(580 B.C.)



Obadiah 1:15        Yea against all nations
                        The day of the Lord is at hand
                        That same cup that you (Israelites) drank on My Holy Mount
                        Shall all nations drink at My hand,
                        Drink until their speech grows thick,
                        And they become as though they had never been;
                        But on Zionís Mount a remnant shall survive,
                        And it shall be holy.
                        The House of Jacob shall dispossess
                        Those who dispossessed them.
                        The House of Jacob shall be fire,
                        And the House of Joseph flame,
                        And the House of Esau shall be straw;
                        They shall burn it and devour it.
                        And no inhabitant shall be left of the House of Esau.


     I believe this stanza refers to the Messianic period, because of the "holy" "remnant" left on Mount Zion. The House of Jacob (reunified Israel and Judah) dispossesses Esau (Arab forces) who had dispossessed them during the beginning of the Messianic war, before the arrival of The Messiah. Esau and Jacob are Isaacís two sons. Esau left Canaan and migrated to southern Jordan, called Edom in ancient days. Edom is mentioned many times in the Bible as a chief adversary of Jacob. The "Lordís anger" in prophesy achieves its greatest height against Edom, who stabs Jacob (Israel) in the back before and while they are being attacked by the Roman army in 70 AD and also during the attacks of the Assyrians 600-700 BC. Many prophecies were made against Edom that have been accurate to the smallest details. What was once a thriving commercial metropolis during the time of prophecy was reduced to the desolated place it can now be seen to be since the discovery of its ruins in 1812. Teman and Bozrah, where the Messiah first comes forth, are cities located in Edom (southern Jordan.) This is where "the highway for our God" is located, along which the Messiah and the remnant march toward Jerusalem. Eventually, the Messiah stands atop the Mount of Olives (where Jesus ascended from) and a large tectonic event splits the Mount of Olives into northern and southern halves. From the Mount of Olives, the Messiah and the remnant enter through the east gate of Jerusalem and then the eastern gate of the temple mount. Further destruction to this land of Edom is sure to come as Isaiah 34:9 awaits, still unfulfilled:


                      "And the streams of Edom shall be turned into pitch, and her
                        soil into brimstone; her land shall become burning pitch. Night
                        and day it shall not be quenched; its smoke shall go up forever."


     'Forever' is a messianic term as we have seen several times before. Next, we proceed to Daniel.