Time Line Summary



200,000 B.C.   Lucifer Rebellion (Described in UB) Rebellion against God begins
.                       Normal planetary progress ends.  Planet isolated from normal course
                        of affairs. Sin and iniquity introduced. Normalcy ends. "Upside
                        down world" begins.

37,000 B.C.     Default of Adam and Eve (Described in UB)

                        Partial failure of biologic-genetic uplift. (UB) Loss of any material
                        representative (Adam) of the divine realm and its associated
                        governance and leadership.  The beginning of the Sovereignty
                        of Man due to absence of direct divine leadership on earth..


                        Michael (Christ) chooses our planet for his future bestowal mission
                        to incarnate as a "babe of the realm" in the human life of Joshua
                        ben Joseph (Jesus of Nazareth), the Son of Man.


2,000 B.C.       Melchizedek initiates comprehensive plan for the rehabilitation
                        of our planet in preparation for Jesus’ arrival. Melchizedek, like
                        Jesus, is also a Son of God except that he is lower down in
                        hierarchy. This is the opposite of what Paul implied when
                        he said that Jesus was "forever after the order of Melchizedek."
                        Rather is it Melchizedek that is after the order of Jesus.  (Described in UB)


                        Melchizedek incarnates as an adult "man of the realm"
                        for 94 years on our world. (Described in UB)

                        Melchizedek is the "messenger of the (God’s) covenant" to
                        Abraham (Described in UB & Malachi).  Abraham
                        agrees to believe God and follow His commandments
                        (instructions).  God agrees to do everything else.

                        Melchizedek relays God’s promises to Abraham. They are:

                        *1.  descendents as numerous as the stars in the
                               sky and the sands of the sea. (Fulfilled in modern times
                               by Christians and Jews) (Islamic peoples are also
                               descendents of Abraham (through his maid Bilhah.)

                        *2.  the Land of Canaan for Abraham’s descendents to dwell on.  
                               (Fulfilled when Israelites leave Egypt and journey to inhabit  the  
                               Promised Land, 1450 to 1500 B.C Bible. The people and leaders
                               of Israel break their covenant with God and lose their homeland,
                               temporarily, for 2000 years Bible.  God restores them, as
                               prophesied, to Canaan beginning in 1948 and continues to do so.                                                            

                               Ultimately the remnants of the Lost Ten Tribes (Christians)
                               and Judah (the Jews) will be reunited in a new Israel and will then
                               restored fully to the Promised Land, as prophesied and
                               promised (Bible).


                        Melchizedek finishes his ministry to our world in physical form
                        after 94 years and re-enters in semi-material form to continue his
                        ministry through sporadic contact with the Patriarchs, Moses and the
                        Prophets. This semi-material Melchizedek is the Lord of the Old
                        Testament who leads Moses, guides the Patriarchs and ‘collaborates’
                        with the Prophets. He reveals the coming of Jesus and the "Messianic
                        Plan" for the latter days of the age, through the Prophets. (1900 B.C.)

                        Melchizedek also promises (through Jacob’s final blessings on his elect
                        son Joseph) the following:

                        *3.  Great fruitfulness and bounty (of natural resources,
                               agriculture, and offspring) on Joseph’s children; Ephraim
                               the elect, and Manasseh the number two son.  Ephraim
                               and Manasseh pass their blessings on to their offspring who
                               default on the covenant with God, leave Northern Israel,
                               becoming the Lost Ten Tribes who are eventually re-identified
                               as Christians in the last days of the age. Ephraim is mainly
                               America of the last days period.

                        *4.  Military superiority over its enemies’ gates (Genesis)
                               (fulfilled in America’s (Ephraim’s) military pre-eminence
                               in the modern age.)

                        Most of the Psalms are inspired by Melchizedek’s legacy among the 
                        Melchizedek missionaires and their offspring in the Levant.  The Psalms
                        contain many elements of Melchizedek’s "complete plan."

1500 B.C.        Melchizedek, as "the Lord," leads Moses and the Israelites out of
                        Egypt to the Promised Land. Commandments and "the Law" (Torah)
                        given through Moses by Melchizedek.

1000 B.C.        Tribal governance by "the judges" of Israel gradually coalesce and
                        form a brief "United Monarchy" (David, Solomon) before splitting into
                        Northern Israel and Southern Israel (Judah).   Then there is:

                        *1.  Progressive falling away of "God’s people" from the covenant
                               with God.  Falling away begins during journey of proto-Israelites
                               from Egypt to Canaan (40 year journey) under Moses.  Leaders
                               become progressively "misleaders" over time, leading 'the people'
                               into catastrophe.

                        Melchizedek, in semi-material form, collaborates with a long line of
                        God’s servants, the Old Testament prophets (described in UB), including
                        both Enoch and the Teacher of Righteousness of the Dead Sea Scroll
                        community.  Many Old Testament prophecies are about the
                        Messianic, end of the age period and remain unfulfilled.  Many other
                        prophecies have already been fulfilled as indicated by the asterisks.

970 B.C.            1.  Solomon builds 1st Temple
                          2.  Kingdom divides North and South, Israel and Judah.
                        *3.  Progressive corruption of leadership. "The people" follow along.

721 B.C.          *1.  Northern Kingdom falls to Assyrians.
                        *2.  Dispersion of the Northern Kingdom of Israel to become
                               the Lost Ten Tribes (Ephraim, Manasseh and eight other
                               northern tribes)

587 B.C.          *1.  Southern Kingdom (Judah) falls to Babylonians.
                        *2.  Exile of Judah to Babylon for 70 years.
                        *3.  Destruction of Jerusalem and 1st Temple by Babylonians.
                        *4.  New Covenant, "written in the heart" of man by God,
                               prophesied by Ezekiel.  Fulfilled by the pouring out of the
                               Spirit of Truth by Jesus

539 B.C.          *1.  Babylonian empire conquered by Persians.
                        *2.  King Cyrus of Persia allows all the Jewish captives to
                               return to Israel and rebuild Temple.  Some Jews remain
                               in Babylon as their choice.

332 B.C.          *1.  Alexander the Great conquers the whole East.  (Large single horn of
                               second beast/kingdom in Daniel).

323 B.C.          *1.  Alexander dies young.
                        *2.  Empire divided up into four kingdoms (four horns - N,S,E,W
                               of the third beast in Daniel).  The North (Syria) battles with
                               the South (Egypt) for empire with Israel in the middle.

198 B.C.          *1. The North grows stronger (little horn of third beast in
                               Daniel grows larger) culminating in the temporary
                               dominance of Antiochus IV (Epiphanes) over Egypt,
                               Israel, and Jerusalem. (Old Testament Antichrist)

176 B.C.          *2. 2nd Temple desecrated by Antiochus IV. (Hanukkah
                               celebrates its restoration.)

? 190 B.C.         1. Qumran community founded by Teacher of Righteousness.
                          2.  Inspired interpretation of Old Testament prophecy by
                               Teacher of Righteousness.  They live in self-exile from the
                               corruption of their day.
                         3.   Dead Sea Scrolls/Qumran documents buried in caves, lost
                               to the world from around 70 A.D. to 1946 when Scrolls are

30 A.D.           *1.  Jesus lives, teaches and is crucified.
                        *2.  Jesus exemplifies by his life his message and teaching to
                               mankind – the Kingdom of heaven within: the New Covenant,
                               God’s will transcendent in the heart of man, the partnership
                               of man and God founded upon the fact of God’s indwelling
                               spirit within man. The true Spiritual Rock of all ages.
                         3.   The Church of Philadelphia remains true to the message
                               of Jesus after His death butbecomes gradually submerged
                               over time.  It is prophesied in Revelation to reappear at the end
                               of the age as a small congregation with little worldly power,
                               dedicated to the true message of Jesus - the kingdom of heaven,
                               and are referred to as the congregation of those who elect God’s
                               will or simply as the elect; by God's attribution through His Prophets.
                         4.   The New Testament is written.
                         5.   Paul starts a new religion, Christianity, about Jesus Christ and his
                               sacrificial death for the sins of mankind.  This is different from what
                               Jesus taught, ie:  the Kingdom of Heaven.

70 A.D.           *1.  Jerusalem and Temple destroyed. Roman war 70 A.D.
                        *2.  "Age of the Jews" temporarily put on hold for 2000 years while
                        *3.  the "Age of the Gentiles (Christians)" has its turn, also for
                               2000 years.
                        *4.  Jews/Judah dispersed to many countries where they are
                               marginalized and persecuted for the next 2000 years which
                               is a direct result of breaking their covenant with God, as a
                               people and as a nation.

100 A.D.          Jesus, not Melchizedek, collaborates with John to produce the
                         Revelation to John.

     Next, there is a long gap during the age of the Gentiles.

1850 A.D.       Beginning work on the identity of "Lost Israel"

1865 A.D.       Emily Dickinson writes about the kingdom of heaven within,
                        nuclear bombs and shifting of the poles.

     Next, a cluster of very important events occur around 1950.

1945 A.D.       *1. 1st nuclear bombs used. WWII ends.

1947 A.D.         1.  Dead Sea Scrolls discovered. Not fully published until 1991.

1948 A.D.       *1.   Nation of Israel (Judah) re-established.
                        *2.  Jews gathered from "many countries" - the Prophets
                               confirmed again.

1955 A.D.       *1.  Urantia Book published. Reveals and expands spiritual
                               truths.  Explains and emphasizes the message of Jesus;
                               the gospel of the kingdom of heaven within, which is the
                               will of God (the Father) transcendent in the heart of man
                               (daughter or son).
                        *2.  The Urantia Book prepares and teaches a small, powerless
                               congregation of believers (The Church of Philadelphia reborn
                               at the end of the age) who are true to the message of Jesus, the
                               Kingdom of Heaven within and who will elect to do God’s
                               will during the trial period at the end of the age ending triumph
                               of good over evil.

                        *3.  The transcendency of American power, bounty, and fruitfullness.
                               America is modern day Ephraim of Lost Israel, in receipt of the
                               elect blessings given by God through Melchizedek, to Abraham,
                               to Isaac, to Jacob, to Joseph, to Ephraim, to the Lost Ten Tribes,
                               to Northern and Western Europe, and finally to America,
                               Ephraim again.

2000 A.D.        Many Old Testament prophecies about the end of the age remain
                        unfulfilled or only partially fulfilled. Judging from the past accuracy
                        of prophecy, the partially fulfilled and unfulfilled prophecies will be
                        completely fulfilled at some future time. These unfulfilled, messianic
                        prophecies are consistent and mutually reinforcing across and within the
                        many prophetic sources of the Old Testament era. These prophecies tell
                        a story I will call the Messianic Scenario. This Scenario involves
                        people from all over the world, but centers around the Land of Canaan
                        once again. The time frame is all of human history which culminates
                        and climaxes at the "end of the age," beginning in 1948 and unfolding
                        now. The roles in this story are: the principalities of good and evil,
                        the Messiah/Lord/Melchizedek, the righteous, those who elect God’s
                        will, the people, the misleaders, the Jews, the Christians/Lost Israel,
                        the leaders and nations of the world, the final prophet, and God. Recent
                        events indicate that the time of fulfillment of the Messianic Scenario is
                        upon us now. These recent, prophesied events involve the re-gathering
                        of Israel, nation rising against nation, the emergence of the Dead Sea
                        Scrolls information, the publication of the Urantia Book (special books
                        are prophesied by 1Enoch), the emergence of potentially planet
                        destroying nuclear weapons and a new global political situation where,
                        under the UN, "all the nations" could conceivably come against Israel, for
                        the first time, and as prophesied 2500 years ago.

                        In further detail, the Messianic Scenario found in prophetic scripture
                        contains the following elements among others:

                        The appearance of a final prophet. Referred to variously as Elijah
                        to come, another and greater John the Baptist, God’s servant, and
                        the interpreter of the law among others. The final prophet "teaches
                        the true way" of the Kingdom of heaven within, " helps bring back
                        Jacob," who are the re-identified "lost" ten tribes, and "interprets the
                        law" of the Prophets through understanding bestowed by God.
                        Through this interpretation of scripture the final prophet tells "all that
                        will happen to the elect (those who elect God’s will)."  He also
                        announces: "Your divine being (the Messiah) reigns" to the
                        long-suffering but faithful Jews still awaiting their Lord and Messiah
                        who is revealed to be Melchizedek in the Dead Sea Scrolls.

                        Congregation of the elect, those who elect God’s will in a time of
                        adversity, danger, and persecution. They are also referred to as the
                        Church of Philadelphia in Revelation. They are "made wise by
                        special books given to them" (1Enoch) and are true to the real
                        message of Jesus – the Kingdom of heaven within. They are
                        assisted by God and Melchizedek throughout the trial period.
                        They are also called the party of Melchizedek in the Dead Sea Scrolls.
                        When they 'stand up' war comes to an end by virtue of Melchizedek's
                        entrance. They inherit the earth and the power elite is deposed. They are
                        reunited with the remnant of Judah reconstituting the New Israel. They
                        are from ‘among the Gentiles’, mostly Christians likely.

                        The drought at the end of the age (already begun) that centers on
                        the Middle East but involves many other areas of the world. It is
                        referred to many times in scripture regarding the last days and
                        symbolizes God’s displeasure with mankind. It continues until
                        Melchizedek arrives and water flows from under the Temple Mount
                        and from the sky as long awaited rain. The rain symbolizing the
                        restoration that already has begun and the arrival of God’s
                        reign|rain of mercy on a weary and strife-ridden world.

                        The people stray away from God and follow their leaders into
                        calamity as previously. The congregation of the elect and the
                        congregation of the righteous must turn away from the majority’s
                        popular opinions and actions in order to follow God’s will rather than
                        man’s. The people are blind, deaf, and dumb to God’s truth and fall
                        away from God because they do not love or thirst for truth as do the
                        elect and righteous.

                        Leaders are mis-leaders and lead the nations into chaos and disaster.
                        They are deposed and replaced when Melchizedek arrives. Many
                        are destroyed by one another.

                        The congregation of the righteous are those who know God and who
                        stand up against sin and iniquity. They are said to 'inhabit', rather than
                        inherit the earth. They are mostly Christians, Jews and any others
                        from all over the world who know and love the One God.

                        The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are re-identified and their remnant
                        is brought back to Canaan to be reunited with the remnant of the Jews
                        (Judah) who are already being re-gathered now. Lost Israel is
                        Christendom, loosely speaking. Jews, Christians and many others
                        are united in Canaan under the worship of the one true God of
                        Melchizedek, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph and Jesus. All the world joins
                        them quickly, "from one Sabbath to the next" (Isaiah) as a result of
                        Melchizedek’s arrival and teaching. The remnant of the Lost Ten
                        Tribes contain the elect and righteous congregations

                        Ephraim represents the Lost Ten Tribes that are situated in America.

                        Like ancient Israel, Ephraim has been the most blessed by food,
                        wealth, land, natural resources, agriculture and military might. The leaders
                        of Ephraim (called the wicked of Ephraim in the Dead Sea Scrolls), now
                        as before, become estranged from truth and justice and lead their people
                        into disaster. Once again the most blessed become the most corrupt.

                        Melchizedek/Messiah arrives in a very visible display and quickly
                        puts down the war of the nations against Israel. War is put to an
                        end forever. The world’s leadership is replaced and peace reigns

                        A large tectonic event occurs during the entry of Melchizedek causing
                        the armies of the world's nations who are attacking modern Israel to fall

                        and causing water to flow from under the Temple mount.

                        The nations are judged as are all people and principalities. Some nations
                        are wiped out by war.

                        The sovereignty of Man is ended. Melchizedek is made Planetay
                        Sovereign. He is the world/Messiah of Old Testament Prophecy, long
                        awaited by many Jewish people. He is a Son of God after the order o
                        Jesus Christ (lower in hierarchy). The Lucifer rebellion against
                        God is officially ended. The ‘upside down world’ becomes right
                        side up. Iniquity is gone forever.

                        Melchizedek’s plan for comprehensive rehabilitation is complete.

                        Many material and spiritual blessings are poured out upon mankind,
                        more than restoring them to what should have been had the rebellion
                        against God never occured.

                        Humankind is brought out of the darkness of isolation and rebellion
                        and into the bright light of true reality. "Behold, all things are

                        becoming new." (Jesus) "Even the stars of sky do battle for you"
                        as you progress through space and time, in understanding, and within
                        spirit. The brotherhood of man, by reason of the universal Fatherhood
                        of God, begins.

                        Man's way is becoming God's way.

                        The Kingdom of heaven becomes universalized.

                        The New Covenant blossoms out from within the Old Covenant
                        which is taken up into the New. The Old is within the New.
                        Completion, harmony, and balance is becoming realized.

? 2010             An age of spiritual striving and progress begins. Mankind is
                        welcomed into the cosmic brotherhood of inhabited worlds as
                        well as the unseen brotherhood of spiritual realities, the Kingdom
                        of Heaven. The true nature of reality is unveiled and revealed:
                        in truth and with joy.

                        Two thousand years ago John the Baptist proclaimed: "Prepare
                        the way of the Lord, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Today
                        the proclamation is the same, except that this time the Lord is