Son of God

UB 1014         …revealed truth was then threatened with extinction…
                        following the miscarriage of the Adamic mission on Urantia (Earth)…
                        The concept of God had grown dim and hazy in the minds of men…
                        Machiventa Melchizedek, one of twelve planetary receivers,
                        volunteered to do that which had been done
                        only six times in the history of all Nebadon 3;
                         to personalize on earth as a temporary man of the realm, to bestow
                         himself as an emergency Son of world ministry.
UB 1015          It was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa Melchizedek
                        was bestowed… Like Jesus, Melchizedek attended strictly to the
                        fulfillment of the mission…. He came to achieve two tasks: to keep
                        alive…the truth of one God and to prepare the way for the subsequent
                        mortal bestowal of a Paradise Son of that Universal Father.
                        (Jesus, the Son of Man).
 UB 853        Angelic helpers continued to struggle in conjunction with the
                     thought adjusters, both working heroically for the salvage of the
                     individual; but no
comprehensive plan for far reaching world
      welfare was promulgated to the mortals of the earth until the
                     arrival of Machiventa Melchizedek, in the time of Abraham,
                     who, with the power, patience and authority of a Son of God, did
                     lay the foundations for the future uplift and spiritual rehabilitation of
                     unfortunate Urantia.

    Melchizedek ‘resembles the Son of God’ (Hebrews 7:3)

    Melchizedek is a Son of God below the order that Jesus is from. (UB 335)
His main goal was to prepare a people that would understand and
recognize Jesus, Son of God and Son of Man.
He first had to
establish monotheism, the concept of the One God, so that the Son of the One God, Jesus, could be understood. This was accomplished mainly through the Patriarchs and Prophets of Israel, especially Elijah whose successful campaign established the One God over and above the multitude of tribal gods (Baals) previously in existence. (UB 1062)

     The correlation of the information in the
Dead Sea Scrolls, the Prophets, and The Urantia Book is a very important observation that suggests a connection to a common source. That source can only be the source of all truth, the divine kingdom of heaven, from which God Himself is directing the revelation of truth to his evolving sons and daughters of the material world.

UB 1020         Melchizedek made a formal covenant with Abraham at Salem.
                       Said he to Abraham: ‘Look now up to the heavens and number
                       the stars if you are able; so numerous shall your seed (offspring)
e!’. And Abraham believed Melchizedek, and ‘it was counted
                       to him for righteousness.’ UB  Israel had repudiated the
                       Son of the God (Melchizedek) who had made a
                       covenant with Abraham, and the plan to make the children of
                       Abraham the light-bearers of truth to the world had been
                       shattered. The divine covenant had been abrogated, and the
                       end of the Hebrew nation drew on apace.

     Notice above that it is God's covenant. Melchizedek, the Son of God, brings it to Abraham. This is why Melchizedek is referred to as "the messenger of the covenant" in Malachi.

     White symbolizes cleanliness, righteousness, and holiness. A horse is symbolic of a warrior. The crown symbolizes sovereignty. The one on horseback is Melchizedek, the Faithful and True, Son of God, who rapidly subdues the world’s leaders (kings) that are bringing war to the peoples. Also, remember that Joseph, the chosen (elect) son of Jacob, wore a crown and was a strong archer with a bow. Melchizedek is God’s chosen Son, and just as Joseph, he is given a crown and a bow, as well as sovereignty of our world. This is why 1Enoch calls Melchizedek the Elect One. The crown follows the elect; those who stand up and elect God’s will.

     Here the Messiah is envisioned as a human being, born from the line of David. Later, he is envisioned as a divine being, a Son of God. From the Urantia Book, we know that there is much distortion regarding David and his role in scripture.

     Here, Israel is addressed as "mine elect." We already know that Israel is derived from Joseph and that Lost Israel is modern Christendom. Again, the elect are among the Christians. Further, Christ in Christian means Messiah and the Messiah has been identified as Melchizedek, therefore Christians are surnamed after Melchizedek, the Messiah, who then says, "I have surnamed thee, though thou hast not known me." Christians are surnamed after Melchizedek the true Messiah or "Christ," and Christians do not know anything about him – yet! Remember, Jesus is not the Messiah! The name Christ (Messiah) is what Jesus is not. Rather, the person Jesus Christ lies above Melchizedek in the hierarchy of divine Sons, just as Adam and Eve lie below as described in the Urantia Book. At the very bottom of the hierarchy of course lies the human being, also a son of God, small s of course. We continue with further prophecy regarding the elect:

     God is speaking through Malachi: "Behold, I send my messenger…" The messenger of the first sentence is either John the Baptist or the "greater" John the Baptist to come, both of whom are sent to announce the coming of a Son of God. First Jesus, and then later Melchizedek in the Messianic period forthcoming. Just as John the Baptist "prepared the way before" the Lord, Jesus; the "greater John the Baptist" to come (final prophet) will "prepare the way before" the Lord, Melchizedek. This verse, "Behold I send My messenger," can apply equally to both messengers (prophets). This similarity between the two prophets is why The Urantia Book refers to the final prophet as "another and greater John the Baptist" to come.

     Now let’s look at a fascinating scroll, 4Q246, A Vision of the Son of God. Quoting from Michael Wise, Dead Sea Scrolls we have:

4Q246  This small text "speaks of a powerful figure who shall appear in a time
              of tribulation and be called, ‘the Son of God’ and the ‘Son of the Most
              High’ and whom
all nations shall obey…The tyrant’s son will succeed
              him and will begin to accrue to himself the honor due only to God. Yet
              the reign of Father and Son will be brief." (Teacher of Righteousness)
4Q246   Also his son will be called The Great and be designated by his name.
              He will be called the Son of God…But like meteors that you saw in
                your vision so will be their kingdom. They will reign only a few short
                years over the land, while people tramples people and nation tramples nation.

     This trampling is reminiscent of "nation will rise against nation" from the Gospels of the New Testament. Also, we are explicitly told that the Teacher of Righteousness had a vision of the last days. This vision is the source of his insight into scripture interpretation. The "Antichrist" is called the Great, Son of God, and Son of the Most High. "All nations shall obey him" indicates great, although brief power.

UB 611       Satan was allowed to visit Caligastia…right up until another Son of God
                    should be accepted by such apostate worlds, or until such time that the
                    courts of Uversa should begin the adjudication… Melchizedek has since
                    been proclaimed Vicegerent Planetary Prince of Urantia, and the opening
                    of the case Gabriel vs. Lucifer was signalized by the inauguration of
                     temporary planetary regimes on all isolated worlds…Satan did visit
                    Caligastia right up until the time of these revelations…Satan is now
                    detained on the Jerusem prison worlds.
UB 611  The rebellion of Jerusem has ended.
It ends on the fallen worlds as
               fast as divine Sons arrive. (Therefore the rebellion is still active.)

     Michael (Christ) chooses our planet for his future bestowal mission to incarnate as a "babe of the realm" in the human life of Joshua ben Joseph (Jesus of Nazareth), the Son of Man.

2,000 B.C. Melchizedek initiates emergency comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation of our planet in preparation for Jesus’ arrival. Melchizedek, like Jesus, is also a Son of God except that he is lower down in the divine hierarchy (Described in UB). This is the opposite of what Paul implied when he said that Jesus was "forever after the order of Melchizedek."

     The sovereignty of Man is ended. Melchizedek is made Planetary Sovereign. He is the world/Messiah of Old Testament Prophecy, long awaited by many Jewish people. He is a Son of God after the order of Jesus Christ (lower in hierarchy). The Lucifer rebellion against God is officially ended. The upside down world becomes right side up. Iniquity is gone forever.

The above quotes are from the book  The-Kingdom-of-Heaven-is-at-Hand  by Ed Roache.