Isaiah 24:18 For sluices are opened on high,

And earth’s foundations tremble.

The earth is breaking, breaking;

The earth is crumbling, crumbling.

The earth is tottering, tottering;

The earth is swaying like a drunkard;

It is rocking to and fro like a hut.

Its iniquity shall weigh it down …

In that day, the Lord will punish

The host of heaven in heaven

And the kings of the earth on earth.


This stanza indicates large-scale motions and disruptions in the earth at the time when "the Lord" arrives to establish peace. This may represent large scale tectonic activity or possibly even shifting of the poles as discussed in the chapter on Emily Dickinson. In that day confirms that this passage refers to the end of the age. The "hosts of heaven" are the rebellious spirit beings involved in the Lucifer rebellion. Also notice that the "kings of the earth" will be singled out for their mis-leadership. This is because these "leaders of nations" will cause the peoples of the earth to war with one another, as well as many other problems. These leaders, including our own, will be held responsible for the reprehensible conditions the world will be in. I believe these conditions refer to the environmental degradation, war, famine, disease, oppression of the weak, social strife, political chaos, and religious persecution that will exist.


Isaiah 30:25 And on every high mountain and on every lofty hill, there

shall appear brooks and watercourses—on a day of heavy

slaughter, when towers topple. And the light of the moon shall

become like the light of the sun, and the light of the sun shall

become sevenfold, like the light of the seven days, when the

Lord binds up His people’s wounds and heals the injuries it

has suffered.


A large scale healing of spiritual and physical wounds is implied in scripture regarding the Messianic end of the age.  The "day of heavy slaughter" is the day that ‘all the nations’ come against modern Israel and are defeated by the arrival of Melchizedek. "When towers topple" refers to the large, possibly global, tectonic event that will cause walls and towers to topple. The brooks and watercourses shall result from this same tectonic event. The reference to the increased light occurs repeatedly. This may be due to some physical event or possibly due to the light emanated from Melchizedek’s presence. These events described have not yet happened; therefore, their future occurrence is very probable.


Isaiah 60:17 Arise, and shine, for your light has dawned.

The presence of the Lord has shone upon you.

Behold! Darkness shall cover the earth,

And thick clouds the peoples

But upon you the Lord will shine,

And His Presence be seen over you.

And nations will walk by your light.

Raise your eyes and look about:

They have all gathered and come to you (the Lord)

Your sons shall be brought from afar,

Your daughters like babes on shoulders.

As you behold, you will glow:


This "Presence of the Lord" is some sort of visible manifestation of The Lord/Messiah/Melchizedek. There are repeated references to the light that he radiates in contrast to the "dark clouds" that are present upon the "Lord’s" Messianic arrival. Such dark clouds could possibly be from nuclear detonations or perhaps some natural phenomena, i.e. multiple volcanic eruptions associated with the large scale tectonic event or events that occur in concert with "the Lord’s" arrival.


Micah 1:2 Listen all you peoples

Give heed O earth and all it holds

For lo The Lord Is coming from His dwelling place

He will come down and stride

Upon the heights of the earth

The mountains shall melt under Him

And the valleys shall melt under Him

Like wax before fire,

Like water cascading down a slope.


Micah wastes no time, he gets right to the point. The Lord is coming and he is not happy with the prevailing conditions on earth. The Lord is the Messiah who comes at the end of the age when mountains and valleys melt in great tectonic activity.


1Enoch 55:1 I (Enoch) beheld another army of chariots, with men riding in them.

And they came upon the wind from the east, from the west,

And from the South.

The sound of the noise of their chariots was heard…

The pillar of the earth shook from its foundations.


This passage describes the approaching air attack on modern Israel by "all the nations." Men riding noisy chariots upon the wind –perfectly describes the airplane. 1Enoch was written over two thousand years ago when men flew in nothing anywhere, with or without noise. The pillar of the earth shaking from its foundation refers to a large tectonic event that occurs with the arrival of Melchizedek, when "all the nations" come against modern Israel and Jerusalem. This tectonic event in connection with the arrival of the Messiah is described consistently and many, many times in scripture.


Ezek 38:18 When Gog sets foot on the soil of Israel,…

On that day, a terrible earthquake shall

Befall the land of Israel…every human

Being on earth shall quake before

Me (Messiah). Mountains shall be overthrown

Ezek 38:20 Cliffs shall topple, and every wall shall

Crumble to the ground.


Gog, of course, is the unidentified army from the North (? Russia, Moscow is due North from Canaan) which carries out the land attack on Israel, during the time when "all the nations" come against Israel. The consistency and coherence of the Old Testament prophets about these events is quite remarkable and pays silent tribute to their authenticity and validity.


Hab 3:3 God is coming from Teman,

The Holy One from Mount Paran.

His majesty covers the skies,

His splendor fills the earth:

It is a brilliant light

Which gives off rays on every side –

And therein His glory is enveloped…

You make the earth burst into streams,

The mountains rock at the sight of You

Sun and moon stand still on high.

You come forth to deliver Your people,

To deliver Your anointed.


Teman is in the mountains of Jordan, just South of Bozrah mentioned previously.  "God" here, is Melchizedek, note the brilliant light he radiates and that "he covers the skies." How could his "majesty cover the skies?" He has come to deliver His people – those who love God. The messianic setting is indicated by the "earth bursting into streams," the "mountains rock," and "the sun and moon stand still on high." The streams could issue forth as a result of the tectonic activity that "rocks the mountains." For the "sun and moon to stand still" earth would have to stop spinning on its axis or undergo a shift of the polar axis. Are these literal or figurative prophecies or both? 


Obad 1:15 Yea against all nations

The day of the Lord is at hand

That same cup that you (Israelites) drank on My Holy Mount

Shall all nations drink at My hand,

Drink until their speech grows thick,

And they become as though they had never been;

But on Zion’s Mount a remnant shall survive,

And it shall be holy.

The House of Jacob shall dispossess

Those who dispossessed them.

The House of Jacob shall be fire,

And the House of Joseph flame,

And the House of Esau shall be straw;

They shall burn it and devour it.

And no inhabitant shall be left of the House of Esau.


I believe this stanza refers to the Messianic period, because of the "holy" "remnant" left on Mount Zion. The House of Jacob (reunified Israel and Judah) dispossesses Esau (Arab forces) who had dispossessed them during the beginning of the Messianic war, before the arrival of The Messiah. Esau and Jacob are Isaac’s two sons. Esau left Canaan and migrated to southern Jordan, called Edom in ancient days. Edom is mentioned many times in the Bible as a chief adversary of Jacob. The "Lord’s anger" in prophesy achieves its greatest height against Edom, who stabs Jacob (Israel) in the back before and while they are being attacked by the Roman army in 70 AD and also during the attacks of the Assyrians 600-700 BC. Many prophecies were made against Edom that have been accurate to the smallest details. What was once a thriving commercial metropolis during the time of prophecy was reduced to the desolated place it can now be seen to be since the discovery of its ruins in 1812. Teman and Bozrah, where the Messiah first comes forth, are cities located in Edom (southern Jordan.) This is where "the highway for our God" is located, along which the Messiah and the remnant march toward Jerusalem.  Eventually, the Messiah stands atop the Mount of Olives (where Jesus ascended from) and a large tectonic event splits the Mount of Olives into northern and southern halves.  From the Mount of Olives, the Messiah and the remnant enter through the east gate of Jerusalem and then the eastern gate of the temple mount. Further destruction to this land of Edom is sure to come as Isaiah 34:9 awaits, still unfulfilled:


"And the streams of Edom shall be turned into pitch, and her

soil into brimstone; her land shall become burning pitch. Night

and day it shall not be quenched; its smoke shall go up forever."


In that day, there shall be neither sunlight nor cold moonlight, but

there shall be a continuous day –only the Lord knows when –of neither

day nor night, and there shall be light at eventide (14:6).

In that day, fresh water will flow from Jerusalem, part of it to the Eastern

Sea (Dead Sea) and part to the Western Sea (Mediterranean), throughout

the summer and winter. (14:8)

Zech 14:11 And the Lord shall be king over all the earth; in that day there shall

be one Lord with one name…never again shall destruction be decreed, and

Jerusalem shall dwell secure…(14:9)


The Mount of Olives splits in two at the time of a large regional or global tectonic event/events. As a result, water flows to the drought stricken land from out of Jerusalem. Recently, for the first time, water has been noted trickling out from under the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. This is a precursor of what is to come. The precursor events of prophecy are already happening. On the day of Melchizedek’s arrival, there is described a "continuous day" but without light from the sun or moon. Perhaps, this is because of a global cloud cover resulting from tectonic/volcanic events or even nuclear explosions. The source of the light then may be Melchizedek himself.


"In that day" and "never again" identify this passage as a messianic passage, as does the Lord (Melchizedek) being made King over the earth.


1Enoch 1:5 All shall be afraid, and the Watchers be terrified.

1Enoch 1:6 Great fear and trembling shall seize them, even to the ends of the

earth. The lofty mountains shall be troubled, and the exalted hills

depressed, melting like a honeycomb in the flame. The earth shall

be immerged, and all things which are in it perish; while judgment

shall come upon all, even upon all the righteous (Rev. 20:11-15).


Melchizedek will visibly "appear with his hosts." How so? The Watchers are probably the descendants of those who had been "cast out of heaven," (the Dalamatia 100) who are from the Nodite (Nephilim) racial line. Are these some of the "princes" of the world, the powerful and heartless that run our world system from behind the scenes. Many of these behind the scene leaders apparently come from "royal" lineages. They are terrified, as they should be, when Melchizedek comes. As many other times stated in scripture, the hills are made low during cataclysmic tectonic activity. Notice that all those in (but not above or on) the earth perish, i.e. those hiding in mountains and subterranean locations.  All people are then subject to individual judgment according to prophecy


1Enoch 45:3 In that day shall the Elect one sit upon a throne of glory; and

shall choose their conditions and countless habitations (while their

spirits within them shall be strengthened, when they behold my

Elect one), shall choose them for those who have fled for protection

to my holy and glorious name.


The Elect one is Melchizedek, "King of Righteousness," who sits on the throne of Planetary Sovereignty. The spirits of those who have "fled to the protection" of God are the spirits of those who elect God’s will. They are uplifted at the sight of Melchizedek.


1Enoch 45:4 In that day I(God) will cause my Elect one(Melchizedek) to dwell in

the midst of them; will change the face of heaven; will bless it, and

illuminate it for ever (Revelations 2l:1, 20:15). The Elect One

(Melchizedek) dwells among the righteous and elect. He changes the

face of heaven.


How, I do not know. He "illuminates" the area or the world probably with the light of his own radiance.


1Enoch 45:5 I will also change the face of the earth; will bless it; and cause

those whom I have elected to dwell upon it. But those who have

committed sin and iniquity shall not tread upon it; for I have seen

them. My righteous ones will I satisfy with peace, placing them

before me; but the condemnation of sinners shall draw near, that

I may destroy them from the face of the earth.


He "changes the face of the earth," possibly through tectonic activity, which begins, upon his arrival.


The "Kings and powerful ones of the earth" pile up worldly treasure in a "deep valley" (?literal vs. figurative). Here they, the powerful, are said to perish, elsewhere they, or possibly their remnant, are said to be handed over to the elect. Repeatedly in scripture tectonic activity takes place and "the mountains" and hills become flat as in 52:7 Enoch.  


Isaiah 40:4 Every valley shall be lifted and filled up,

and every mountain and hill shall be made low

and the crooked and uneven shall be made straight

and the rough places a plain.


This may be a local event rather than global, and it is probably literal as well as figurative. Elsewhere the mountain on which Jerusalem and the Temple Mount are located actually raises up high –literally and figuratively elevating the glory of God and His Temple.


1Enoch 55:1 After this I beheld another army of chariots, with men riding in

them (Zech. 6:1-3).

1Enoch 55:2 And they came upon the wind from the east, from the west, and

from the midst of the day.

1Enoch 55:3 The sound of the noise of their chariots was heard.

1Enoch 55:4 And when that agitation took place, the saints out of heaven

perceived it; the pillar of the earth shook from its foundation; and

the sound was heard from the extremities of the earth unto the

extremities of heaven at the same time.

1Enoch 55:5 Then they all fell down, and worshipped the Lord of spirits (Ps. 86:9).

1Enoch 55:6 This is the end of the second parable.


As discussed previously, here are described noisy, chariots, with men riding in them, upon the wind. These are modern aircraft very likely. Next, a "great agitation" of some type occurs that "shakes the foundation" of the earth. This is the tectonic event, which occurs on the arrival of Melchizedek. Alternatively, the agitation could be nuclear explosions.


Evil multiplies, coming into full bloom, at the end of the age. Note again "the rain will be restrained" at that time and the "fruits of the earth and of the trees shall be withholden" due to drought very probably, as discussed previously. "The moon is not seen at its proper time and place" is a sign that will indicate the closing of the age. "Barrenness shall take place in the borders of the great chariots of the west" refers, I think, to America. The

barrenness may refer to drought conditions developing in America as well as other places. I think that this end of the age drought has probably already begun in the Middle East, and perhaps also in the United States as of 1999. If my timing is correct, I would expect drought conditions in the Middle East and the world to progressively worsen until Melchizedek arrives. Then, tectonic activity will open up generous streams and rivers of

water, and rain will fall.


1Enoch 89:26 I saw also that the Lord of the sheep came to them, and taking

in his hand the scepter of his wrath seized the earth, which became

rent asunder; while all the beasts and birds of heaven fell from the

sheep and sunk into the earth, which closed over them.


Melchizedek, grasping his scepter (like his sickle in Revelation) of power, causes a tectonic event, which kills the ones who commit evil, but saves the sheep under attack.  The Dead Sea Scrolls also symbolizes the Messiah by the scepter.


E.D. #1172 The Clouds their Backs together laid

1870 The North begun to push

The Forests galloped till they fell

The Lightning played like mice

The Thunder crumbled like a stuff

How good to be in Tombs

Where Nature’s Temper cannot reach

Nor missile ever comes


Here in #1172, is in evidence signs of both "Nature’s Temper" (storms and other natural events) and man’s temper (missiles). Remember the biblical references to "dense clouds" at the time of Messiah/Melchizedek’s arrival. These dense clouds in #1172 appropriately have "their Backs together" and could be the result of tectonic activity, volcanism, or nuclear "missiles" exploding. "Thunder" could be produced from natural

events such as volcanism, tectonic activity, and storms as well as by man’s "missiles," nuclear we assume. Emily is happy "to be in a Tomb" by the time of these future events because "Nature’s Temper" and man’s "missiles" cannot "reach" her there. Perhaps the recent spat of severe weather events are examples of Nature’s Temper, stirred up by the global irritant-mankind run amok. Perhaps nature can act like an immune system for the

earth, ridding itself of destructive and invasive life forms. If so, we should look for an increase in such events as the age heads for it’s ending, where iniquity reaches full fruition at the very time that it is to be "cut off" and vanquished forever.


The clock moving backward, symbolizes the sun moving backward from west to east after the pole shift, inversion. If the spin axis of the earth would flip over 180 degrees, the earth would revolve clockwise instead of counterclockwise as it presently does. The sun would then appear to stand still and then begin to move backwards, from west to east – thus the apparent running backwards in time as indicated by "The Clock strikes one after



Rev 6:12 When he opened the sixth seal, I looked, and behold,

there was a great earthquake; and the sun became

black as sackcloth and the full moon became like

blood and the stars fell from the sky to the earth as

the fig tree sheds its winter fruit when shaken by a

gale, the sky vanished like a scroll that is rolled up.


Above, the great earthquake is the large-scale tectonic activity that takes place during a possible pole shift and upon the entrance of Melchizedek. The blackening of the sun and redness of the moon is possibly caused by clouds of volcanic ash that would accompany such an event. The "sky rolling up like a scroll" could be the sky disappearing from view below, while dense, volcanic clouds lying back to back form above. The stars falling to the earth could be nuclear explosions or the appearance of the night sky as the earth wobbles away from night into day during its axis shift.


Ephraim represents the Lost Ten Tribes that are situated in America.  Like ancient Israel, Ephraim has been the most blessed by food, wealth, land, natural resources, agriculture and military might. The leaders of Ephraim (called the wicked of Ephraim in the Dead Sea Scrolls), now as before, become estranged from truth and justice and lead their people into disaster. Once again the most blessed become the most corrupt.

Melchizedek/Messiah arrives in a very visible display and quickly puts down the war of the nations against Israel. War is put to an end forever. The world’s leadership is replaced and peace reigns forevermore.


A large tectonic event occurs during the entry of Melchizedek causing the armies of the world's nations who are attacking modern Israel to fall

and causing water to flow from under the Temple mount.


The nations are judged as are all people and principalities. Some nations are wiped out by war.


The sovereignty of Man is ended. Melchizedek is made Planetary Sovereign. He is the world/Messiah of Old Testament Prophecy, long awaited by many Jewish people. He is a Son of God after the order of Jesus Christ (lower in hierarchy). The Lucifer rebellion against God is officially ended. The ‘upside down world’ becomes right side up. Iniquity is gone forever.


This entire excerpt is from "The Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand" by Ed Roache