†††† In order to reduce confusion, a simple sketch of the overall prophetic picture follows.


†††† We are near to ending "the age of the gentiles" initiated by Jesus and elaborated by Christians over the last 2,000 years.Before the "age of the gentiles (Christians)Ē we had the "age of the Hebrews" which also had lasted for approximately 2,000 years.After the War of Rome in 70 AD, the Jewish peoples and nation went backstage, and on hold for 2,000 years as the Christians had their turn in the leading role as "Godís people."According to prophecy, we are now entering the consummation of these two ages of man.We are about to begin the trial period that comes before the arrival of the Messiah of Old Testament description.Therefore, this upcoming period is referred to as the messianic period.During this upcoming messianic period both the ages of Christian and Jew are unified and brought to a single, joint consummation.Prophetic scripture of the Old Testament era has much to say about how and why this messianic consummation will proceed.This book is an interpretation, presentation, and synthesis of those prophetic scriptures as they have been illuminated by the recently acquired Urantia Book, and the newly discovered Dead Sea Scrolls (both around 1950).


††† Throughout the history of our world, a recurring general theme is evident.Humankind and its leadership first flourish through Godís grace.They then subsequently become self-satisfied and fall away from His precepts.Having become separated from God, we are also separated from the source of all wisdom.The result is the downfall of whatever was built and accomplished.This is the underlying theme behind the fall of ancient Israel, the fall of Adam and Eve, and the collapse of the tower of Babel.This will also be the theme of the unraveling of America in specific and modern civilization in general.The elements of the story are always the same.The Prophets tell us that the leaders become progressively blinded by power and pride, and thus become mis-leaders Ė progressively lawless, deceitful, self-serving, and unwise.The majority of "the people" are passive, blind, deaf, and dumb.They follow their mis-leaders into chaos and catastrophe.God sends his prophets/messengers to warn and correct, but to no avail, except for the very few whose hearts and minds are set right and who are able to be led to safety.These remaining few become the remnant, the survivors and progenitors of the next cycle.However, this time the cycle is different.This time, nuclear weapons have entered the scene.If there had been nuclear weapons when Rome fell, we wouldnít be here today to discuss the matter.The presence of nuclear weapons changes Godís evolutionary, remnant plan into no-plan.It changes the remnant into no-remnant.Man has never before been able to achieve stability and avoid the abuse of power and the downfall of empire.Are we more mature now?Are our leaders different from prior leaders?Are we wiser?Have we stopped straying from Godís laws and ways?The presence of thousands of nuclear weapons changes manís next fall into his last fall.The tower of Babel now has a bomb on the top of it.However, God will not allow the many good and decent people of our world to be annihilated.This is why the Messiah comes; this is why God will choose to enter human history directly.Since the death of Adam and Eve, our world has been without direct divine leadership.The age of strictly human sovereignty will be terminated shortly, and the World Messiah so long awaited by faithful Jews, will enter the scene to stay.Our world will never again be without direct divine leadership.Todayís upside down world becomes tomorrowís right side up world.But first, there is a story to tell.

†††† (The remnant of this cycle has unique characteristics and activities to perform.They are made wise by special books; they stand up for God and His way in the midst of persecution; they receive divine protection through their following of Godís will; and they teach Godís true way: the message of Jesus, the Kingdom of Heaven within.God Himself names this remnant through His prophets and servants.They are the elect, and are those who elect Godís will at the end of the age.This book is dedicated to all those who so elect.)