(835 B.C.)



Joel 2:18          Then the Lord was roused
                        On behalf of His land
                        And had compassion
                        Upon His people.
                        The Lord declared:
                        ‘I will grant you the new grain
                        The new wine, and the new oil,
                        And you shall have them in abundance,
                        Nevermore will I let you be
                        A mockery among the nations…


     The dating of Joel is uncertain so I put it last among the Biblical Prophets.
     The above stanza is identified as relevant to the messianic end of the age by the word nevermore. Only after "the Lord" comes could any such promise be nevermore. God’s compassion and forgiveness is represented by a new abundance of crops on a land that was desolate and dry from a drought, which has already begun in the Middle East and Israel. Faithful Jews will never again be marginalized or made mockery of other peoples after the forthcoming events occur.


Joel 2:21          Fear not, O soil, rejoice and be glad;
                        For the Lord has wrought great deeds.
                        Fear not, O beasts of the field
                        For the pastures in the wilderness
                        Are clothed in grass
                        The trees have borne their fruit;…


Joel 2:23         Rejoice in the Lord your God,
                        For he has given you the early rain in His kindness,
                        Now He makes the rain fall as formerly –
                        The early rain and the late –


     This refers to the rain that will fall when Melchizedek comes and the drought ends. Rain restores the land and mercy restores the soul.


Joel 2:26          My people shall be shamed no more
                        And you shall know
                        That I am in the midst of Israel:
                        That I the Lord am your God
                        And there is no other.


Joel 3:5           But everyone who invokes the name of the Lord shall escape;
                        for there shall be a remnant on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem,
                        as the Lord promised.


Joel 4:1            For lo! In those days
                        And in that time
                        I will gather all the nations
                        And bring them down into the Valley of Jehoshaphat
                        There will I contend with them
                        Over My own people, Israel.


     Israel and its people have long been persecuted peoples. But they shall be "shamed no longer." Restoration is at hand. They now become a blessing to the other people of the world. "Everyone who invokes the name of" or turns to the Lord (God) shall escape from Jerusalem and be part of the remnant of Judah. The other part of the Judah remnant survives in the city itself under the protection of God. Melchizedek, as God’s agent, will gather and "contend" with "all the nations" regarding the faithful Israel remnant of God who are "scattered as dew" among these same nations of contention. As explained elsewhere, Melchizedek will "pay ransom" for the release and return of the faithful, mostly Christian and Jewish remnant who have been persecuted and held captive in their respective nations. Ultimately, Israel comes to mean all those who recognize, love and respect the one true God of Abraham, Jacob, Jesus and Melchizedek. Anyone who would come, can come: stranger, foreigner, alien, or eunuch.


Joel 4:11          Rouse yourself and come,
                        All you nations
                        Come together…


Joel 4:12         To the Valley of Jehoshaphat;
                        For there I will sit in judgment
                        Over all the nations round about.
                        Saving the sickle
                        For the crop is ripe;
                        Come and tread,
                        For the wine press is full,
                        The vats are overflowing!
                        For great is their wickedness.


     Melchizedek is God’s reaper of the evil harvest of bloodshed and war as well as the good harvest of fruitfulness and love. This bloodshed is symbolized by the red wine in the overflowing vats. Consider also:


Rev 14:15       And another angel came out of the temple sanctuary, calling with a
                        mighty voice to Him who was sitting upon the cloud, put in your
                        scythe and reap, for the hour has arrived to gather the harvest,
                        for the earth’s crop is fully ripened.


     Notice here the confirmation of Melchizedek as the reaper. The reaper is "sitting upon the cloud," which has previously been associated with "the Lord’s presence" in ancient Israel, which in turn corresponds to Melchizedek’s "semi-material presence" there. Also, remember that "one like a son of man" sits on this cloud in Daniel. This "one like" also corresponds to Melchizedek because Melchizedek is not a son of man born of woman’s womb but he is "one like a son of man" who incarnates as a physical man of the realm.     
     Continuing with Joel:


Joel  4:14         Multitudes upon multitudes
                        In the Valley of Decision!
                        For the day of the Lord is at hand…
                        Sun and moon are darkened,
                        And stars withdraw their brightness
                        And the Lord will roar from Zion,
                        And shout aloud from Jerusalem.
                        So that heaven and earth shall tremble.
                        But the Lord will be a shelter to His people,
                        A refuge to the children of Israel…
                        And Jerusalem shall be holy;
                        Nevermore shall strangers pass through it.


     The "multitudes" in the Valley of Decision are probably the leaders of the nations who are gathered into the Valley of Jehoshaphat for judgment. Or, perhaps these multitudes are people making choices whether or not to "turn back to the Lord." Note again the "trembling earth" that conjures up seismic activity. The "son and moon are darkened" and the "stars withdraw their brightness" refer again to the dense cloud cover developing during this time, related probably to volcanic/nuclear activity.


Joel  4:18         And in that day,
                        The mountains will drip with wine,
                        The hills shall flow with milk,
                        And all the watercourses of Judah shall flow with water
                        A spring will issue from the House of the Lord

                        Egypt shall be a desolation.
                        And Edom a desolate waste,…  (4:19)

                        But Judah shall be inhabited forever
                        And Jerusalem throughout the ages.
                        Thus I will treat as innocent their blood
                        Which I have not treated as innocent,
                        And the Lord shall dwell in Zion.  (4:20)


     This last passage of Joel is chocked full of Messianic references (see italic phrases). The spring issuing from the Temple (3rd and last) designated by "the House of the Lord" has already started flowing recently from the Temple Mount in today’s Israel. Also, again note that the Messianic "Lord" dwells in Zion as he did before in ancient Israel before the rejection of God’s laws and way. Again this Messiah/Lord is Melchizedek, our Planetary Sovereign who may appear to govern Urantia “any day or hour.”  (UB 1251)

     The meshing together of the Urantia Book and prophetic scripture is very strong evidence that the meshing elements are both true, as they are clearly independent sources of information.
     Having finished with the biblical prophets, we move now to the Teacher of Righteousness and the Dead Sea Scrolls.