the hand of Belial.(TR)

     At present, the USA is still sitting on top of the world order (the beast). However, this developing world order really hates America (the harlot) because of her arrogance, power, and wealth. Caligastia (the little horn) is behind the scenes and he has successfully subverted the three governments of China, Russia, and the USA. This is done from the inside and thus the little horn pushes up from beneath and undermines these three governments/rulers. It is necessary to destroy America because she is too free, too powerful, and too haughty. This is why there is a concerted effort to weaken America’s moral fiber, military, and educational systems. This is why America has, not so secretly, intentionally transplanted our high technology to China. China and possibly Russia are being prepared to take leadership of the newly developing world order. Caligastia would like nothing better than to destroy the Judeo Christian peoples because among them are the lovers of the true God of Abraham, Jacob, and Jesus.

     The "wicked ones" behind the scene will be exposed and dealt with. Mankind will be rid of Caligastia (the devil) and like-minded men forever.

UB p. 610   The Planetary Prince was dethroned and discredited. He was once termed
                       "God of Urantia." (Caligastia, the devil)
UB p. 610  Caligastia and Daligastia spurned Jesus’ tender offer of mercy.
                      Caligastia…is still free to prosecute his nefarious designs…
UB p. 610  The devil has been given a great deal of credit for evil which does not
                      belong to him…weak and dissolute mortals are merely being dominated by
                      their own inherent and debased tendencies…
UB p. 611  Satan was allowed to visit Caligastia…right up until another Son of God
                      should be accepted by such apostate worlds, or until such time that the
                      courts of Uversa should begin the adjudication… Melchizedek has since
                      been proclaimed Vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia, and the opening
                      of the case Gabriel vs. Lucifer was signalized by the inauguration of
                      temporary planetary regimes on all isolated worlds…Satan did visit
                      Caligastia right up until the time of these revelations…Satan is now
                      detained on the Jerusem prison worlds.

     Note here, that Urantia will be reinstated and restored to the system circuits and to interplanetary communication only after Melchizedek arrives. Final adjudication will not be complete until earth, its citizens, Caligastia, and Daligastia experience "Judgment Day" as described in the Bible. Only then will the current dispensational age end and a new age begin.

UB 611    Satan visited Urantia recently…He is now interred on the prison worlds.
UB 1971  approved the plans to kill Jesus.
UB 602    was the first lieutenant of Lucifer.
UB 434 Lucifer misled and deluded the orders of seraphic ministers
                     by the
sophistries of unbridled personal liberty.

     As we look around today, these same "sophistries of unbridled personal liberty" are all around us. The rebellion is ongoing and coming to full fruit at age’s end. We see this in our youth, on our TV sets, in our government, in our marriages, and in our academies. Power has replaced religion and politics has replaced ethics. The time of trial approaches. Rebellion still has its last gasp to breath. The "world crisis" of the Urantia Book is still ahead of us. We now move on to the next iniquitous one, Caligastia:

Caligastia (devil)

UB 742 chose 100 (corporeal staff) from over 785,000 ascendant citizens of Jerusem…
                    These Jerusem volunteers
were brought by seraphic transport…
UB 610 Caligastia has been
comparatively impotent since the cross
UB 753 has contributed to miscarriage of Adamic plan
UB 833 was difficult to combat since invisible.
UB 602 is the "devil"
UB 753 cannot coerce any normal human will
UB 610 still free (along with Daligastia) to prosecute his nefarious schemes.
(my parentheses)
UB 745 Caligastia "one hundred" lost immortality through rebellion.
UB 742 Daligastia and Caligastia are secondary Lanondek sons. Lucifer
                     is a primary Lanondek son.

     Caligastia and Daligastia are still here. What "schemes" are they involved in? Can we find and recognize their activities in the world today or are they so impotent that they do not even register on the scales of human activity? What difference does their presence make in the world around us? How would our planet, our nation, our lives be different without their presence? There are two mistakes that can be made with regard to evil. One is to be blind to it and therefore become powerless to effectively overcome it. The second mistake is to overly focus on and stress evil.

     This blinds us to the good around us, robs us of our inner peace and creates undo fear and paranoia. Evil and sin exist, but they remain powerless relevant to the destiny of any soul. Rebellion against God, the very source of being and all reality, is tantamount to cosmic insanity. It is suicidal and bears its own seed of self-destruction. God allows it, because true freedom requires it and true freedom is necessary to any prospect of true love, and true love, the love a Father for His children is the foundation of the world. Emily Dickinson says it the best, as usual, "Evil is the leisure of God’s Will" – it is the transient shadow cast by God’s ever-increasing light of life. Before leaving this topic let’s continue down the line of iniquitous ones and consider the Caligastia 100:

Caligastia 100

UB 747 Nod was the leader of the Caligastia’s staff of one hundred.
UB 758 Nodites were the descendants of disloyal Dalamatia staff of one hundred
UB 856 Nodite was both a racial and cultural term. They were the
eighth Urantian race.
UB 857 The Sumerian descendants of the Nodites produced the inscribed clay
                     tablets of ancient Sumer. (which are in our possession).
UB 856 Nodites are one half the ancestry of the secondary midwayers. (Adamites the other)
UB 856
legend had represented the Nodites as gods who came down and mated
                   with daughters of men (referred to in Genesis and 1Enoch).

     1Enoch speaks about a race of people who are descended from the offspring of "the sons of God who mated with the daughters of men." This race is referred to as the Nephilim, which corresponds to the Nodite race of the Urantia Book. This inter-racial union between Nodites and the daughters of man is blamed for the evil and sin that resulted in "the flood," by which God purified the earth. Enoch again identifies "an evil race" which is associated with the evil harvest of the messianic period. This raises the question of whether or not there are still present, relatively pure line descendants of this ancient Nodite race? Is this the race that has been associated with royalty throughout the centuries? If so, this would explain the royal links between the ruling class, the Power Elite, and the secret societies. Who are they, where are they, and what role, if any, will they play in the messianic period?

UB 194 We are equipped to overcome evil with good, vanquish hate by
                            love, to destroy fear with a courageous and living faith in truth.


The above presentation is from the book "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand" by Edmund J. Roache, MD.